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Grace K

hi can anyone tell me what its like at this apartment and area as have booked up to go next year with my boyfirend our first holiday together and away without any kids, but the reviews have put me off and now im more worried about going can anyone tell me what its like there x

Grace K

hiya me and my boyfriend have booked up for here next year its our first holiday abroad together, i have read some stories about the apartments and the area and now am dreading it and have even tried changing it can anyone please tell me what its like as just want to have a lovely time away with no kids x

Stacey C

hi ppl i know this is silly but me and my best mate have booked 2 weeks away n our hotel got cancelled so now we going to Koulouris can anyone tell me how do we get bak from a nyt out wiout walkin on beach cs a dnt fancy walkin bak on a PITCH BLAK beach to be honest :D thanks wud rerally help xxx

Mica C          1/10

hey evry1 who remembas me,sophie,heidi,laura n kim we went on the 24th aug n came bk 3rd of sept stil really dprest hated the hotel was vile. . .but evry wer elts spot on bar crawl bit of nightmare as after that my mate soph basically died bless er she got a lung infection....but evry1 in hotel was friendly loved it wish i was still there,got messy most nights n dint role in til bout 11 evry mornin lol WALK OF SHAME LOL oh well,met a lad called dave who worked at stoned cafe meetin up wi him on the 12th so shud be gud .rolling stones best bar by far..and bonkas bar any body no the doorbell song lol syco song that was!!!BELSEX GELZ  how quality was them gelz luvd um n miss um so much..so n e 1 hu remembas me get in touch plz xxx

Jade F          8/10

heya me and my mate becky have been back a week now! was wicked! the rooms are very basic but not as bad as everyone makes out they are! sun was lush! the bars and clubs were quality! the f**king wasps p**s u off here tho u cant eat  anything without them hovering about! def go to future atlantis when u go here its wicked! loved every bar and club to be fair actually! met alot of ppl out there! had some funny times skinny dipping  someone tryin to run off with our clothes and they happened to be staying in the same hotel as us! lol... i remember you andy u and ya mates soaking up the sun round the pool all day or pissin about with the undawater camera..then u got ya nipple pierced was chattin to ya about it actually. there were two jades me and the one staying next door with the mate that broke her arm! anyways everyone if ur gunna come to kavos mayb not stay at this hotel fair enuff its right on the beach and right near the nightlife but our room was tiny some of the rooms were ok but we met some ppl at a diff hotel that had alot more than we did and paid the same price! not got any pics to show u atm! xxxx

Nic T          8/10

well...me,dave 1,dave 2,sarah and emma all stayed at koulouris beach apartments and got the shock of our lives when we arrived! we got chattin to a group of girls in the apartments next door to us and they gave us some horror stories which immediately put us off,so we went and got pissed lol and the day after it was all good we had thee best holiday ever.mary and thomas and all the staff there are lovely ppl,(the stories of the security guard and all tht is bollocks)...although we spent all our time next door at sweetdreams and got to know greggory and the family.defo goin back next year it was brill! also go down to stoned we got mates with david the PR on ther hes quality...hehe  missin it loads already! livin out ther next year,had the best hols yet! xx

Lindsey H          10/10

I went to Koulouris beach on the 1/09/07 for a week with my 2 mates Natalie and Katie.It was by far the best holiday I have ever been on so many jokes.I am in totally depressed mode at the moment wish I was stll there, met so many people, sunbathed, got wasted and all the other stuff gals get up to. To be honest the apartment was a bit of a shack but all we needed was bed so couldn't really complain.Apart from that it was wicked and I am being serious guys.Going back next year for more fun.
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Andy C

You wait lilo running will be an Olympic sport soon, and its all down to us lol. Ive managed to settle into work quite quickly as i enjoy my job, some of my other mates have had real holiday blues, but life goes on.

