Restaurants in Ipsos

Craig P           

Id recommend visiting this bar to any British goin out to Ipsos. John the owner is a legend. Discount on drinks if you go regulary. We went in July05 for a week and after the first few nites we got 50 cents of each drink, may not sound like alot but when your drinking all night and every night its brill. Also its the only place in Ipsos that we found Karaoke! Excellent Bar

Becky, kelly, laura, ash G           

Oi Oi this bar is the best in the world luv it, john is a pure legend makin us chicken nuggets n homemade chips when me n ash was starving :P haha. Luvin the fishbowl too even tho it made me sick :s take care missin uz loadz xx

Beth R           

hello from the 6 leeds girls! we had great time in this bar! hope u are both well john and geraldine thanx again
beth x

Katie C           

the bar is owned by john and geraldine and they are from manchester i used to live in grece so i went there all year rounf they are the nicest couple ever and they make some lovely food i should know ive eaten thetre a lot!!!any way yoiu have got to chak this place out for definate

Paul M           

Owned by a Yorkshire couple, and what a cracking selection of traditional English food they served. Big Breakfast essential for a hangover. My favourite though was the Pukka Pie, mushy peas, chips and gravy. Top notch. Oh and they serve Yorkshire Tea which was great.