Greek Corner

Restaurants in Ipsos

Craig P           

The greek corner is a quality resturant, on of the best we found in ipsos. we were in the zeus appartments from the 11th June for a week,  which was only a couple of minutes away from it. The resturant sells brill food at cheap prices. Alot cheaper than on the see front. Nicos the owner is brill, we went 3 nites in a row and made us feel welcome from the first nite, i would recommened it 2any1 who goes 2 Ipsps

Nicki L           

Ate in here almost every night again, don't want to even think about how much weight i've put on!!! Nikos is just as friendly as last year and the chef even told us the secret receipe for the mushroom sauce!! If you don't eat here then you're a fool!!!!!

Nicki L           

went o ipsos in aug last year and i ate at the greek corner almost every night!!! it really is lush food and the prices are brill!!! its up the same road as the hairy lemon but you have to go up a bit further. its a small place but really good. the owner (nicos) is really friendly and treats you like one of the family. id recommend the meatballs, their to die for!!!! also, get some ouzo, most of you will know how strong it is but for one euro fifty you get half a glass instead of a shot!!!

you have to try the greek corner, you wont find anywhere better!!!!

Tracey M           

i have been to ipsos twice now! i frist went in 2002 and again last year!! both times we ate in the Greek Corner nearly every nyt, the food is fab, theres nowhere else quite like it in ipsos!! hte owner nicos is really friendly!! the prices are great too!! give it ago n i promise u will love it.