Resorts on Corfu

Patricia F           

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Had 2 weeks in Roda, second time there.Yannis,we loved the Mexican food,one of the best meals we had TWICE. Keep up the good work C u soon and tell Veronica she is the best! Visit Spiro at the Harbour Bar great people and food.Want somewhere small and friendly, try Nikos just down the beach from Roda ask 4 Sam and ucan get a boat 2!All in all great place 2 stay.

Angie W           

I must like Roda as I have just come back for a fifth time there,  Absolutely loved it, between the Drunken Sailor and Spiros No1 what more could you ask for.......

If you are thinking about it... you can always visit the other nearby towns/villages like Acharavi and Sidari, there is something for everyone no matter what your age.

Lisa R           

it was great went there 24th july 2006 for a week for our honeymoon  me  and my husband enjoyed ourselves alot

Laura D           

Hello Just had another brill week in Roda.....My StepMam lives there and my Dad has just moved back to England.....spent many a drunken night in the Tavern with Chips and Sue!!!!

Martin B           

If you are thinking of going to RODA then think no more GO!!!!!!!

George P           

A very nice area suitable for all ages. Nice and flat with plenty of other areas nearby.

Plenty of shops to cater for everyone.
There are also some very good sea trips from the jetty. You only have to book and be there.
Plus my son Ade aka Chips has a very nice and freindly pub there too

Amelia S           

click to enlargeWell where do i start, Roda is an absolutely beautiful village and i could never fault it. I have been going with my family since i was 10, have been 9 years on the run since and loved every holiday there.

We have stayed at the Silver Beach hotel which was lovely but sometime slightly noisy as it is close to a few of the bars and then we found the Pegasus hotel and have stayed there every year since
Roda is a fantastic place to go on holiday and i would recommend it to anyone that asked. I haven't been the past two years and have missed it that much that me and my boyfriend are going this July and i can't wait! Anyone that has been to Roda will want to go back again, and you will see the same faces year after year just with more people!
Roda was a small fishing village and is based round a triangle shape. As you enter Roda there is an old town (restaurants, tavernas)on the right hand side and a new town (lively bars and restaurants)on the left, with the beach all along the front, which makes a great walk at night after dinner! It is great for people of all ages, singles, couples and familes! 
There are many bars along the new town strip, my favourites being: Drunken Sailor, Domas and Mistral. These are all lively bars and propably the most popular with the 20 -30. There is also the Harbour Bar down by the beach at the very end near the harbour. This is a lovely spot to walk to after your evening meal and have a few drinks while the sun sets!
The food in Roda is gorgeous and very reasonably priced! My favourite restaurants in Roda are: Newport, along the front of the beach, Roda Park, half way down old town and Roxannes, on the beach front by the Aphrodite hotel.(Fantastic baked potatoes at lunch time!)
The shops along both new and old town are great for your present shopping for your family and friends. There are also quite a few food stores with everything from bread to Metaxa!!
click to enlargeFor day trips out i would recommend Aqua land and the Corfu night trip, i found booking it through the agents opposite the Mistral bar was cheaper than going through our rep and have used them each year to book our trips.
Overall i think Roda is a fantastic place to visit and can't wait for my two week holiday in July. I would and have recommended it to plenty of people, of which every person has loved it. The Pegasus hotel is wonderful and the family that runs it are so friendly and helpful. For anyone thinking of going to Roda, Go, it is an ideal location for a relaxing holiday, with quite a lively nightlife! With its gorgeous beach, beaming sun, lovely welcoming people and beautiful secenery what more could you ask for!!
If anyone would like any info about Roda please feel free to email me:
Hope you have all found this informative!

Kirsty G           

i 1st went 2 corfu in june 2004 n luvd it went agen last yr n stil thought it was FANTASTIC on the 2 previous years i only went for a week but we loved it so much we r goin for 2 weeks this yr in june. we stay at the venus apartments just outside roda and my adopted uncle charlie is a great bloke wen we went last yr he greeted us all wit open arms n a hug n said 'welcome home' which was a realy nice start to a great holiday and i think its FANTASTIC  were we stay there is only 19 apartments on the whole complex and a huge pool compaired to what other hotels near by have lol  lol but i would reccomend it to ANY family goin to corfu we had a great time n a GREAT place to eat is Roda Park in Roda its on a little backstreet but the service is great n we have a laugh every time we go in  costas (the main waiter) is a fantastic bloke n cares very much about his customers. its just a shame u have to leave after ur meal lol  but if you went you would understand why me n my family feel this way we love goin to corfu its a beautiful place to just go and relax and at Venus apartments there is a person called 'Florry' who works there n he keeps kids occupied for HOURS hes a real asset to the holiday  CANT WAIT FOR JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina L           


