Accommodation in Kassiopi

Helen K           

kassiopi you cant beat it it is my favourite place i hope to move there some day. As for the tina appartments a have heard bad reviews on them but dont worrie everyone has different views and you wont care about the rooms once you get into the swing of kassiopi

Susan H

I am also going here with my boyfriend in May, is it really as bad as it appears?
Are there local bars and is it far to get to clubs?


Kathryn D           

Apartments were very basic even by Greek standards. Not very clean and urgently needed redecorating. Showers were paticularly unpleasant - more of a drip than a shower, and trying to avoid sticking to the mould ridden shower curtain was part of the daily experience! Our fridge also made the noise of a small plane taking off which did not contribute to a good nights sleep - we turned it off in the end!

John M

We hope to go to the Tina Apartments in Kassiopi in May 2003 any information would help please John in Lincoln