Zeus Studios

Accommodation in Ipsos

Mary L           

i was wonderin if any body could tell me if molly malones was still there the old ruined bar with the old guy thats just stands out side in layers of clothes drinking beer. also has any body visted the greek corner? if so does anybody know how Nikos is the owner of the restuarant?

they r both really close 2 zeus studios

Vicky R           

We have just come back from Zeus last wk and we had the best time ever. The apartments are lovely also kept very clean, the maid came round 4 times. The owners are lovely and spk very good english, their food is good too. Go to the Hairy Lemon for breakfast though, top notch!!! The Old Tree is a must. Wish I was still there!!! and hoping to go back next year. Vicky,Lee,Jo & Lee

Caroline K           

not been yet, a group of 6 girls are going at the same time as you irish lads, give us a shout, p.s, we have a thing for irish lads...

Nicki L           

Me and my mate Tracey went in August last year (04) and we stayed at the Zeus Studios,

The studios are actually ok. The room that we stayed in had the bathroom to the left as you went in the door and a big cupboard on the right then ahead of you we had a sink and a mini cooker thingy with more cupboards ( you get pots and pans and everything like that) then opposite them you got two beds then straight ahead of you is a giant patio door leading out to the balcony.
The rooms are really basic but we didn't need anything extra from them. Everything is in the one room except for the bathroom so it is VERY open plan!!!!
But it was really nice there, we saw the cleaner every 2-3 days and the she tidied the room well (considering some of the mess we left when we went out every day!!!) she even did our dishes for us once!!!
The location of the studios are fab though only a 5 minute walk in high heels to the clubs!!! So they are close enough to stumble home from without getting lost but they are also far away enough so that you don't hear any noise!!!
The only bad thing about the location is that next to the studios is more appartments to the left which are rented by the Italians so preper yourself for hassle from them . Also the villa sofia is right next door on the right!!! Hope this helps you!!! Oh by the way, we enjoyed it so much we're going back on july 4th !!! 

Felicity B

Can somebody please tell what the Zeus Studios are like cos me n my mate sophie are off in August!!! Anybody off around the 8th?

Nicki L           

had a great time there last year (aug 04), good studios, ace location for the bars and food. air con was a bit expensive but you need it!!!!

looking forward to going back this year (jul 4th 05) so look out any irish lads!!!!

Lauren T           

the football pitch n every thin was still ther wen i went over in aug04 x

Lauren L           

hiya me and loads of ma m8s r c*ming to ipsos and stayin in zues can u tel me if ther will be any fit lads that wil b ther and up for a gud time

Nicole B           

hey wots up zeus how ya doin am great just found this site so i thought id pop in an say hello. i had a great time last year and will be bringing all my m8s wit me nxt year coz it da bomb. i just hope u cn manage 2 gt ur cleaner 2 c*m in a bit mre often coz it stank. the only thing rong with greece is the pipe working as u cnt put ur bog roll down the loo so u gotta smell of s**t all day. anyway apart from vat it was fab. the best place to eat is the hairy lemon n the best plces 2go drinkin r aa, shooters, hectors n old tree. u should also try da water park coz that is gud 2 jst watch the  sun coz u dnt realise how hot it is and ya nipples will burn. i just hope wen i get ther it will b as gud as lst tym coz a met loads of pple lyk chinese, irish  and geordi lads. also met a greek lad who is stunning so hopeully ill c him any way gotta go got wrk 2do if i need to be payed cya sune


Tracey M           

Great!! no complaints to make!! we have even requested the same room this year!! bedding was changed every 2 days, the cleaner was fab!

Charlene M           

hiya how ya doin i stayed in zeus studios in august04 it woz brill i had the best tym of ma lyf i enjoyed evry min of it defo returnin this year the bars and restaurantes r fab al at gud prices ther woz a lot of italians bt u got used to them afta a few days or so. the old tree was the bst club eva the tunes r bangin c ya sune **********************************8

Lauren and laura            

i thought it was the best time of my life i wil definitly be returnin i met a realy gud guy i hope 2 c him wen i c*m over he works as a dj in the old tree the apartments were a bit shabby but it was what we were expecting i totally recommend ipsos for a holiday just keep ya hands off ma man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya lots loza