Christina L           

click to enlarge Hi went to Roda  thought it was brilliant  probably the best holiday ive been to love the accomidation went to the minstrel every night and the british bulldog pub  that i would give 10/10  loved it so much would go back again nice family place theres a restraunte that is set on the beach called roxannes has beautiful food loved it x

Con M           

great resort just came back visiting friends 10 stars.

Lucy D           

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I love Roda, me and my friends go their often and I have even met some of my best friends (now) in Roda.

I stay at Spiros No 1 which is very highly recommended.  They treat you like their own. (Have a whole post on it on here so wont go in to too much detail!)

Also recommended, Bulldog bar (Darren AKA Elvis can always be found getting very merry in there).  Maggies place - fabbo food, Drunken Sailor for a fun late drink and a laugh, Roxeanne for a cheeky beachside cocktail, Mistrals for Kareoke, Yannis' Mexican very tasty food and the best shots in Roda!

Top Gear is the cheapest I have found for bikes (peds and quads). 
The beach is lovely - really developed a lot over the last year - made it a lot bigger by clearing out a 'seeweedy' area and extending it further along than last year - makes it a lot easier to get a sunbed.  They seem really into developing Roda this year - they are now running water sports on the beach like ringoes and jetski rides.
A really fun location for a holiday - not too much noise and partying but you can find it if you want it, great food, fantastic village atmosphere (which I hope does not leave) and very friendly folk (Greek and English)
See you all next year!
PS : I dont have any playstation 1 games, but you can get them ion ebay for about a quid! xxx

Aj R           

Just wanted to add my comments from a 'single female' point of view.  I travelled to Roda in June 2005 and again for 3 weeks in September.  I have to say, I'd never travelled alone before, but felt very comfortable and safe in Roda.  The place is beautiful and the people are fantastic.  I dont have one bad word to say about Roda, could even see myself living there. It really is an unspoilt paradise.  Just want to send my love to George & Nikos at 'Kind Hearted Place' and Sarah and Alex at 'Crusoes Bar' SEE YOU ALL SOON!


Aj R           

I visited Roda for the first time in June 2005 and returned again for three weeks in September.  I'd never travelled alone before, but thought I'd try it.  Have to say, from a 'single female' sort of thing, its a very safe place to travel to alone.  The people are fantastic, the place is beautiful and you are made to feel very welcome, I've even managed to learn a bit of the language.  It certainly wont be the last time I visit. My love and best wishes to George & Nikos at Kind Hearted Place and Sarah and Alex at Crusoes Bar - See you all soon.


Lucy H           

click to enlarge Roda is a really pretty little resort with the friendliest people and good bars and restaurants. I went on 5th Sept for 2 weeks which seemed an ideal time to go as was not v busy but not dead. There is a lot of bars and restaurants along the sea front and also a busy road with many bars on and a quieter road with the best restaurant Nikos on! Must visit that, amazing food and service! All the restaurants are v. well priced not expensive at all but u can shop around sometimes the cheaper ones have better food. A good restaurant was Filoxenia on the sea front which is quite small but the service is good and food lovely. We always went in for a tuna salad pitta 3.50 euros and it was absolutely beautiful! the views were lovely as well. We also went to Crusoes which was a brilliant bar which does nightly quizzes wine 1.50 a glass, cocktails 3 euro which was the best price. The actual Roda beach is positioned next to the Harbour bar and there is a pretty peer with boats. The beach there is sandy and the sea is perfectly crystal clear beautiful. We often preferred to go right from here to a bit on the sea front which is v. quiet and secluded, it was quite pebbly but you can find a patch of sand to settle on and the sea is beautiful. The pic here was took from the road looking out to sea towards the center of roda. Please ask for more pictures of the centre of roda. People in Roda tend to be mainly English or Greek and as the Greek visit themselves you know its good. Very good resort for families or couples of any age as is not dead lively but still bars and restaurants with good atmospheres and the resort is completely safe. Wouldnt recommend to young groups of teenagers looking for a wild time like in Kavos or something but otherwise would strongly recommend. Beautiful resort with beautiful views, you can see right over the clear sea to the picturesque mountains and hills of Albania. Definitely something for everyone, people who visit Roda seemed to be people that visited every year which i'd never normally do but here u could see why. Wherever you go, in the restaurants for example, you make friends and the food is superb, you want to go back to see it all again and you wouldnt be bored. If you visit Roda, do go to the Nikos restaurant by far the best around and the people cannot be beaten. Roda is really pretty and im sure anyone would enjoy their relaxing holiday here.

