Restaurants in Acharavi

David M          10/10

agreat place to eat and watch the sun set.  we are just back from holiday in acharavi and had lunch every day at the maistro.  we also had a few evening meals there.  one of these meals was the carbonara which we enjoyed very much.  the best meal i had was the mussels a-la-chef.  marvelous, the best mussels i have ever tasted, and i was brought up as a youngster on sea food as my father was born on the c*mbrian coast and loved all kinds of sea food.  chris and vassos are lovely peiole who deserve to succeed as they really look after their customers.  that is why they do so well.  we missed chris's bouzouki night this year but have promised to be there next june as we have already booked our holiday in acharavi with castaway travel (travel with friends). come on you readers get to acharavi and enjoy a really "laid-back" holiday by a beautiful, safe beach. peter pan.  

Mary R           

The best place you can find on Corfu to watch the sun go down, enjoy wonderful food and a warm welcome, we are looking forward to going back in 2006 for what will be our 8th year and wish we were there now, roll on July when we can say Yasso Vaso!


Carla sweetheart...would you like another plate.

they only thing that kinda made me go argh, was when we walked in we got given Greek Menus. Had to sit for about half an hour before we finally got an english menu and at this point the blokes had already picked what they thought we shoud have.
Couldn't really say if it was value for money, went to get the bill and my hand got wacked away. But The food is really nice and its well worth a little trip out.

Carla S           

i was one of the lovely people accompanying (great speller i know ) claire on her road trip and i thoroughly enjoyed it too. the carbonara was fab. as was the company and the giggles we had. overall a fab place great food good atmosphere and fantastic view very romantic!


I live in Sidari, but wanted a little trip out so me and 3 friends went here. And it was Fab, the food was great. The best Carbonara i have ever tasted. Its situated on the beach front which is nice esp. if the sun was setting or something could be quite romantic. Would defiently go here again if i had another road trip!!!!!


This is a good place to enjoy a long leisurly lunch with a bottle of wine and watch the world go by. Overlooking the beach so always something to look at. We went there 5/7 lunchtimes and two evenings. Food was good quality and reasonably priced. Probably good to watch the sunset but we ate late most days.


Maistroisthebest!!!we ate there for 8 years now!!!!and won good friend!!!

Jane L           

Drink a bottle of Retsins and watch the sun go down over the sea.

The Maistro is one of the best places on earth!

Family run restaurant - brilliant food and so friendly!!!

Going back there again this May (We have been coming to this restaurant for 7 years now)

Karen L           

Oh what a wonderful place, sitting at the tables at the front of the Maistro which is right on the beach, watching the sun go down. Wonderful staff, wonderful food, wonderful service, we ate at the Maistro many times during our stay in August 02. Booked our last meal at the Maistro as it was so nice. I wish I was back right now!!