Bars in Ipsos

Martyn B          10/10

Hi Party People It's Me Dj QUIX AKA Martyn

Gonna add some pix from 2007 ENJOY

Katerina Z

click to enlarge HELLO TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

    SEE U!!!!!!!!!

Katherine H           

Monte Cristo is one of the best places in Ipsos, full to the brim with gorgeous Latino's...

Sharlie P           

Would be a nice club if it werent full on sleezy italians tryin 2 get a feel!


Hi all that remembers me from summers 93-96.hows things,i worked as a rep and pr alcoholics anonymous.please say hi if you know me. tijai-tracey johnson

Sandra B           

click to enlarge

this is the life in ipsos at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kisses from macedonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annabel .           

rele good music. the guyz cud be betta

Jon H           

alright jenny its jon not coming back this year had to sort out a few things in sunny england but might be back next year, glad i didnt come this year heard its a bit dead this year how is it x

Jenny P           

Overall had a great time in Monaco's. Was a really good place to end an evening with, always made me smile. All the staff we really friendly and were more than happy to get us dancing on the bar (in thongs!!)practically every night, so one for the lads I guess!! The foam party was cool, although the amount of broken glass was dodgy and I got a few injuries. Suggest plastics?? The staff dealt really well with the sleazy types, therefore making it a great laugh for all. The photographer also gave us lots of great memories!!

Jenny M           

Hi johnny! ru going back to Ipsos this year?

Claire S           

Hi all

All to the lads at Monaco i would like to say Hi from Ian Rita and myself from The Queen Vic! Take Care and hope to see you all next year. E-mail us if you want at

Fat A           

hi jon, are you looking forward to coming back then and seeing everyone?? you have to get an email address before you go back home so we can keep in touch!! are you bringing shadow back with you? take care x

Jon H           

hi paula its jon nice to hear from you hope youre ok stay intouch via this website and ill leave my email address that i will set up back home as soon as its sorted ok!x hi chunks hope you r ok, hows uni tash. and hello fat a**e how r u!x also not 4getn kate and co hope you all r ok and im lookn forward to going out 4 that drink c u soon!xx

Vikki H           

Missing you lots jon. Went out for my birthday, missed u being there but u can make up for it when u get back. Hope u r still enjoying youself and cant wait to see u. Shanise and Leah said to say hi.

Paula Z           

Jon, lost your little piece of paper on the way to the airport (after
dancing on the wall last friday night.) How do i get hold of you
without writing on this very cheesy comment page? Paula x

Anna S           

Hey guys! Have found this page and really get astonished, how many people know the monaco club.

First of all I like to thank Costa, Jon and Nicholas(?) for the free drinks and the good time I shared with you. The foam parties were the best I ever went on. All my pics will remember me at the cool hours there with you. :o)

Well, the italians were enough and thanx for saving me!!

Maybe you can visit Malia/Crete, there you will have your Monaco in every street.

So take care, greetz from Claudia, Ina and Mary 2

Lots of hugs


hey jon, thats ok. nah not bored, just like looking wot people write. hope you're ok. i'll tell her to write here when i speak to her next. she says hi anyway im sure. not got her photos back yet n i know theres one of you. it better be good. take care babe. speak to u soon. xx

Tash L           

The only reason i went in here was to see Jon at the end of the night! However, Costa (owner) was really nice and thanx for the free photos! The Foam parties were cool and we had such a laugh. When i went on hol the italians weren't too bad so i think we went at the right time. By the way Jon! You know your Monacos stamper! I've got it. You thought Lucy or Laura had it! I've got it! Don't be mad, its a souveir! Reminds me of you! Love ya babes! Tash xxxx

Alicia E           

Jon if there was a better ratio at Monaco's than 10 italians to every 1 english person then Monaco's would get good stuff said bout it, but you just didn't feel safe with all them creepy italians! Seeing your smily face was bout the only good thing bout it!!! So when are you comin home? Im off to uni this sunday, but when im home you'll have to come and give Manchester a visit - and see me and Bekki!!!
Take care and enjoy your last couple of weeks in Ipsos! luv Al and Becs x x x

Jon H           

Thanks for the lovely comment chunks youre must get bored at work or something hope you ok speak 2 u soon babe how come youre mate never says hello tell her i aint happy! xx

Claire M           

Ohh IS this ITALY????oops forgot i was in corfu there for a minute!!that is in Greece yeah??Hey to gemma and of course to george and lefterras who were the old bar men best in the world if your reading hello!!


hey no1 has written on here for a while so i though i would. proper club with proper stamps (and of course proper fit jon). makes u feel special when u get a "Monocos" stamp... i didnt get many :( just kiddin. thanks jon and mike! xx

Jon H           

Hi Sytske and Tineke lovely to hear from u it cant be that bad there just go to a cafe and ull be ok!! stay intouch and by the way fukfordomma!! i know the spelling aint right but you will know wat i meen speak to u soon take care ! xxx


Hi everybody at monaco! I'm back in Holland again and I so hate it here! really want to go back! Next year tineke and me will dance around the pole and Jon has to protect us!haha:) DJ Martin, thanx for the great music,less foam next time though!! hope you'll mail me the picture you took of us. Maybe I'll meet you in Amsterdam one day when you're spinning there:) And Jon come to Amsterdam as well, I promise I'll be nice to you:) Have a great time on corfu guys. bye! liefs Sytske

Amy T           

by the way if you havent workd out who fuzzy bigg is its mike only a big headed t**t would write stuff about himself. jon missn you loads we would of come in 4 a drink more often but mike put us of take care xx