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Just arrived back today after spending a month at kavos, hercules studios once again i have to say is the bestest apartments and you alway have a laugh with the bar staff, epecially my best friend, , As the saying goes time passes when your having fun , but i Had the time of my life and i never felt this way before, and i swear it the truth and i owe it all to you.. Karoke was fab as well sang sooo much me throat is in agony today lol, coome to hercules studios next year they are the tops , all i can see is

c u next year..............................i will be back

Lisa B           

Norah M           

Hi just wondering if any1 knows what tour opp has taken over hercules studios? if so could you e-mail as at norah3@aol.com as we would like to go back this year. Thanks

Lisa B           

hi there everyone jacqui here, just to let everyone know that i lost my mobile for the third time this month aaaaaaaaaagggg lol. my new
numwber is:07747511773, so get txt as i miss ya all loads, went out a halloween fri sat and sun, dressed up as a naughty school and got very drunk as usual, had a good laugh, hope ya all good, miss you all loads
p.s im compose more songs and have booked up for evening course at uni to learn electronic music

Celine N           

Heey! Celine Norah And Angie Here! How We All Doing? Yannis Keep In Touch With Us With Whats Happening With The Appartments Because We're Coming Back Once Again Next Year And Want 2 Stay At The Appartments. Hope 2 Speak Soon xXx

Lisa B           

Ela Yiannis,

Got back from Blackpool yesterday!!Very good time there!!To Norah and the gals, I will try and visit you this week sometime but I have been so busy with school that it has been hard to get time off. Bought my cowgirl outfit today for Halloween. Well pleased with it..Might take it to Greece this year.LOL!!

Hope tehe How Rude gals are doing well and Chris how was The Weakest Link? Take care Luv u all Lisa x

Yiannis V           

Hello everybody its nice to see so many of you in here posting so often. I didnít know this page actually existed but now that i do I ll keep an eye on it now and then. My god so many familiar faces write in here you probably know me to most of you i m yiannis i worked in the seduces bar for all those years. I can confirm that golden sun is not going to be around anymore and the Hercules apartments are working on a deal with a new company i will let you all know if something new appears
Here is the email for those who are interested to keep in touch

Debbie W           

Lets just all hope that this silly company (Golden Sun) haven't caused Hercules and seduces to go out of business!!!!!

Lisa B           


Lisa here!! Gosh this is sound like friends reunited thi ssite!!How is everyone!! I passed my first teaching exam on Wednesday and got 10/10..Can't believe it!!

I miss everyone soo much but I am more settled with everything now!! I am hoping to visit me mates in Greece in October so I will give them a kiss and cuddle from you all- Hayley Chris and the rest!!

For those that don't know, Hercules is the best!! If it wasn't for this place, I would not have met the people I have over the years of whom are my closest friends today!!

I can't wait to go back!!!

Chris E           

i got to the final four in weakest link, not bad for a blonde hey??? on air in jan i think, wil confirm

Katie A           

HI Nora, Celine, Angela, Chris, Lisa and Jacqui.

How are you all??? had a wicked holiday. Nora tried to e-mail you but it keeps failing!!!! got my photos will send some to you there are some good ones of all of us!!!

Yer I am hopefully going back next year wot dates you going???

Any way betetr get back to work. OH Chris how is your arm???

Talk soon.

Lpve Ktxxx

Hayley A           

hi everyone this is hayley.

hope you are all well has any pne put any photos on yet my email address is hayleylady@yahoo.co.uk

speak soon


Chris E           

hi norah,

if u get this then hooray,

Im soo escited im going to uni in 3 weeks, and have booked the bar crawl, painballing, cocktail parties, fancy dress parties all for freshers, im going to be drunk all the way through it, and im going part time next week at wrk to start readin up on my studies.

I would love to think im going back next yr, but i got an ambition to go to camp america next summer, but we'll see how it pans out.

Ive been seleceted to go on the weakest link, the recording is the 10th, when i know when the air date is ill get back to u,

yes i heard of both kate and hayley, i bet they had same prob as me trying to e-mail u, but if if u email them now im sure theyll get back in touch

hope ur well, and stay in touch

all the best
chris xx

Norah i tried to email u but failed so i copied this onto here instead

Lisa B           

Ela everyone!! I have been back 2 weeks now and I still have a great tan!!Oh la la!! It is good cause all my friends are soo white!! :)

I miss you all and at the moment I am very busy teaching my P6 children.. They are very nice too!! I can't wait to come back in October to see my friends and of course Kim and Ray I will meet up with you guys next year for some more gin and tonics..Maybe I can make them for you next year!!

See you in 2005 for SUN....SEA...and lots of....SSSSSSSSSSSSSSAMBUCA plus KAROKE!!