Lauren and laura            

Our holiday was fantastic. We liked the fact that we did not have far to walk after a big night out. The neighbours were lovely. The pool area was delightful, plenty of space for a great tan. Never met the owners but i think they are loners. So you dont really get bothered by them too much. The local restaurants were great. For nightlife we recommend Hectors, The Old Tree and AA.
Thanx for a cool holiday
Laura and Lauren

Becky P           

I got back from ipsos on the 24 july, I really enjoyed it. the apartments are not the best but you get what you pay for, we had no complaints even though the staff were miserable the pool was clean and there were loads of sunbeds. The rooms had everything you needed they were basis though but were clean i was a bit shocked that the room was only cleaned every 4 days and the sheets only changed once in a 2 week stay! It has a good location not too close to the bars to hear the noise but not too far away bout 5 minutes to the main road. The best bars were cheers and cocoon, the hairy lemeon was definately the best place to eat.

Laura M           

Just got back from Zeus on Saturday and I have to say that I was really dreading going to those studios having read some of the reviews on here, but I have to say I was really surprised at what we found. It's obvious that the studios have been refurbished as they are orange out there now and they were pink in our brochure! And also because all the old doors and kitchen units were stacked at the side of our studio (number 35) and you can see the old wooden door frames where the sliding door now exists. The studios are still basic mind, but you do get what you pay for.
I found that the pool was lovely and clean and theres plenty of beds fopr everyone staying and plenty spare too. The pool wasn't that deep at all at the shallow end, all the smaller children that was there when we were could stand up easily there, but the depth readings on the side of the pool at the deeper end can be misleading if you don't see one of the posters explaining that the pool gets deeper in the middle.
The staff weren't all that friendly really. It seemed as if it was too much trouble for them to say good morning and all my party could get was a forced smile. Never mind though, we ahrdly saw them unless we went to buy something from the pool bar. Shame that shut so early too but there is a whole mile of pubs, clubs and tavernas about a 10 minute walk away so there wasn't any trouble there. I'd recommend the Hairy Lemon to anyone as the staff are really friendly and the food is fantastic.
The Studios are cleaned more than once a week, but they weren't cleaned for the first time until after 6 days so the beds were covered in cream etc. and were a bit sticky to sleep in especially as we didn't get the air con. until the second day so they were a bit sticky too. The air con. is a must though, how anyone survived out there without it is beyond me!
I don't think I would recommend the appartments to older couples as it's normally a younger persons choice due to the price and they do tend to make a lot of noise, but it is good for younger people who want a nightlife holiday and it's also good for families with children as the pool keeps them occupied.


the bathroom stank bt it was ok cos u could listen to what other ppl were saying. the pool was nice. air cond is well worth it,basically youget what u pay for. its nice and close to all the bars and also the restaurants, and the beach. roxys restaurant is the best! free sangria! all the FIT PRs live down the road too! oh and the footy picth opposite is useful if u want to see irish legs! where are all the irish men in wales anyhow? i am orhats, the invincible!
ps.did anyone stay in room 4?


A friend and I just got back from Ipsos. It was quieter than we had been expecting but there are some good bars there including, Coccoon, the old tree, Shooters and Cheers, there was also a good restaurant nearby called Pirgis Place. The apartments weren't as bad as we had feared but it was dissapointing that the pool bar closed so early. The family that ran the place didn't seem to like the British too much but were polite enough and if you're female keep an eye out for their son, the best looking Greek i've ever seen. A warning though the family have a young daughter and have never heard a child cry so much.
Ipsos and the Zeus studios are probably more suitable for couples and families but a group of young people can have a good time in the bars and clubs.

Sam L           

well having read everybody elses comments i have to say that we went there dreading it and when we got there we was suprised maybe there has been a drastic makeover to the appartments?? air con for 6 euro for 24 hours well worth it, and i didnt find the staff to bad maybe kepping the noise down pays off. More suited for the older couple or people with children. Would not recomend for the younger groups hoping for a loud boozy holiday music has to be off by 11 and all noise to be kept down to after that time (not that it every was. neways Dirty Nellies was only a 4 min walk down the road so no excusses for not going

Jodie T           

Myself,friend and sister travelled to ipsos, and we were booked in Zeus Studio's we were dreading the studio's cause we heared so many bad comment's when we arrived we were shocked to find the studio's wereant bad at all were we very pleased with them, there were clean and in a good location, the staff wern't friendly but that's probably because we were loud. i wouldn't reccomend these studio's to older couples well i wouldn't reccomend ipsos at all but i would reccomend these studio's to younger people as ipsos is a lively resort. It's a great place to visit.

