Virginia Studios

Accommodation in Kavos

Laura S           

I would just like to say to everyone who slagged off these apartments 'you are a bunch of stuck up imbeciles'. Me and my mates had a wicked holiday in Kavos, the apartments were in an ideal location with everything you need within a 5 minute walk. I definately recommend these apartments. The only problem is the heat but you can hire fans in Kavos for 1.5 euros a night. The nightlife is wicked, a brilliant holiday for a group of mates. DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD COMMENTS, WE HAD THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER.

Tarnia L           

It is one of the best drinks going out there, have 3/4 of those and your sorted 4 the night! trust me!!!!

Tarnia L           

i just wanna advise anyone who is going to kavos to go to the rocky bar and get a pint of head f**ker!!!!!!

Sarah W           

We just want to big up all the people we meet out there!!!!

love sarah and tarnia

Sarah W           

If you are thinking of staying here DO coz its great......Me and my best mate have just come back and we had a wicked time!!!!
There is a 24 hour bar and a swimming pool which you can jump into 4/5/6 in the morring after comming back from clubbing!!!!
The Dog barking is not that bad, we stayed for a week and see/heard the dog about 4 times!!
The dirt tracking leading to the apartments is not really that nice but you DONT have to walk that way you can walk past the swimming pool which is much better!!!!
Me and my best mate had such a good time we are thinking of going back next summer!!!

Tarnia L           

i dont know what all the fuss is about, you get what you pay for and i know no one has spent £100's staying at this appartment. there is a 24 hour bar, swimming pool, shops and the nightlife is minutes away, i came with my best best friend sarah and we had a good laugh. kavos is wicked and i would definately come again, drinks are cheap,and i would strongly reccomend you go to the venue club, it was wicked!!!
tarnia xxxx

Steph H           

What a load of rubbish! My friend and I have just come home after staying in Virginia studios for a week- it was amazing! I honestly donít know what the fuss is a about.
Lets get things straight-
Kavos is down the road (literally a 5 minute walk) so youíre away from the noise if u want some sleep at night.
Yes the apartments are basic but we went in other peoples to find you wont get much better- they are clean with a bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), self catering facilities, a spacious wardrobe and clean sheets. Take towels, soap etc.
There is a pool outside the apartments which anyone can have access to with a bar and food available.
The supermarket is down the path (which is a short sand path off the main road) and sells everything you need.
The sea at the beach is stunning but there isnít much sand but if you walk up the coast for 5 minutes there is.
The owner is lovely, doesnít speak much English though. The dog doesnít bark all night, only when u walk past it- its only a small thing.
Hope Ive shed some light on these apartments and at the end of the day a holiday is what u make it. Its amazing for what u pay 4- donít worry!!!

Gemma H           

we are going here on monday and staying here in these apartments after reading your comments are now a little scared is it really theat bad xx

Us X           

virginia studios - s**t hole. dog barking, starts at 6 in the morn, it looks so cute but when you go away from it it goes mental. sheets werent cleaned at all, got very dirty especially since sleeping on the beach a few nights. its tiny. there is no hot water, its so horrible. our toilet seat was broken and the light didnt work. on the other hand, your hardly even there and its like 30 secs from the beach and 5 mins walk into kavos, pool basically right outside. kavos is phat, so many bars and clubs try and bargain with the blokes outside and get 2 for 1 cocktails with free shots. you should defiately try atlantis and then afters on the beach. be careful tho, some girl was ****d outside there, i was asleep on a sunbed nearby, and there are alot of robberies about, we stashed our money in the food ie money in the frosties. i just had the best week of my life, dont let the studios get you down cos your hardly even there and its really fine apart from the hot water. any way have fun and tell us what you think.


Stayed in the Virginia Studio's with my Boyfriend last week and I have to say that it was awful! Dog would not shut up barking, there were no towels, soap e.t.c in the apartment, the maid only came round 3 times that week meaning that we had to buy our own toilet roll and the shower was completely freezing and would not warm up at any time. You have to walk down this horrible mud track to get to the main part of Kavos which was covered in stones and pot holes and your shoes get all dirty, best to take them off before going back into the apartment if you don't want creepy crawlies in there (found a couple of centipede's on my shoes after a night out). On a brighter note Kavos was great and I would go there again but would rather pay more money to stay in a better apartment then somewhere like Virginia, trust me it was that bad!

Gill S           

Stayed at Virginia Studios last week. Would not recommend them to anyone. Dog barking continually and tries to bite when you walk past it to get to the beach. Take a big stick with you and poke it - that shuts it up. Studios very basic. Take plenty of towels as they are not provided. Only one loo roll per week and no soap. 15 euros to keep the room on till 7pm if you have a night flight. Beach only 30 seconds away (if you can get past the dog). Piles of dry seaweed but comfy to lie on! No sunbeds. Buy a lilo (290 euros) from the supermarket at the top of the dirt track (which you have to walk down to reach the studios). Take a torch with you for night as it can be treacherous with rubble and pot holes. About 10 minutes walk into Kavos or 15 minutes the other way to St Peters (very quiet but makes a change from banging Kavos. Hired a car for three days and drove round the island. Agios Giorgis is lovely and Issos beach. Went to Corfu town but everywhere is shut in the afternoon although the tourist shops were open. Would definately go back to Corfu but definately not to Kavos (by the way it smells of sewerage).

Lisa C           

Hello me and a friend have booked to go here at the end of june, but after reading comments we are trying to get it changed! can you tell us any good points about staying here? is it really that bad? from lisa.

Nathan M

Me and a mate have booked here going next monday (15th Sept)... Any more comments from anyone to add to the points made below?


P.S. Does anyone else know what the nearest appartments/hotels are, whose pools we can use?!

Laura M           

We got a cheap deal and were pleasantly surprised by what we got. Although we had trouble with the dirt track leading to the apartments it wasn't too bad (don't wear really high heels or shoes you don't want gettin dirty). The beach is really close by but you won't use it cause it's a mass of seaweed, the sea's lovely though. Bit of a treck into Kavos (could always get a taxi if your really lazy), you've got Georges Garden near by but its not exactly a banging place. The place is quite quiet apart from the dog which doesn't shut up (my advice: shoot it) If we hadn't made friends with our neighbours it probably wouldn't have been as good. The cleaner only knows one english word: "clean".If your hung over in bed she'll just clean around you. When we left the owner harrased us, she kept pointing to stuff saying "take?" if we said no she took it herself. We had a great time in Kavos, the nightlife is great!Virginia Studios, You get what you pay for.

Laura B           

OH MY GOD!! IF u ever wana go kavos do not and i repeat do not stay in these apartments......firstly you have to go down a mud track to get to the the dark it is not amusing!!...secondly the lady that owns the apartments is crazy and has this dog which keeps u up all day and night.....thirdly the maids steal ur stuff....and fourthly its not even in kavos!!!!!! it takes a good 15mins 2 get in2 the actual resort!!!
good luck if ur stayin there!! u'll need it!!

Kat A

Please can you tell me what these apartments are like...I have not booked yet but their is a really cheap deal...are these crap?

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