Restaurants in Acharavi

Lynnette S

 I was thinking about going back to Corfu this year for my holiday( after going to Spain for a few years) had a wonderful time there 3 years ago now,  My husband and myself met Anita and Alan at their restaurant and they treated us along with my 2 children who we took for the first time abroad  like part of the family.  I was very sorry to hear that they have shut up shop so to speak and we also stayed at the Ano Studios which were very basic but lovely and clean. If Anita and Alan ever log on to this site I would just like to wish them both good health and happiness and thank them for theier hospitality 3/4 years ago.  Thanks and regards

David M

...  Anitas is no longer a restaurant as it closed down in late 2004.  Yes the food there was really great and the hosts,Anita and her husband Alan, were very nice people.  The Whispers Club, also on the old main road also closed at roughly the same time.  I think that they were two of the victims of the Golden Sun collapse and the opening of the "All Inclusive" hotels in this area.  This event also hit many other small businesses in the area including our favourite taverna, the Palm Tree.  Dinos and his wife Ellen are  special friends and we will be visiting them in their home in early June when we are on holiday there once again.  We travelled regularly with Golden Sun and when they folded we wondered how to get back to the apartment we had always rented.  We E-Mailed Castaway Travel, and through the efforts of Sue Tsirigoti of  "Travel with Friends" we now get back there every year.  We now rent one of T.W.F's apartments and book a flight with AVRO, who we found to be the cheapest for us.

Susan W           

Have known Anita and Alan for a very long time. The food is excellent and also the service. You would not get a better welcome in any other restaurant in Acharavi.