Gayle B           

Went to Roda in June with my husband and our small daughter satying at the Nikos apartments for two weeks, was like going back in time. The tranquility of the resort was fabulous. The beach was clean and the waters clear enough and safe enough for our daughter to play quite contently on the waters edge with out pestering us every five minutes. The restaurants in the resort were excellent and had a  very good choice of foods, and  were very helpful in helping us feed our daughter ( who was constantly wanting to eat Kalamaris).
Whatever you wanted to eat and how you liked it cooked was catered for at every restaurant.

We have made some very goods friends here our the years and have booked to go again in May 2006, for 3 weeks. It is a paradise that needs to be preserved!

Andy T           

I  and the good lady wife are off to roda again on sept 26 for two weeks,I say again cause this will be our 17 th time. first time was way back in 1975 when roda village consisted of 4 tavernas and the only place to stay was the roda beach hotel.
we come back to roda every 2 to 3 years and meet up with the locals who over the years have become friends
this year we are staying in the pegasus hotel.
Good places to eat are roda park,the dolphin (traditional fish and meat on the grill) kind hearted place and if you just like english food then maggies is a must especially the breakfasts, another place we love is the 3 brothers at astrakeri about a 40 min walk towards kharasaudes.
For boat trips try helen and george a lovely couple who will guarantee a good trip.
roda is a place that you instantley feel welcome and relaxed  and have a great holiday.

Lindsey G           

We went mid-August and had a fantastic time.  Roda is one of theose rare places that has something for everyone.  I went with my 5yr old son & 60+yr old mother & we all loved it.  We stayed at Spiros No 1 - great location, handy for bars/beach but far enough out to be peaceful.  Spiros & family are lovely (but slightly mad!) people who would do anything for you.  The BBQs on Wed & Sat nights are excellent value for money and the Friday Greek night is hilarious.

The "beach through the horse field" is the best beach in Roda (better sand & cheaper sunloungers).  The Golden Sands taverna on the beach is well worth a visit for great food & spectacular views.  Hi to Christina & all her dogs, especially Teddy, Einstein & Cookie. See you next year!  

Dave Y           

We're 50 year olds too and arriving 3 oct so hope its a good week for the wrinklies. Are zimmer frames on hire I wonder?

Rhona & graeme B           

We are going to Roda on 30th Sept for 2 weeks, staying at Theo's. Any other comments on these apts much appreciated. Also want to hire a car for 1 week. Anyone got any advice for best deal. Looking forward to great holiday as comments we've read on Roda seem great. We are  two young 50plus yr olds - hope this is the right place!

Jan A

staying in Roda beginning of October does anybody know of any dive centres.

Marion B           

We have recently returned from Roda and had a fabulous time. Anyone wanting to stay in a perfect, immaculately run apartment/studio would be hard-pressed to find anything better than the Banos which is run by a lovely British family.It is situated down a quiet lane next to the Chinese restaurant and is therefore handy for all of Rodas' bars and restaurants. It has a lovely pool and bar area which also serves snacks and great breakfasts at excellent prices.It was also never noisy, ideal for sunbathers who don't want to be bombarded by perpetual noise!! Nothing was too much trouble for this lovely family and I believe they arrange airport pick-ups too.We worked out that we could have saved a lot of money had we booked independently rather than going with a travel company. Their details can be found on If you go please say hi from the Geordie germans, they'll know who you mean!

Rob M           

hello everyone, once again its rob from the bulldog, and once again im running short of darts accesories, shafts and flights, they last 2 minutes and coz its free i cant charge for damages i know i should but if it keeps people happy what the hell. anyone coming soon, i will give you the full price in cash and a round of drinks, as long as youi dont come mob handed.

cheers folks see ya soon

Emma W           

We went to Roda in June 2005 and we had the most amazing time.  We went last June for only 1 week and knew we had to back again this year.  We stayed in the Fiona Theodorous and the people who worked there were lovely.  The appartment was beautiful and the pool was massive!!! 