Im considering going back next year, enjoyed the night life sooo much. Might stay at Lovely Jubbley next door, he was such a great laugh hehe, did you even eat there??
Anyway if you wanna contact me my e-mail is andy_chinneck@yahoo.co.uk
Speak soon

Andy C          8/10

7 of us got back from koulouris beach  last week, its a very basic place, but we still managed to have the best holiday we have ever been on. the location was ideal, right on the beach front and easy walking distance to town along the beach.
watch out for the security guard hes got a long telescopic bat.
were really considering heading back there next year.
best bars are:
the barn
rolling stone
sexy b*****ds (strongest drinks in kavos) 8euros all you can drink 1hr
atlantis (club)
sex club (foam party) if you want to spend the rest of you holiday on crutches lol
also it you want any piercings or tattoos done go and see jason who is situated though the back of the buzz bar. hes a top guy.
hey lauren and ben, do you remember us, we had a nice chat around the pool about your classy ex who thought a romantic meal was a table for 2 (candle lit) at mcdonalds, and at the end asks for you to pay hehehe. hows life treating you back home, have you managed to settle back into work??
andy xxclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Lauren B

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p.s my sun tan is fading  xx

Lauren B          6/10

me and my friend ben got back from koulouris beach on sat and i must say i was pretty gutted to come back. the hotel was abit of a s**t tip to be fair, with drinks being over priced round the pool and the cleaner being pretty lazy!! although my stay in corfu was brill but i guess it's just what you make your holiday really!!!

a big hello to andy who we saw there xxxx
lauren.b x

Claire P          8/10

Me and my boyfriend Nick Stayed at Koulouris apart' July/Aug 07'. Yes the rooms are basic and you dont get fresh towels, bed sheets or toilet roll. However, Mary was lovely and made us feel very welcome!!! The pool was big and clean and the location was brill - right on the beach and a step away from the town.

It is mainly a young persons holiday but there were familys there who seemed to enjoy it. Koulouris is one of the better appart/hotels in Cavos believe me - you could have been at the top of a night club!!!!
night life was wicked and daytimes are chilled!!
Sorry if you went last month and lost some angle wings i seem to have them here!!!!!!!!!Tongue
Hi Rachel Hurst - see you have added a comment. - Im the one in the glasses and cowboy hat all week.

Rachel H          8/10

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hey guys

got back from kavos and the koulouris last week (11th aug) and i cant tell you how much fun we had.
went with 2 of my best mates and met some guys out there who we were with the entire week. we're seein 2 of em this weekend an goin down to see em all next weekend.
it was fantastic. our room was in block b which was a little walk from the pool, not far at all. we couldnt lock our patio door but we never got anything stolen, best thing was that no one was ever locked out an we got random visits!lol.
it is basic but not all time is spent in the room so a shower an change is all you need. sheets dont get changed daily but you can ask for new sheets and towels wen u want.
kavos on a night out is ace, the lucky lucky guys p**s u off a little but jus blag em.
mary, thomas, nicholas and nico were all ace, even nicholas an nico got involved in a bb gun fight we wer avin one nite.
altogether the best holiday ever. didnt want to come home.xx

Mel W          5/10

We stayed at Kolouris beach in July/Aug for 1 week - 8 of us, 3 girls 5 boys. The hotel rooms are really basic, just literally what you need to live with - this is fine, but the rooms are dirty - there was a condom wrapper under one of the beds, and the toilet water was brown... pretty much all the time. The shower flooded the bathroom and the hot water was only available at certain times.....Door locks were rubbish too.. Aircon was def worth it, although make sure they set it cold enough as you cant alter it yourself...

However, Kolouris is right on the beach and you are close to the town centre- the walk up the beach is ok but can be dark if the moon isnt out!! The pool and bar are ok too.
Kolouris is good if you are just out for a good time drinking and not fussed about where you stay!

