Restaurants in Sidari

Billy B          10/10

Excellent food excellent staff great family entertament and good value for money

I loved it !!!!


Gary E           

2 euros for a full english breakfast what do you want?????????

Tracey A           

Well said Chris, i think  you are correct in your assumption of Lorraine.A typical whinging brit!!!!Probably a proffessional moaner!

The prices are very cheap!The staff are very nice and friendly! At least you are not rushed for eating, and you can stay for the great Karaoke and quiz nights.

Chris D           

Lorrain, i think you need to get things a bit more in perspective!! I mean you could have complained directly to the staff, but i bet you did'nt, like a typical english person you decided it would be better to come home a winge about it here!!!
Ok i'll admit the food was only average, but the staff were really friendly, the manager, Mike and his son were also a great help, the rooms were fine and had air conditioning, and to top it all off about half of the people that i spoke to whilst there had been in the Mimosa at least once before. So Lorrain, don't you think you were going a little over the top?

Lorraine M           

Run for your life! We stayed at the mimosa hotel and expected to eat in every night. Ate in twice then anywhere but, for the rest of the holiday. Imagine you worst school dinners, multipy by 10, and its not close to how minging it is!