It was great getting to see all the people we met last year and it was amazing how people remembered us.

I think if you want something good to eat you should definatly try Maggies Bar she does a wicked Sunday Roast, and the things they have on in the bar afterwards are good too. Sundays are the best when Darren does his Elvis night he is so funny.  The lad behind the bar is a hotty too!!!

If you want a good night out and want to stay out till all hours you should deffinatly try Pirates Bar the staff are so friendly.

Rob M           

Hi linda, im glad the boys enjoyed themselves they were an absolute pleasure to be here, i suppose shaun told you about bondi, he is the talk of the island, people keep asking me if he will be on again, i tried to nick his passport so he couldnt go. see you in september and tell shaun and the boys to keep in touch and if they fancy a cheap week to get in touch,

ps can you fit bondi in your suitcase

Linda B           

Hi Rob, Shaun has just got back from Roda and told me i should have sent the play station games . sorry i forgot. he told me how good you all were with him and his mates. He is full of praise for you all out there. we will be there in September and will be sure to call in for a few drinks ( well maybe more than a few). See you soon.

Jordan L           

Roda is the perfract place to go if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. By far, the best place to eat in Roda is at Nikos restaurant. If you are looking somewhere a bit more lively try Mistrels.

Rob M

hi guys its rob from the bulldog again. Earlier this year the bar was broken into and loads of stuff of value was stolen, ie big screen tv, playstation 2,and games, dvds, cds, sky reciever, etc. although everything has been replaced sadly we now only have a playstation 1 and only a handful of games. if anyone has any playstation 1 games in the loft and feel like donating them for fellow brits on holiday please bring them and there will be a round of drinks waiting for you and maybe a round of shots for your trouble, cheers guys hope to see you all soon

Gail .           

We just came back from Roda, and we loved it.  We read The Rough Guide to Corfu before and it said it was overbuild so we were quite worried, but we came to the conclusion that they had never been to Roda!  The beaches are pretty much just pebbles, but there are many bars where you can go for a dip in their pool and sunbathe, etc if your accommodation doesn't have the facilities.  We stayed at the Afrodite Hotel which is right on the beach.  It was lovely, and we can definitely confirm the best restaurant is Nikos up Roda Old Road.  It sells wonderful Greek food, and the staff are really friendly.

Daphne B           

hi all to all the people who do not like the alexandros apartments and the pool i have been comeing to roda for a few years i have stayed at diffrent places last year i stayed at the alexandros apt i could not find any thing wrong with them they were clean and the service was great as for the nasty comments about anna and angilo they are uncalled for they are a great couple iv known them for a lot of years you can go to places in the uk and pick fault so to all the people who dont like the alexandros apt or anna and angilo i have one thing to say to you one should allways look at ones self before critising other so stay away and let the people who enjoy there company have a great time.

Rob M           

sorry guys our website is
look forward to seeing you soon

Stan S

my wife and i want to visit corfu (roda)for the first time in early september any tips on places to eat where to stay ect

Sue W           

It sounds like the venus apartments you are describing we stayed there  oct 2004 and i couldn't fault them the owner charlie is a lovely man too


Karen H

Sounds like you are describing Blue Lagoon Apartments. STAY CLEAR unless you have extremely low standards and don't mind throwing away your money on a potentially life threatening experience. Sorry this place has also featured on holidays from hell twice. Please do not take notice of previous comments from holidayers who have praised this resort. They are clearly demented. Would just like to say that I love Corfu and the people are friendly. Just dont consider Blue Lagoon Apartments. Locals even tell you not to go here

Rachel M

i went to roda in 2000,we stayed in lovley apartments it had a good sized family pool with a bridge going over it that you could walk over and a baby pool to one side.there was a bar and reastrant with a pool table inside.the owner was a lovley old man called problem is that i cant remember the name of the place and we want to go back there with our young daughter its a peffect place for kids.i really hope that someone recognieses my discription.hope to hear from somebody soon.thanx.