Abi B           

thank you Betty

Betty R           

The football pitch was there in May 2003 the last time I was there.

Abbi B

i woz wonderin if anyone an tell me if there is still a football pitch and big empty white building oppisite the Zeus? thanx

Sara G           

Have just got back from Ipsos (Monday Last) has a great time - we thought we would be walking into a nightmare situation at the Zeus but were surprised to find it was OK YES the studios were basic, YES the road could be noisy and YES the cleaning could have been more regular and the Linen changed more than once in 14 days but you get what you pay for. we didn't spend that much time in the studio (only for sleeping really) the pool area was lovely (even if the pool bar had shut the week before our arrival). The owners were conpicuious by their total lack of interest (i think we only saw them once maybe twice during our stay) we in fact were the only resdients of the whole complex for the last three days of our holiday.

Garry F           


Vicky H           

Apartments are in a good location, but don't go if you want a laugh. The bar staff are miserable and complain if you jump in the pool and you can't take your own food and drink round the pool. Apartment never got cleaned and the bathroom was minging.

Sharon J           

we stayed at the zeus studios last july .The bedding wasnt changed for 8 days even though we asked on the 5th day for it to be changed.Hot water was also a problem it went from really hot to cold while taking a shower.The safety deposit boxes are in the bar area which closes at around 8.30 . Having been to Greece several times we did expect basic accomadation ,but these studios are the worst we have stayed in .The owners didnt smile once during our stay .Corfu lovely Zeus studios not .

Jodie T

ive just got back from corfu and have booked to go to ipsos and stay at zeus next july. does anyone know if there is a hill to getto the complex and how far it is from dirty nellies pub. thanx.

Gary S           

I went to Zeus Studios, with my girlfriend, on the 11th of July and came home on the 26th, and i must say it was a really enjoyable 2 weeks.
Zeus was well situated, with a 5 min walk to the beach and bars, on the way down to the bars there were many places to eat which we found cheap and of a good quality. the nightlife was very good with good music and cheap drinks, some of the bars were ok for families and older people.
The hotel itself was basic but then if you want a brilliant place to stay you pay higher prices, so all the people slagging it off i suggest you go to a 4-5 star! the rooms had what you needed.....toilet/shower/beds/cutlery/2 hobs/pots pans etc.....air con can be payed for there, 6 euros a day but well worth it. we were facing the road had have nothing to moan about noise, yes the bibbing from mopeds but then thats what you get on holiday.
The pool was very nice, yes it is deep. the pool area was very clean and enough sunbeds to cover everyone.
the staff were friendly if you were friendly to them, so the people moaning were obviously grumpy sods!
the prices were good, about 1.20 euros for a coke, and 1.50 for amstel. the food was very nice.

Overall it was a very good holiday.
if anyone wants any questions answered feel free to email me on hackettown1@aol.com and i'll be happy to help ya out

Chris O           

Location of the appartments was fine.However the noise in the appartments was realy bad, the place is like a base drum, every sound is amplified & at 5 AM thats no joke. If you want any sleep during your hol, dont stay at the Zeus. (14th - 21 July 03)

Brighton G           

In all fairness, come on people!
It wasn't the best apartment I have ever stayed in but what do you expect for the price?! For the type of holiday we went on it was absolutely fine...it had a bed and that is the only time we were in our rooms and unless you stay in your apartment for the whole holiday like a loser, its not that bad!
To be honest though, they could have changed the sheets more often.
Tom Jones is the best rep in Ipsos...hope u can go out on sundays again soon, it was our fault...we dragged you onto the bar to dance with us!
Sorry about the noise to anyone who stayed here from 27th june - 12th july, 12 drunk girlies on one patio can get a bit rowdy!

Kat slater and V           

it wasnt that bad
it was probably us who made all of the noise!
nice ants in the kitchen, kept us company
watch out for the dogs on your patio. sgraggle booty!!!!!!!

