Restaurants in Sidari

Spiros Vlaseros


Sophie P          10/10

Talk about a 5 star restaurant! Me, my mum. My dad an my brother went to corfu for the 4th time, it was amazin! Blake was very helpful to tell us about how he moved to corfu, what greeks did to punish evil, good places to go an even looked a spittin image off my grandad :). I didnt eat all off the time as I lost my apitite a few days into the holiday but got it back the second week. Did not matter if didnt eat it all as either my brother would finish it or as the prices were cheep for the best food ever we did not need to worry :). I always had curry to eat as it was unbelievably deliciouse! If I was still hungry, then there own made tirimiso was the best ( sorry cant spell very well :-S) defently recommend it to others! Bon apatite! :) x x

Debbie P          10/10

this is probably the best place to eat in sidari!!  we were there for 2 weeks and after finding sailors after about 3 days we spent almost every night there as after tryin other places we realised what i good thng we were on too!  blake, his son and spiros were very friendly and blake even gave us advice as to how to move there when we eventually do. the food is sensational, always melts in the mouth and on our way back from the beach we would always check out the specials for that night so we could plan exactly what we were eating! wish we could have stayed longer and when we go back in july this year we have already decided where the first night will be spent!!  see you soon blake-cant wait to come back from keith, debbie, ryan and sophie x

Eunice F          10/10

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We have just returned on monday after a 2 week stay and we ate at Sailors 3 times, the food is amazing.  This was the tenth time we had been to Sidari and I must say that the mousaka, staifado and sofrito are the best I have eaten in any restaurant.  The warm bread is such a  nice touch to start the meal.  For a starter i love the meatballs and my husband adores the Sailors special sausage.  We will be returning next year and we will definitely be visiting Sailors again.  Many thanks to Spiros, Blake and the gang for making our visit so memorable.

Evelyn M          10/10

Thanks again Spiros for wonderful food all week from 1st June 2009, remember that table has our name on it forever, young Frank very jealous, see you probably next year, maybye with the lads, This year we stayed in Maria apts next to Shooters bar, first class , clean and very friendy, will deffo go back there.Ev

Spiros V


Spiros V

i just want to say a very big thank you to all sailors friends. dont be surprise if you see the restaurant closed this year.from were it was we are only moving 200m ferther up near teresas hotel.thank you again. see you all soon to our new plase.Yes the plase that we are moving to, has got aparts to rent out of tourist againts. contact number mobil 6946516738 or on my email all you need is just book your flight come over how does it sound good in it?????

Malcom C          10/10

  Hello Spiros we found your place late in our holiday last year your food and hospitality was fantastic especially the Kleftic! We stayed at The Champion Bar just across the road You said you might have some appartments to rent we would be very interested could you please make contact as we love your place and Sidari Malcolm

Peter D          10/10

Sailors, we ate there 3 nights out of a seven night stay. We never usually visit a restaurant twice as we like to experience new things and it is easy to just visit the same place over and over, but there may be better out there. There isnít better out there, certainly not in Sidari.

First of all the price, the price is as expected in September 08 you are paying 7-8 euro for a main, this is in line with other restaurants. Wine again is as expected reasonably priced and available in half and full carafs.

Sailors isnít fast food, and it is better for it, do not expect to come in and it be all over in 30 minutes, take your time, drink some wine and be patient, the night will go at the pace that it goes, if you want a quick bland meal, go elsewhere.†

The staff are attentive and you feel welcomed into their restaurant, you will be served by the brother or sister and the standard of service is exemplary from both.

Part of the reason for time it takes to eat is their dishes arenít just knocked together, they are of a very good quality and absolutely delicious, you will not experience food of this standard in Sidari. Cooked I am told by the mother of the waiting staff, itís a family affair.†

In summary I have eaten at a few Greek resorts but the quality of food, service and the night in general are hard to beat, Sailors is perfect. It is located at the far end of town a little past the Alkion Hotel. Prior to eating here I suggest trying one of the bar restaurants in Sidari and then the following night try Sailors, you will see the contrast.

Marie B          10/10

cant say anything bad about sailors best place in sidari for food , yummmy i could just eat it now thinkin about it omg best chicken iv had in my life cooked perfect and salmon owwww yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy makin my mouth water lol  only came back from sidari 1 week ago and just booked again for next year cant wait  so friendly at sailors and made to feel very welcome nicest people i met in sidari , spiros were the 2 who u bought a radio thkyou so much we,ll be bk next year , cant wait to try some more of ur food  take care , cya next year xxx marie xxx

MetaΞa 5          10/10

The waiter/owner(?) is most entertaining and a great showman, but then he has a great product; the food IS excellent.  The dips that came with the bread were really tasty, and the Stifado we had was very good.  If you can make it on a Saturday or Tuesday you may be lucky enough to get the Hog Roast (look for the sign on the pavement), deliciously cooked in herbs that are just right.  This kind of drive and product deserves a regular clientele rather than one that refreshes every 7 or 14 days.  At the western end of the main street, on the left . . . . deserves your patronage.

