Palm Tree

Restaurants in Acharavi

David M          10/10

 The Palm Tree taverna became another victim of the "All Inclusive" spread in this village.  Dinos told me last September that he was selling up and returning to work as a roof installer.  What a crying shame for our favourite taverna for the last 6 holidays in Acharavi.  They are a lovely family and the food there was simply the best.  They were also helpful and so friendly.  I keep in touch with whem by e-mail through their so Spiros and his wife Afroditi.  I know there are other good tavernas in this part of Acharavi but we will sadly miss Dinos. Three tavernas of note are the Filaraki on the main street.  My wife says you must try the chicken and chips there. Tell Yannis that Peter Pan sent you.  He also does more take-aways than any place we have ever known.  there is a constant stream of cars pulling up outside.  It is just in front of the bakery.  The Maistro is also good food and pleasant service.  Last September we were caught in a real hummer of a rainn storm while eating in the Skondros, on the beach.  The water was rushing down the lane about a foot deep.  Come midnight we were going to brave it and walk the 200 metres back to our apartment but the owner of the Skondros would not let us.  He got his car out and took us back right to the doorstep of our apartment.  Another great example of Greek hospitality. 

Karen H           

The atmosphere is buzzing very busy but you dont wait long for your meals, treated us like royalty every time!!.