Bond K           

ahem it's 8 years debz not 6.

what can i say?

fantastic hospitality, wonderful atmosphere, lively fun evenings, clean pleasant accommodation and some of the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. there isn't anything more i can say about these apartments and seduces bar that hasn't already been written on this site. accept perhaps you will always leave wanting more, and are more than likely to return again.

big thank you to:

tasos, ireni, yiannis, brepho, demitra, christos, tania, keith and verity.

and to the goldensun reps matt, dave, mark, ray and anne marie...hope everything works out.


kim and ray


Debbie W           

Hello all,

Well I have been back in England for 5 days now and I certainly have the holiday blues. I stayed at Hercules Apartments with my mum an step dad leaving my boyfriend behind due to personal reasons. I thought that I was going to spend the whole two weeks sulking and feeling sorry for myself despite my parents praising the place year after year....(6 years now to be precise)and make everyone else miserable in the process.

However, much to my delight everyone was extremely friendly and more than entertaining. I have to congratulate Yiannis in finally dragging my back side out there!!! and ensuring I didn't mope about being a singleton on my holiday.

I had many boozy nights out, the best of them spent in Seduces with Yiannis and his friends till the early hours of the following morning drinking shots, then passing out till later that day with the fuzziest head, a mouth like a badgers bum an a matter of urgency to catch the last 2 hours of sun before it was too late. I tried it once an from there on the drinking appeared to be much the pattern of my holiday. I don't have a single complaint to make about the hospitality and fantastic atmosphere they create every night. Except that you can't take it home with you.

Now I'm back home, all I am left with is a handful of e-mail addresses, contact numbers, a fading tan and an endless list fond memories of a distant place!

Truly what a holiday is all about.

Thank you so much to everyone I met an Mum an Ray for taking me

All my love
Debz xXx

P.S. Personal thanks to Yiannis, Bretho, Christos, Tanya, Demitra, Kieth, Tassos, Irini, Verity and all the Golden Sun Reps

Jacqui B           

Hi everyone, jacqui here, miss u all like crazy grrrrrrrrrrr LOL. i adjusting to good old glasgow slowly, poor me. went out on friday got absolutly drunk, naughty naughty , the barman in absolution, glasgow was crap, didnt know how to make a proper cocktail, miss my seduces pals. and i especially miss my best friends demi and yianni. so anyway u all know my email. so get writing lol.....:)
till next year.
P.S i lluv ya all to bits

Norah M           

Hi Chris. I Have A Block On My E-mail Address But I will Try And Get It Off So I Can Receive E-mail From You. Can You Send Us some Pictures? Ours Turned Out Great Get Some To You Soon. Well Leave A Msg On This Untill I gethe Block Off? Are You Ging Back Next year?
Speak To You Soon.

Chris E           

hey norah, its chris, im trying to e-mail u but it keeps saying ur not accepting emails. hope ur well, really missing kavos. glad i came back tho, ireally need the money. looking forward to uni now.

my photos came out great, everyones soo brown and merry, some frightening ones of me tho.

hope u all settled in ok, and how could i forget all u lovely ladies from glasgow, if ur all that lovely, i shud pack my bags and move up there right away, mind u if i got my bags packed i may aswell go back to kavos. it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stitches our now, left a cool scar, laters ladies, ciao x


Lisa B           

Buongiorno everyone!!

I have finally got the internet back in ze house so I can keep in touch with everyone more.Well I have been nearly back two weeks now and I am finding very hard to settle back in Glasgow...However now that I have started teaching I am getting there. I have 26 10year olds and they are great..Best class I have had ever!!Anyway I miss all of you and if you are ever in Glasgow come and see me..Make me smile!!

As for Hercules I lovethis place and I will be coming for plently more years yet!! Seduces you know I love this place as I have it stamped on me arm!! XXXX

Celine M           

They 2 Msg Where From My Mum Not Me!

Celine M           

hi chris norah here have you heard from the kate and her sister i sent u a e-mail are u upset that u never stayed we are going back next year celine and angie hope u remenber us we are from glasgow

Celine M           

st peters is fab going back next year

David W           

hey celine it is em your talking to right otherwise im making myself look a bit of a fool right now, if it is me then no didnt get any emails so send again :p, hope your all doing good, im really bored being back home to :(


Hi everyone,
miss ya all like mad :(, can't wait to come back. anyway i got my photos three days ago and they are wicked, but the group photo and the photo of all of us outside seduces never worked out so if anyone has they photos, can you please send me them to my email address
vodkagirl65@hotmail.com. Ta much and if any of you want to get in contact my mobile no is: 07961359383.
big hugs

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