Rob M           


your comment here...
hi guys this is rob from the british bulldog in roda. please do not bring any more dart accessories for a while we have enough to open our own shop. A big thanks to all who brought some over last year. Also a big thanks to everyone who came to see us this year and hope to see you again. anyone coming this year check out our website first. happy holidays, see you soon


Kara Brown
The Silver Beach and the Paradise Village are NOT owned by the same people.  My family own the Silver Beach.  You can contact them on 00302663063134 and ask for Matoula.  Hope you get booked.

Sioned R           

helo angharad sud wyt ti? eh.

Sioned R           

Me and my friend is going to Roda This September and we dont know anything about the place can anyone let us know how nice or other is the place, and also how is Corfu Town .

Donna B           

I went to Roda in June 2003. I am going again next year to same Apts. We travelled with Olympic & stayed at Elenitsa Apts - basic but clean, light & VERY close to everywhere. They haven't got their own pool but you have a choice of about 4 neighbouring ones. About 1 minute walk to shops/beach/T.I/Restaurants.

Roda Park was the best place to eat - Friendly but be prepared to wait because he spends a lot of time talking, but he includes all his customers which breaks the wait.

The only thing I would warn people about is the fruit man on the beach. We got charge 18Euros for 2 peaches & half a melon!!!!

Val C           

just bin looking thro' comments on accom/amenities in roda. i stayed at silver beech (i know-crap!!) with a balconey overlooking alexandros pool.
wow-does it look nice-but not for long does your peace and quietlast. loud pop music starts up early in the morning and goes on and on and on all day long - take that coupled with the hyena laugh of anna who works in the bar (screech, screech, screech) followed by her manic screaming its enough to drive you up the wall. her husband angelo also works with her and is a slimy little man who looks a right prat smoking his cigarettes in his 'bet lynch' holder ha ha. i've heard what he says behind the backs of his - and take this with a pinch of salt- good 'friends' and customers and believe me you would change your mind about how good a friend he would be then. you silly people-you really get suckered in by his smarmy, greasy approach don't you.
as for that fat, balding 'medallion man without the chest hair' so called dj - well ive got more personality in my little finger (about as big as his d**k according to one female he tried it on with).
im young, late 20s and like a good fun time laugh, good food and good company so if you take my advice then go to the theodoras and dont go anywhere near alexandros pool as you will be driven to distraction by the manic and positively stupid actions of the staff there.

oh by the way - ive seen them preparing food in the kitchens with cigarettes dangling from their mouths - f**king disgusting!!!!!!!

Kristy C           

I am going to Roda in july can anybody tell me some good places to go and I am staying in the Pegasus Hotel. Has anybody been there.
What beaches are Good?

Jim B

ware is alverroso apt

Sarah D           

Meraki grill is opposite Vibe bar - it's well worth a visit!!

Sue W

wherabouts is the meraki grill room...been to roda bout 8 times in last couple of years but cant seem to place it

thanx Sue

Chips P           

hi ya Danny and Leigh
Sorry we havent been in touch but we havent got your e mail adress and ours has changed. We hope you had a good Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR from every one here in Roda. If you read this you can contact us on
Hope to hear from you soon
From Chips, Sue and

Hilary C           

we are booking now for our next holiday in roda ,as this years was so good.we found a small greek grill room called meraki which looked basic and clean but the food was far from basic,good greek dishes cooked to
perfection by the very english chef.
we had starters and main course and lashings of good local wine and change out of 20 euro for two,staff great food excellent and good atmosphere.
say hi if your in roda and if you mention my name you might get a glass of wine on the house keep up the good work at meraki.

Sue W           

Hi Jo
The blue gardens are up the lane to the left at the side of the taxi rank at bottom of roda (on beach front) they are next to spiro's no 1 i think


Joanne P           

Hi everyone

I'm going back to Roda after a break of 5 years - I cannot wait, I loved everything about Roda and the people there. Hope it's as good when I go back in July 2005. Message to the man from the British Bulldog (sorry forgot your name!!) if you need anything else by July 2005 (maybe more darts) then just post a message on here and I will bring it for you :-)

Just got one question. I will be staying at the Blue Garden Apartments - can anyone tell me where exactly in Roda this place is?


Jo x

Sue W           

the apartments with the pool and slide is theodores opposite nikos shop around the back lanes

Sarah W           

does anyone know the name of the apartments which have a fantastic swimming pool - it has a diving board, a brdige and a great slide.