Mary J

click to enlarge Hey everyone me and my three best mates are headin out on the 20th aug to stay in this hotel sounds like its gonna be one mad party not that fussed on wat the apartments are like we dont intend on spendin very long in them we wana be out in the sun after the rubbish weather weve been havin in Ireland recently!! C yas at the bar!!! bring it on!! xx


go to www.koulourisbeach.com and u ll see all the infos about the hotel.
dont worry the hotel have air condition in each room 

Louise S

hi there yer see ya there. they dont have air con but you can hire a fan for the week. but rubbish but itsl do lol. x louise x


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Just recently back from a 2wk holiday in Kavos stayed in this hotel.. it was an amazin holiday bt the hotel is very basic jst a short stroll along the beach into the main strip but Mary & team are all so nice & friendly  .. sayin that all hotels in Greece are the same very basic .. the only thing I didnt like was that the bed sheets never gt changed the 2wks tht we were there and also your towels never got changed either so if u are going I would take towels with you..

Ruth G


Got back from Kavos (Koulouris Beach) on Saturday :( How Sh*t is it to be back!!
Had a fab time in kavos, Also read bad reviews and we found the apartments to be totally fine. yeah Ok you do have to walk along the beach to go out but it isnt dark like everybody says and there are that many people walking along there can be no harm done at all! Also apartments were nice and clean when we got there, but as only there for 1 week didnt get our linen or towels changed which was pretty annoying after a few days, as i was getting out the shower clean and drying my self with a dirtier towel.
Girls from Glasgow ... think there was an Emma and Steph ... and another 1 that had a crazy green wig on 1 night. Hope your all good anyway.
recommend the Libra Boat Trip(theos BBQ) was a right laugh. Got some right banter going with the boat next to us and the BBQ was real nice! Deffo go with the reps and not off the street.
If you stay at Koulouris Beach, go see the Watersports down the beach it is totally work it. We went on a crazy sofa and it was soooo funny!
Anyway .. if any of you are there next year hope to see you. Im off back to work :)
Lots of Love - Girls from hull  xxx

Ellis D

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just back from kavos yesterday (9th july 2007)

completely and utterly downered!! want to go back!!
we'd read loadsa s**t reviews on these apartments, but they were actually really good. mary is so decent and makes u feel so welcome :)! luciana is so sweet and nikos is clearly the best !!
you'll defo need the air conditioning though, its f**king boiling!! the pool is good, dead big and stuff and its also good cause its right on the beach, had many steamin walks home along there lol!
the main strip is class, the best places bein edelwiess and scorers :) must go on the crazy speed boat - it rules lol :)!
the boat trip wiv the champagne diving etc is a bit s**t, not really worth the money.
everyone in kavos is amazin and i'm defo goin back next year!

Tk           10/10


everythink for the hotel....

Tk           10/10

For informations about Koulouris Beach Hotel you can find in this site:


Sam L          10/10

off to sunny kavos may 21st -4th june cant wait to get away from this b****y cold weather was there same time last yr so if any1 is going see you there but for all those not been have a gr8 hol and check out the crazy speed boat . see you soon mary tom and family if you read this xx

Sam L           

been back from kavos just over a week but will be returning nxt yr so watch out tom were coming back message for mary have a good rest and once again thank you for every thing the kids are still telling every 1 about you and well you tom the kids r there telling all there m8s about you and the pool heehee take care and see you all nxt yr x

Carla S           

click to enlargei've just got back from the most AMAZING week in Kavos!! Before i went i was a bit skeptical cos i'd heard it smelt like sewage and read some bad reviews, but me and my friends had the best week! Koulouris apartments are lovely, they are clean, and a 5 min walk along the beach to the town centre.  Mary and Tom do everything they can to make u feel welcome.  Koulouris is far enough away from the main strip that u cant hear the music if u feel like staying in (but why would u want to stay in when ur in Kavos?!) Kavos itself is awsome, loads of good bars i liked the Barn, Eidelweiss and Memphis. Atlantis club is awsome, open til about 5/6 in the morning then every1 goes to sit by a bonfire on the beach.  Lots of cheap drink and good music.  Mainly dance and house music, but if u like r n b and hip hop there are bars that play that as well.  Kavos was so good i wanted to stay out there longer but couldn't find a cheap flight back. Think my liver is still recovering!

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