Solomou Apartments

Accommodation in Ipsos

Janice T

Just came back from Solomou Apartments.Anyone going there with olympic holidays be awere the appartments are very remote down a dirt track 1/3 mile from the Yannis hotel, there is a pool but very poor the appartment are basic,loads of space for cloth but no shelfs, no air conditioning plus the shower is very poor.

You can use all the facilitys at the Yannis hotel, but quite exensive,its a lot cheeper in town. There is banks to clown..So if you have walking difficulties it is not for you.

The staff are helpfull & friendly, the rep John is great any thing you need he will try his best to get or arrange it for you  

jan n pete - stockton

Kerryann H           

we stayed at the solomou app' for one week in aug 06, we think the app' were really spacious and well equipped for the money you pay. The beds are abit crap and shower not to gr8 but other than that rooms are nice. the pool area is clean and nice to relax by ,as their is only 8 app' plenty of room and loungers.   The only downfall is the walk into town as it  gets very dark at nite and not many lights around,only takes bout 10mins but a torch is needed.  KEZ,BEV AND LUCY. 

Becci +           

have just come back from the solomou apartments and have to say was worried before we went that it would be a nightmate, however it was excellent. the aprtments are clean and well equipped. they are 2 star so you really do get more than you paid for.

ipsos is the ebst place i have ever been, and it was a top holiday am already going back


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hey yall by the way that is pure s**t the solomou apparments are clean and basic, fair enough the location isn't great but good for the older generation. lovely scenery. i was in greece for two weeks and stayed in the solomou apparments. it is class cause every1 is like 1 big family and u get on with every1 real well, cause there is only like 8 apparments. i am rippen every1 is saying it is s**t, the staff are real friendly and costas is lovely and real helpful. the maids clean sunday,for any1 2 complain abt that is just pure picky and disrespectful. i had a great time on hols and have booked to go bk nxt year on 17th july.

cheers stephan glad u c solomou was good too.  your family was brill on hol, bet they wudnt want u going out with us too much. too much ouzo. lol xxxxx

Robert R           

Thanks for your coments everyone. You assisted me in changing my booking to another resort and accommodation.

Robert L           

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just got back from ipsos

i dont know what the other people expect from  2 star apartments
maids were fantastic service every day
clean and basic
beds are bad maybe could do with gettin better but location was excellent
just right for my family
costas is a cool guy
very fit for an old man
i would defo go back give it a go
dont expect five star accomadation from a two star
i feel i got far more than what i paid
was like havin a villa with friends around
all familys who we met were very friendly
no lager louts
on problem on holiday was the ignorant italians but they cant help it
just the way their culture is . returned home 30.8.2005

Stefan K           

we had a very good holiday apart from the last night when the apartment was ransacked.met some really nice people their. the owner of the hotel and apartments are very good and really friendly

Stefan K           

solomou appartments was a very nice place and though the appartments were very basic they were liveable. i had a great time there n costous the owner was a great chap and very freindly. the pool was not the best in the world but it was nice to relax at as there were not many people there. wat people have said about solomou is bull s**t it is not as bad as people make out it is a lovely place and people need to stop being so picky. i am deffently going bac next year n hope 2 have just as good time as i did this year.    

stefan king  (portsmouth) 


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the reason we loved solomou so much was: 1) taking da p**s out of costa

2) nice appatments & close to town
 & 3) the people there were all lovely!
thats me and the boy nxt door stefan!! lovelylad! (keep in touch) every1 was great there!! 
       stacey watt     n.ireland


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I honestly have to say that solomou is pure brilliant, whatever anyone else says is not true!!! If you want alot of drama........seriously come here!! Then again keep everything valuble in the safety dposit in the hotel if you still want it!! Because Solomou is broken into on  a regular basis. We are jus back from solomou on a 2 week hol and 3 out of 8 appartments were broken into!!! So seriously lock up well and tie ur doors, also good luck gettin sleep the beds are like concrete. so 10/10 if u want a bit of excitment on ur hol!!!!

We'll miss you solomou & Costa!!!    Natasha & Stacey!! N.Ireland.

Mona T           

All the horror stories about Solomou are true. We went there at the end of August for 1 week. There was no way we could stay the night there. Whole of the apartment was disgraceful. Making a complaint and moved to Yannis was the best thing we did. Julie, we were there same time as you, please email me, it will be good to hear from you.

Julie C           

I am going to Solomou Apartments on MOnday for 1 week, I pray they are not as bad as others have said and have improved otherwise myself and my boyfriend will be asking to move considering this has cost us 601 self-catering. Watch this space for when I return...................thats if I do not get eaten alive by cockroaches or worse! :-)

Steve and nicki L           

Just returned from 7th holiday in Corfu. Love Greece! Never expect too much from accomodation. Just as well! This time even expecting little we were hugely disappointed!

Transport from airport - fine until at Yannis Hotel! Then transported in dirtiest, rustiest vehicles we have ever seen! An absolute insult.

Pool - Broken steps, dangerous at least one child injured while we were there! Concrete surround dangerous, uncomfortable.

Apartment - Toilet did not work!!!! Kettle did not work. Cooker fused all electrics. Wardrobe doors fallen off. Plugs in bedrooms didn't work therefore no electric mosi repellent possible.

No-one on-site to help when required. Basically place totally under-invested and a complete dump. After 2 days of trying to grin and bear it had to bail out - senior rep had no argument and offered to move us straight away. Holiday improved from that point on.

Costas (owner) was helpful when there - but there was so much that was wrong it was an impossible task to put it right.

Tony F           

worst place ever and to make it worse the Olympic rep and the staff there were rude, unhelpful and useless.

The Solomou apartments are down a dirt track, 1/2 mile from the hotel and in really shabby condition, showers that don't work, exposed wiring, beds so old they make enough noise to wake you up when you turn over and that's just a start. One former 'inmate' had written inside one of the drawers 'just paid 80 Euros for an upgrade to the Hotel Jason - best money I ever spent as this is worst place in the world'.

That really says it all - if you want my advice DON'T GO THERE!

Mandy W           

the apartments were basic, but in an exellent location ,scenic ,private and quiet they were well cleaned although the beds were very uncomfortable. Ihave recommended the apartments to friends and would definatly stay there again, as a family of four we would rate the solomou exellent

Paul C           

We have just returned form two weeks at the Solomou apartments, and we enjoyed it!! The apartments are basic but easy to keep clean, with tiled floors etc, mattresses were a bit uncomfortable but the benefit of these apartments are that they are in a quiet location away from all the noise, there is a very clean swimming pool which doesnt get overcrowded , and the partments are such that its easy to get to know everybody ...Costa's the owner is very helpful.

We plan to return, best holiday we had in ages!!!!!!

Stacey S

Staying in the Solomou and heard a few horror stories. Not looking forward to going. Is it really that bad?

Dj D           

Yeah very clean and Friendly etc. But nothing special really.

Toasties were good for Brunch! and they put the football on during the world cup! Pool was clean not very big but it was ok to cool down in!

Reception was very helpful because i am alergic to going out without doing my hair! Which was a bit of a pain! But they were really all hours of the night!

The neighbours didn't complain about my meurrring noises either, so anyone who has a similar complaint will not feel unwelcome!

Sally S           

Initially put in the seperate single storey block which was totally unacceptable as damp & dirty - more like a toilet block!!
Moved to main appartments & these were great.
Pool excellent and very quiet location.