Danny R           

we had the bad luck to go to roda with golden sun, and you guessed it they went bust. but our holiday was great, not like the poor ones that turnt up on the monday and got turnt away from our hotel, the silver beach was basic but very clean and the staff friendly, a good pool, even though the sea was warmer. we got back last sat, but the best memories of roda will be the nights in the roda tavern, ade sue and leah made all of silver beach squatters feel like family, the quizes, picture quizes, and the home made greek night were out of this world, its a must visit if you, and dont 4 get the fish his face is on a t shirt on the wall now, would just like to thank ade sue and leah and all the great people we met in there,will be back to see you soon ade


Roda is basically three streets in a triangle with some other parts off it. Not far to walk to Acharavi which isnt much bigger. Plenty of good bars and restaurants. Both Greek and British. Didnt get a bad meal anywhere. Roda Park, Nico's, Maggie's, the Captains all were very good. Plenty of decent bars also. Ended up in Crusoe's most nights.The beach was a bit disappointing. Shingle and sand and shingle. Found a small beach round to the left which was nicer.

Would go back but possibly for one week instead of two.

Mick L           

Stayed full board in a hotel which was out of it & i would not do again.Roda is a small place with not much to do so we stayed around the hotel pool most of the time,we did venture out in to Roda & found a fantastic restaurant which i wish we found a lot earlier in the holiday it was called MAGGIES which had British staff who catered for all 11 of us superbly with there massive servings & if the restaurant was full there is also a bar next door owned by Maggie which you can go to for a drink while you wait for a table to become available.
Would highly recommend you find it.

Ann K           

Helen, Dimitri, Costa, Jimmy snr and Elizabeth snr and children what a great time we had again this year...Please Please stop making it such a wonderful place and then perhaps we could book again - as it is you are already full and we cannot get to your appartments next year. Mick and Sue you have wonderful family and that little grand daughter is an absolute smasher.. see you at the greek night. Just thought I would let you know that we managed to smuggle the cockerel home ate him sunday last bit of a job stuffing him. We were very concerned as this one did'nt fart... We all miss you and the children are desperate to get back to see you (so are we). Keep safe and well until the next time lots of love .. god bless..the Kavanagh's

Sue W           

Hi Rob
We are coming on 27th sept is there anything else you would like as well as dart stems? We will bring you some.

Sue an Paul

Rob M           

can everyone stop speaking french.
hi this is rob from the british bulldog pub in roda. anyone coming soon i desparatly need dart shafts. the more the better. just started doing dart tournaments and are successful except darts snapping. i will give full cash price and a round of drinks on the house. cheers guys see ya soon, oh and a melton mowbray pork pie wouldnt go a miss either.

Vivi E           

Hello Juli !
Non, les 2 serveuses n'taient plus l. Il n'y avait que les 4 mecs. Tu tais charme par Angel ? Je ne suis pas tonne! C'est un garon gnial, adorable et si prvenant! Il mrite d'tre apprci, vraiment ! G personnellement fait un bas STT, et c'est vrai que la continuit logique de ce diplme ne va pas vers l'art ... Mais il existe tjrs 1 moyen de se diriger vers ce que l'on souhaite faire. Je suis certaine que tu y arriveras ! L'Egypte, personnellement, je n'y suis pas encore alle. Mais c'est un pays que j'aimerai aussi visiter. Es-tu alle aux Antilles ? Je suis originaire de la Guadeloupe et c'est une le que je conseille vivement ! @++

Juli J           

Salut vivi
Tout fait Angelo et Terry...Moi, petite confession j'tais charme par Angelo...C certain, pour qu'un type reste de marbre, dans ces conditions,il y a que le corps qui parle. Et les 2 serveuses (soeurs)qui venaient de Rpublique Tchque taient elles encore l ? Je vais commencer une licence d'histoire de l'art, mais j'avoue ne pas trop savoir o cela va me mener, je n'ai pas fait un bac correspondant mes attentes bac L ou STI et du coup venant d'un bac stt c'est limit pour le domaine plus artistique, j'espre que j'aurai qd mem un boulot qui me passionne mais bon a...Bref, Et l'Egypte vous y tes alles ?...A +, TChaO