Chris O           

We are going to the Zeus appartments next week. Is is really as bad as the latest comments suggest. Please give me info !!!

Dave S

Is it right that these apartments have locally payable air con ??

Rachel L           

When we booked to go to Greece we expected basic but not quite as basic as we got. The beds and towels are changed on day 8 of your holiday. The bathroom stinks and the cooking facilities consist of two small electric ring on top of the fridge. The staff are as miserable as sin, but the bar they run is ok and the food is quite nice. The surrounding area is great, on the road to the main bar stretch there are some good bars and places to eat. The Hairy Lemon is a must.

Kevin D

Zeus studios. 24th may 2003- 30th may 2003 This accommodation was the worst i`ve ever stayed in.No towel change, no lining change, basic kitchen, poor toilet,hose pipe type fitting for shower, complex over run with stinking cats and barkin dogs at nite. Bar was ok but expensive,staff friendly, pool area not suitable for children,very deep shallow end.

Sara G

we are going to the zeus studio's in september (29) there apprears to be a conflicy is the descriptions on this site! are the studios large or small are they clean or dirty will i like them and can you tell me what to expect food and drink wise. is the caramlita bar/ cake shop still there and does anyone know if any tour operator is taking booking for the appollo studios went there a cople of years ago and wanted to drop in and see mikael if he was still the owner !!

Odelle W           

The rooms were larger than average for Greece and were very clean, however it is the start of the season. The pool is reasonabley clean but it would not be suitable for small children as there are no steps and one end is nearly 3 metres deep... None of the studios had cuttlery but I think you could ask for it. The walls of the studios were very thin and you can hear other guests very plainly. The noise during the night was very loud with dogs barking next door all night, and I mean all night. Ipsos itself is quite nice, plenty of bars for the family or for the more lively until 6 am. the tavernas are of a very good standard and eating out was good every night. Aqua land nearby is a must!!

Jackie W           

we stayed at zeus in june 2001 and 2002, we would reccomend it. the night life was brilliant, especially dirty nellies with dirty davo,and big dave( just round the corner). we had clean rooms, the poolside was very clean, staff were very nice( true, they dont smile much though) good holiday, would go again!!

Connie B           

I went to Zeus Studios in June of 2001 in a group of 24 people, including 5 children and 2 teenagers. We thought the apartments were small and basic, but for the price what can you expect? They were clean and had all the basic necessaties needed for a self-catering holiday. The pool area was lovely, and the staff friendly - they let us put our CD's on their stereo at the poolside (although we got told off a couple of times because of the noise from the single 20 year old lads that were with us!). The area was lovely and there are some great bars to choose from, some with entertainment. We are going back in July 2003 - hopefully it will be as good as last time!!

Betty R           

We must have been lucky when we were at Zeus Studios. We found them to be clean and the staff (which are the family) very friendly. Maybe it was because it was the beginning of the season (we usually go away first week in June). We were not disturbed by noise from the road either. We also liked the beach as we are not lovers of sand. We had a young child (6) with us and we found it ideal.

Carly S           

The Area of Ipsos was nice, however donít expect too much in as much as nice shops etc.. Zeus Studio's were disappointing, however it depends on what you are expecting, it is very basic. I travelled with three girls, and the room was simply two beds and a childs camp bed,(the rack)! which we found totally unacceptable, and this was not going to be changed! The area is supposed to be quite lively, I would say it is more for young people than families, however there is a lovely stretch of pebbled beach, with very calm waters. We found the noise to be very bad on a night time, with flowing traffic until 5-even 6am. So perhaps worth shopping around before you go here, I would definitely return to Ipsos but not sure about Zeus Iím afraid.

Jan G

are the apartments clean enough what about the location,is the area safe for young girls?

Jackie M           

The apartments are absolutely shocking. I know that Greece is basic but poverty springs to mind. The pool area is nice and the bar is okay but the staff don't know how to smile. I would definately go back to Ipsos but certainly not stay in the Zeus Apartments. I would rather sleep on the beach.

Kirstie H           

I didn't think much of the studios but the pool and surrounding areas were fantastic. The traffic outside the studios was very noisy at night. I would go back to Ipsos in a minute but definetely not back to the Zeus Studios.