Darren L          10/10

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well what can we say, he is the best you must try the feta starter yummy. we all send you love sailors and will be back very soon. P S the lamb was so nice it just melted in your mouth,  o yes the pies are masive and the pizza's, well if any one has finished a large one fair play to them. LOVE TO YOU ALL

Angie W          10/10

hi to all at sailors thankyou for a great time and great food which was to die for i also went to kellys ice house and became good friends with kelly spiros and her family but i am very unhappy because i have lost there ad dress please could you get a message to them for me ask them if they could get in touch by letter my name is angie wilding we came in june 08 thankyou

Cath B          10/10

My husband & I ate at saliors 6 times in the 2 weeks we were in Sidari, Spiros (George Michael) his wife, sister and family were so welcoming, I think we tried nearly everything on the menu as well as everything Spiros suggested. All I can say is that it is the best Greek food in Sidari, and thanks Spiros the wine went lovely with my home cooked Greek meal back home here in England.  If you can remeber Spiros form Zafris you would know Spiros who work at the pool and in the Sax bar he now runs his own Ice Cream parlor with his girl friend Kelly called 'Kelly's' this is on the front in Sidari if you walk up the main street of sidari just pass the church take a left and you can't miss them

Kelda G          10/10

For anyone going to Sidari this year, I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. We went to Sidari for three weeks last year and found Sailors on our second week. The food and service was so good that we ate there six times. Spiros and his family are lovely and great hosts, and the food is fantastic. Anyone looking for delicious greek food, give Sailors a try and I guarantee you will go back for more.   

Spiros V

hello my friends its spiros from sailors have to thank all of you for the messeges. hope to see you again on the island for a beer. love to all of you see you soon. hey yannis have you made any wine mine is geting sort bring some in your case

John B          10/10

If you are going to Sidari do visit Spiros and his family at sailors restaurant,we tried all of the Greek dishes
and they were excellent.If you have room left after the main course try the sailor special dessert, be warned
you may need to share with someone as it is big.
To round off the evening  have some of  his Tsipouro to get you rocking.
Thaaanks Spiros and family for you hospitality, we hope to  return  soon.

Deborah T          10/10

Like many other people we were, to say the least, gutted to discover that Spiros had left Zafiris, but like other Spiros (George Michael) fans we managed to track him down to his new restaurant Sailors.

Wow, what a place. We were overwhelmed at the quality of the food, wine and quantities that we received. Having known Spiros for a few years now, I guess we should have expected nothing less. We visited numerous times during our stay in June 2007 and will be returning again June 2008.
If you are going to Sidari and want to sample fine Greek freshly made food, this place is a must. Spiros, Aphrodite, Angelika and his parents too, make everyone feel at home and part of their lovely family. The children were entertained in their own area which is safe, therefore we were able to relax and enjoy our meals and the lovely company of Spiros. 
Counting down the days until we see you all again.
Yamas Spiros
Deb, Chris, Luke and Josh

Gary R          10/10

We went to Sidari in June, had a fantastic time as it was in the 40's and pouring down with rain at home. We are always looking for good restaurants while on holiday and this time we definately found one "The Sailors" Greek Restaurant. It was very clean and tidy and the food was to die for and lots of it. The restuarant owned by Spiros, (what a fantastic guy), his sister Aphrodite ( a wonderful woman) made us so welcome, it was like they had known us for ever.

Are first meet was on the way back from the town, when, yeh you guessed it, it was hot and i was thirsty, the wife said, this looks a nice place lets stop here. Well like i said, it was as if we had known Spiros and Aphrodite all our lives.  We will go back to Sidari, and our first stop will be "The Sailors" to see Spiros and Aphrodite and enjoy another of their tasty meals.
Good luck Spiros with your Restaurant hope to see you again.
   Gary and Shauna xx

Yannis+jackie           10/10

went to sidari again this year and was disappointed to find spiros was no longer at zafiris apt's. but with the help of a little birdie was told he had opened his own restaurant, and what a restaurant it is!! the food was above excellent all my family really enjoyed every mouthful but couldn't manage to finish it all due to the generous size of his portions. i had the kleftiko and it was unbelievable and made the proper way with pastry not the quick way in foil. i would strongly urge anyone who visit's sidari to make this there first port of call as once you've tried here you won't want to eat anywhere else.  

all the best with your restaurant now and in the years to come 
yannis and jackie.

Jackie I          10/10

I have spoken to Spiros on the agni website before I actually met him, such a lovely guy. The food was absolutely divine. I went with friends of mine and his hospitality was second to none. We ate there 3 times and every single meal was delicious. Its always a good sign when you see the locals eating there. The atmosphere was very inviting and he even has a heat lamp so we were very comfortable. I hope he does really well with his restaurant.


Ian C          10/10

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Well, been back from Corfu for 1 whole day now... what can i say, i want to be back there..

I'll cut to the chase, I ate in quite a few places in Sidari but I can honestly say that none can compare with Sailors... If you are after authentic Greek food served in a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere.. this is the place. Spiros and Aphrodite (i'm sorry, i didn't meet the rest of the crew) make you feel like you're a long time friend with a genuine welcome. The food is absolutely fantastic, the bread is out of this world, it's worth a visit just for that
If you are in the 'busy' part of Sidari it's worth the short walk to Sailors, believe me, you won't be disappointed. If you are on the main drag in sidari, as you walk down you will see the 3 little pigs....just keep walking, Sailors is further down on your left... if your up towards the 'Canal' turn right at the 3 little pigs
If you're after some greek dancing and people setting fire to the place...this isn't it.... The food does the dancing, trust me , you will be back for more....

Rachael L          10/10

Having been to Corfu quite a few times and knowing Spiros and Angelika personally we have no doubt that this is the best restaurant in Sidari. He knows his greek food!  We should know, they've both cooked  in my kitchen last year!  Wishing you all every sucess! Love Kev, Rachael & Beth XXXX

Spiros V

thank you all of you for your nice comments about my restaurant.For that, i will do more for you and add more greek dishes on my menu  dishes  that  you  never  had  b4  some of you maight know if you have visit greece 20 years ago.

Sylvia C          10/10

Sailors is a great place to visit. I went there the week before last and food the food,atmosphere and home made red wine wonderful,  Spiros, well what can I say a great host. Will be going again next year!!!!! I had a Garlic bread starter, sofito and a wonderful dessert of pastry filled with banana and strawberries served with ice cream mmmmmmmmmmm!