Vivi E           

hello Juli,
dis-moi, les deux barmen + simple ne serait-ce pas Angelo et un beau brun aux yeux d'un bleu lagon, Terri ? Je te l'accorde, certains d'entre eux taient chaud mais il ne faut pas oublier que ce ne sont que des hommes, ayant devant eux des jeunes filles faisant leur possible pour veiller leur libido !!!
Concernant Isral, je n'y ai malheureusement pass qu'une journe car c'tait dans le cadre d'une croisire. Mais, pour le peu que j'ai vu de Jrusalem, j'en suis reste scotche... En fait, nous prfrons partir l'tranger pour nos vacances. Aujourd'hui, le WEB nous donne l'occasion de pouvoir partir loin sans nous ruiner, alors nous en profitons! 2 d'entre nous travaillent dans la pub, une dans l'informatique et moi dans l'univers de la TV. Et toi, vers quoi te destines-tu ? Bon courage !

Andrew P

i am taking my family to spiros 1 apts next month heard roda very good for children (have 2 year old son) but how about apts? anyone been?

Juli J           

Et bien j'ai 21 ans et je suis partie avec 3 personnes ayant 25 ans et ma meilleure amie du mem ge que moi. Vous avez dj voyag beaucoup !! a doit tre plus qu'enrichissant, et Isral dites moi quels souvenirs enfin quelle exprience vous en gard ? Si c pas indiscret que fates vous dans la vie ? Je suis de Lille et tudiante.
Concernant le bar, c'est clair qu'on a hallucin aussi sur les filles mini trs mini jupe dansant sur le bar etc...Mais j'ai eu quand mem l'impression que certains barmans aimaient bien chauffer etc enfin en tout cas qd j suis alle c'tait com a sauf deux d'entres eux qui taient beaucoup plus simples, plus naturels...A quel ge vous a pris votre envie de voyager et quand avez vous pu vraiment concrtiser tout a?
Bon j'arrte l avec mes questions... J'ai la bougeotte j'attend dj les vacances d't avec impatience il faut que je me trouve un bon projet...

Vivi E           

Salut Juli,
Effectivement, nous sommes des parisiennes et nous avons en moyenne 28 ans. Et vous, d'o tes-vous? quel ge avez-vous ? Nous tions installes au Beis Beach Acharavi. Chacune de notre cot et parfois ensemble, nous avons visit pas mal de pays : l'Italie, l'Espagne, l'Ile Maurice et la Runion, les carabes, la Turquie, les Etats-Unis, Isral, Malte ... Attention, nous avons pu faire la plupart de ces voyages grce nos boulots respectifs. C'est l'avantage de bosser dans des boites qui ont un CE actif. Nous voulons aller en Croatie et surtout, nous projetons, cet hivers, de partir ensemble et avec d'autres amis en Guadeloupe. Et vous, part la Grce, o tes-vous alles?
Pour ce qui est d'avoir laiss une bonne image des Franaises, et des jeunes femmes en gnral, effectivement, nous en sommes assez fire! Ils nous disaient qu'il en taient revenu de toutes ces nanas qui s'habillent "raz la ...". Ils nous disaient trouver a plus que vulgaire et, mme s'ils ne le montraient pas, taient trs choqus! C'est pour a que nous avons pu nous lier d'amiti avec eux.
Voil miss ! A ++

Juli J           

Salut !
Ah d'accord, et bien nous on tait en camping (roda beach), et nous avions lou des scooters, mais nous n'avons pas du tout visit, mais je sais que j'y retournerai et je rattraperai tout ce que je n'aurai pas pu voir...Disons que a n'aurait tenu qu' moi c ce qe j'aurai fait.Et vous vous tiez o ? Si g bien compris vous tes de Paris ? Et quel ge avez vous ?C'est cool vous avez donn une trs bonne image des franaises. Vous avez deja beaucoup voyag ? Quel pays vous a plu le plus ?

