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Kayleigh R

Off to kavos 06/08/07 cant wait off with my boyfriend damien hoping its going to be great love the hot weather and the club anyone going this time im going for a week

Lizzie W           

my holiday was aaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaazzzzingggggggggg go here its so fun me and my mates loved it.!!!!!!!

Emma O           

hey guys,

me and hayley stayed at the oula maisonettes on the 8th Sep for a week, had a fab time and meet sum really great people, kavos night life was great!!!! 
have fun if you are heading there,
Em and Dirty Bird xx

Emily H           

hey kavos people!

Me and my 2 mates are going to kavos in the oula massionettes on the 28th August...read some scary reviews though so im wishin 4 the best!! anyone else goin round this time?  and any hints or tips? - where into RnB and hip hop if u know any clubs.
Also where going for 2 weeks and dont know how much spending money to bring so any help with that would be good thanks xx

emz_haley@hotmail.com - msn add!

Chris B           



Chris B           

hey guys!!

im chris, (male) and am going to kavos in 4DAYS!!!!!!(19th june- 2nd july) am going with ma 2 best pals Karen & Mitchelle, tottaly lookin forward to it. Have heard sum bad reviews about the place bein tottaly rank but who gives a F***, am sure after a few vodkas it will aww smell sweet!! Anyhoo, were flying from glasgow on the 2.55 pm flight any1 else on that 1?? this is ma first holiday wi ma m8s and am actually pissin ma self wi exitment, a cant wait! cya there
p.s ma e-mail is chris-brown-1@hotmail.co.uk, gi me a wee msg, if ur there the same time n join us for a big pub crawl, were easy to get on wi and tottaly mental when drunk, hehe

Matt L           

Just got bak last week.was wikid fun.Met some cool people and drunk far too much.wana b bak there now.

Just incase you happen to read this Vicky, George or Jemma who were in the room nxt to us in Oula Maisonettes (512) I didnt take any pics the night we went out but I had a really good night.Cant think of any other way to contact you except do this and hope!would be cool if i could get sum copies of ur pics!hope u enjoyed the rest of your hols. Matt (matt_bromley@lycos.co.uk)

Matt S           

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my email addy is matt69_23@msn.com

Matt S           

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WELL WHAT CAN I SAY.....kavos 2005 was mad. oula was great. but the staff did seem a bit funny at first. but as long as you keep the noise down at night you'll be fine.

i went with a group of lads from cheltenham and we stayed in 206. we had the best view being able to do plenty of bird watching.
if anyone reads this and has stayed there the same time as us... (12-20august) please e mail me. got some really funny pics too.
  keep it real..........nachos

Lynne S           

heard bad reviews before we got there about people  getting ripped off with the damages charges but we had a great time. If you respect the apartment and dont trash it you wont have a problem. The staff were very friendly and helpful and th facilities. Best cup of coffee at the all night bar ever just the thing to sober you up before bed. You do have to pay for the sunbeds and the shop is a bit pricey. was also shocked to find I had to pay for toilet roll???? overall very clean and not as basic as other parts of Greece although the sewage smell gets a bit strong late at night. Good to able to get air con even if you do have to pay for it. would go back again but not with Olympic 


Craig C           

This Place suited the Basingstoke Boys down to the ground!!! loved it, 24 hour bars, hottubs, large enough swimming pools it was great.  the managers are nice enough but the bar staff are fantastic and will have a laugh with u! its ideal for young people as u can just chat to any1 and every1 as every1 is up for a giggle.  they are a bit strong on damages and DONT TOUCH THE GRASS ha ha.  i think it was well enough outta town to make sure u were safe but at the same time didnt take long to walk down there. infact the walk down every nite helped get us pumped.  BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE ESSEX GIRLS who were fantastic every day and took on 15 roudy Basinstoke boys!!!!!!! also the superman boys, hooked us up some beers and laughs.  bottom line, loved it definately worth a visit if ur aged from 16-25 u will appreciate it more.

Dilly A           

lovely ppl... are quite strict on damages etc... bit of a walk into the town! not a child friendly place! great for young ppl! alot of girls there at the moment!

Cheryl G           

hi everyone heard lots of bad crap for Kavos at other sites and wanted to know the truth! Me ands me mate natalie are going on the 20th June and stayin in the Agnes studios and want to know weather anyone has ever stayed there and is it nice.

Also added to that is anyone going there on that day if so get in contact and we could meet up especially if you are flying from manchester at bout 8pm
Luv ya all chezza xx

Chris H           

hello all my little hotties carnt wait to get in your panties you wont know whats hit you carnt wait to see all my girls again. see u all in august. love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmwwhhaaaaaaaa

Wendy/michelle d           

We thought we had booked the holiday from HELL after reading some of the reviews on this site, it was completely the opposite......OK, it was fairly quiet due to the fact it was the 'end of the season'.

We had no problems with the apartment apart from the spiral staircase (specially after a few beers!!!). The pool area was nice and clean and the staff seemed friendly.

The walk to the strip was dark and a bit scary but you soon got used to it. As for the strip, it was very quiet, most of the 100 bars were closed but we managed to find a few bars that were still open till fairly late, we also managed to find a cracking indian restuarant until that closed!!!!.

This holiday overall was OK - we turned a bad/quiet situation into a good laugh. If your planning on going to Kavos - do not go at the 'end of the season'.

Hello to Frank and Ozzy.

Wendy/michelle d           

We thought we had booked the holiday from HELL after reading some of the reviews on this site, it was completely the opposite.......OK, it was fairly quite due to the fact it was the 'end of the season'.

We had no problems with the apartment apart from the spiral staircase (specially after a few beers !!!!). The pool area was nice and clean and the staff seemed friendly.

The walk to the strip was dark and a bit scary but you soon got used to it. As for the strip, it was very quite, most of the 100 bars were closed but we managed to find a few bars that were still open till fairly late, we also mananged to find a cracking indian restuarant until that closed!!!!.

The holiday overall was OK - We turned a bad situation into a good laugh. If you planning on going - do not go at 'the end of the season'.

Hello to Frank and Ozzy.

Lorraine T           

went to kavos for my 18th,an thought the apartment wernt that bad,except for the wasps!they wer prob attracted to the alcohol tho,an there was plenty of it,ay matt!!!(shame u didnt av any on the plane,wud av calmed ur nerves!)
Made loads of mates,cheers 4 da champagne rowan!!!and torquay lads(choir boys) cheers for singing happy birthday,even if it did go on3days after my bday!
only reservation i have is the maid,lovely women an everything,but i didnt like the fact she let herself in to clean our apartment wen we wer still in bed asleep!
pool area is lovely.
Il definately b bk next year!

Shane T           

well a whole heap has been said about oula and me and my girlfriend had our reservations after reading some of the reviews on this site.

i agree with the comment of you having to fill in a damage report on arriving at the complex at a stupid hour in the morning but other than that we had no problems at all just the opposite.

we stayed for two weeks and had a wonderful time. jacob and jo who were working the pool bar were great and we spent alot of our time in corfu hanging about with jacob. jacob seems to get bad press for being "sleexy" and "s**gging" around on this site. rubbish if i were in his position i'd do the same. no one asks questions about the loose woman he gets it on with. maybe it's them that should be looking at themselves in the mirror! if you go out wanting to get laid expect to get laid and stop b***hing about it! why is it always the man that gets b***hed about. if you're a dirty slapper expect to get treated like one!

the staff were all friendly towards us and we had no problems with the management at all. maybes the people that had trouble deserved it by acting like complete a**eholes whilst in the complex.

anyway whilst there we made a whole heap of mates. danny, stacey, brian (hope you got those fags through customs son!), teresa, rowan (lord of the rings), meg (sore ring!), venessa, matt, rich, chris to name but a few. of all of the people we met no one was charged. saying that i'm sure that the 11 lads from torquay would have had a bill. they were all diamond lads but at the same time i'm fairly sure all their apartments got trashed one way or another! (hope you made that early morning bus lads).

cavos was nothing like i had expected but both me and my girlfriend had our best holiday ever and met some really cool people that we'll definately keep in contact with.

location wise was very good far enough away from town to not have to be in the thick of it all the time but close enough to be there within 10 mins.

quietness is a hard one depending on your music taste. the music in the daytime is cool but when the late bar opens it is a little unbearable at times.

cleanliness was good. our cleaner was lovely and we'd often have a quick chat if we saw her.