Vivi E           

hello Juli,
En fait, nous avons rencontr un des barman du Domus dans une boutique de Roda qui nous a invit boire un verre le soir mme. Ca nous a permit de faire connaissance avec les autres. De plus, ayant un look plus "soft" que la plupart des clientes du bar, nous avons pu entretenir une relle relation amicale avec eux. C'est, d'ailleurs, ce qui leur a plu chez nous. Ils nous ont surtout indiqu des endroits o aller et parfois, venaient avec nous car, comme ils travaillent la nuit, ils passent la majeure partie de la journe dormir. C'tait effectivement la premire fois que nous allions Roda et certaines d'entre nous souhaitent y retourner car notre sjour tait trop court pour faire le tour complet de l'ile et l'admirer sa juste valeur. Peut-tre pas ds l'anne prochaine, mais nous y retournerons un jour ! Il y a tellement de pays visiter, ce serait dommage d'aller toujours au mme endroit ! Quoi qu'il en soit, nous gardons contact avec eux. Ils savent que le jour o ils viendront Paris, nous leur servirons de guide comme ils l'ont fait, pour nous, Corfou. Voil, j'espre avoir rpondu tes questions. Qu'as-tu vu de l'ile? Aviez-vous lou une voiture? Des Scooters? Etiez-vous l'hotel? En camping? en appart'?

Juli J           

Salut vivi
Nos rapports avec les barmans n'ont pas t les mmes que vous, j'aurai aim mieux les connatre dans le sens discuter etc mais je ne parle pas assez bien l'anglais pour a et ceux avec qui je suis partis non plus, c'est un regret.Si g bien compris ils vous ont fait visiter ?Comment cela s'est il pass?L'anne dernire je suis alle en Grce et nous avons eu aussi la chance de faire connaissance avec le barman de notre camping, il nous a fait dcouvrir des endroits magnifiques, et a restera pour longtemps je crois les meilleurs vacances que g pass...C'tait la premire fois que vous alliez Roda ? Vous comptez y retourner ?

Vivi E           

salut Juli
je comprend mieux. Quand j'y tais la semaine dernire, il y avait 4 barmans Nikos, George, Terry & Angelo + le boss Vasilis.
Apparemment a bouge pas mal au niveau du personnel. Quand au bar, je n'en pense que du bien. Ils ont tous t extrmement charmant, accueillant, souriant. Ce qui a t plutt rare trouver car les franais ne sont pas trs bien vu l-bas ... Grace eux, nous avons dcouvert la somptuosit de l'ile sous un oeil local plus que Touristique. Nous en gardons plein de magnifique souvenirs ! Quand au Ouzo oui, nous y avons eu droit ... et pas qu'un peu !

Andy H           

A good base to discover the island, lots of bars and restaurants with pool tables to keep kids amused

Juli J           

OH DESOLEE...Petit problme technique...Au moins maintenant ma rponse ne passera pas inaperu...

Juli J           

Salut Vivi
Je parle de plusieurs personnes, quand j'y suis alle dbut aot, il y avait 5 barman : Nick, son pre, Philip, Angelo, et par contre le cinquime je ne connaissais pas son nom.
Tu y es alle quand ? Alors comment as tu trouv ce bar ? C'est vrai qu'il n'y avait pas beaucoup de monde mais c'est le seul endroit o il y avait un minimum d'ambiance, bonne musique, tous les soirs nous y tions...Tu as surement eu le droit ta dose de ouzo!

Lorine L           

Salut VIVI !!
Et bien je parle de plusieurs personnes, quand j'y suis alle, il y avait 5 barman : Nick, Angelo, Philip, le pre de Nick et le cinquime par contre je ne connaissais pas son nom.
Tu y es alle quand ? Alors comment as tu trouv ce bar ? Ambiance mouvemente...Malgr c vrai le peu de monde

Lorine L           

Salut VIVI !!
Et bien je parle de plusieurs personnes, quand j'y suis alle, il y avait 5 barman : Nick, Angelo, Philip, le pre de Nick et le cinquime par contre je ne connaissais pas son nom.
Tu y es alle quand ? Alors comment as tu trouv ce bar ? Ambiance mouvemente...Malgr c vrai le peu de monde

Vivi E           

Bonjour Juli July,
Petite question, lorsque tu cites Nick Angelo Philip, barman au Domus, parles tu d'une seule personne ou de plusieurs travaillant dans le bar ??
Lorque j'y suis alle avec mes amies il n'y avait pas de Philip ??


Steve P           

first time to corfu and loved every minute of it ,the apartment was nice and clean and the people are so freindly,on the first night we looked for our first meal out we came across meraki grill room serving greek and english food popular with the local greeks in the evening which is a good sign even more amazing is it is run by english perfect job they do aswell made our holiday they are so nice and helpful there.
reccomend it to anyone

Andov E           

Domus is a nice place, but the nightlife is not very intresting because no so much people....People prefered to go to Venus Bar or to the Scarabe in Achavari (very near from Roda)...