Tim P           

well, what can i say that my gorgeous neighbour rosie hasn't already mentioned.....the room we stayed in was a bit of a poke and the plastic spiral staircase was the bain or our lives. we didn't spot the tiniest of cracks at the top of it and, somehow, it was spotted by an eagle who reported it to the 'manager'. we received the obligatory letter from the rep, saying we owed 40 euros for damage. when we asked them to point it out they missed it twice and finally found it - stating we must pay. we refused and they told us we had to leave within 10 minutes!! i phoned the head rep (dennis - 0030 697 465 6675) and when he arrived the next day (after many phone calls to the oula reception) he told us we would hear ne more...and true to his word, we didn't. so the moral of the story is not to accept the s**te they come up with and go over the reps head to resolve. the fact that my neanderthal pal (chris) snapped the key in the lock the very next day (costing a mere 30 euros) was by the by!

on a good note, the pool area is always clean and, in our week, full of friendly groups, all willing to have a beer together. the pool world record for heading a football whilst we were there was: 43 by chris & tim - get in!! beat that shielly!!

the trip into the strip is a bit dark for some, although if there are a few of you it should be okay. my regards to all the possies who we met, you all know who you are, but specifically to the leeds, brummies, 4 x londonettes (including ransid!!), 2 t's, may there be 3 (certainly one day!) and our lovely neighbours, hannah, linda and rosie. and yes rosie, i do too!!

arrived: 6th sept...departed: 13th sept 2004.
there will be a web site for all our photies shortly - watch this space!!

Rosie J           

right then...oula apartments! well let me start by saying i had the best holiday ever whilst staying here. how can you go wrong when the place has a bar open till seven and the off licence shop opens at eight!?! the only complaint i have to make about the place is the staff. the manager is totally incompetant and will always insist that he is not the manager when the going get s tough and you want to make a complaint! (for the record he s the middle aged skinny guy with the receeding hair line!) they are a complete set of rip off merchants and will try to charge you for the most stupid things (ie cracks in stairs and broken phones that have nothing to do with the people residing in the rooms at the time....it s just general wear and tear!)

when you arrive at the apartments they will present you with a piece of paper to take to your rooms and fill in with a list of any breakages you can find in the room (not an easy task if you have been travelling for hours and are half asleep!) but do try and find them as this will avoid them trying to charge you for them when you leave! many of my friends got stung but i always avoided any charges as i was always in the room when the cleaners arrived. if you can,be present whilst they service your room as it s the cleaners that will snoop about and try to find or create breakages to charge for!take this on board and be aware. if they try to charge you refuse and if all else fails get the main rep involved.

on a good note the oula apts is in a great location and has a great pool and bar but has a lot of wasps around so try not to eat around the pool as you ll be swamped by them! and ladies watch out for the sleazy bar man at the pool bar he must have s**gged about six girls in the week that i was there! the main town is only about a ten min walk away or if your feeling lazy a cab will drop you for about 6 euros.

while im on here i would like to thank everyone who i met in the apartments for being so much fun...i know you'll read this......daz,kez,the daves and all the yorkshire lot, dr love and his trio from brum, the two lads from birmingham and our neighbours tim, paul and chris in room 511. tim i love ya to bits!

Phil S           

Im going out to visit on the 20th August, read the comments and am
wondering to!!! Will post my true comments on return!!!!

Georgie C           

help!!!!!!! we've booked to stay at the oula maisonettes at the end of august, after reading the comments we dont know what to expect!!!
sounds like a right s**t hole and this manager sounds like a con merchant!! is it really that bad? do we bother even going??

Cat Y           

excellent aprtments, would receommend anybody staying here, all the reveiws about getting ripped off, arent entirely true, if you dont p**s the hotel staff off then they tend to leave you well alone.
i've put average for quitness because it's not a quiet hotel but then again who goes to kavos for a quiet holiday!!!!!
it's worth staying as far out from the strip as the oula is because the walks to and from the strip will certainly be memorable one's, we had such a laugh here, and are going back next year without a doubt!

Big T           

Just came back from Oula and ive got to say it was banging. 4 of us stayed here and we all said it was one of the best places we have stayed, from the spiral staircase leading to the bedroom to the wooden flooring, it really left a good impression. We had read some reviews on here regarding getting riped-off over broken items but it did'nt happen to us or the over guests we got to know who went back the same time we did.The walk to the main strip is a bit of a walk, both in the day (heat) and night (drunk) but overall it was a good holiday.

Daniel P           

Well, only got 3 days to go til me and my mate jet off to sunny kavos. Anyone wanna meet up whilst we are out there. We set off from manchester airport on Fri 21st @ 23.55

We are staying here at Oula, stayed last year wan't too bad - got a free bottle of bubbly.

My email is procterdc@yahoo.com

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