Bars in Ipsos


io sono italiano ed ero probabilmente l'unico italiano in tutto lo shooters bar... chi Ŕ venuto a settembre a corfu dall'1 all'8 ed Ŕ passato dallo shooters si ricorderÓ sicuramente di un pazzo scatenato che ballava col clown di fronte al dj con gli occhiali della dior... bene, quel pazzo sono io... un saluto alla simpaticissima e bellissima barista bionda dello shooters

Claudia S          10/10

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now now leanne...u sure nigel didnt have anything to do with it??? his white bum always went up and down on the beach lol...had the time of my life in ipsos and missin little gareth u can see a pic i took of him on when we headed out after he finished his shift at shooters...and may i add...this is not his hat, cos this boyhas taste and god can he dance...and the rest lol   missin you gar...i'll txt ya when ya back home in lovely ireland xxx

Leanne M          10/10

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hiya!!! a just wanna say how much a loved it at ipsos, and am absolutely gutted to be back home :( but with a bit of luck a whole group of us might be comin back in august for just a weekend! (propa p**s up) haha! shooters was definately the best bar (nigel has nothin to do with this...) haha!!! heres me email for anyone who wants it keep in touch luv yas xxxxx

Julia C           

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hello there just thote id say a quick hello to everone on this website and everyone reading!! we went to ipsos last year and had the time of our lives me and my babe kim!! shooters was amazing it was defo one of the best bars along with hectors till 6 every morning yay!!! we enjoyed the place that much we r returning this year on the 5th july but there are 12 of us returning this time all girls and all the prowl so if u guys are looking for a good holiday then book round then haha!!! t=loved shooters it was great cnt wait to get bk!!! we loved ipsos anyone who has not been i strongly suggest you do!! you will not regret it and you have an awesome time x x x x x  the pic is just a quick veiw of half of us returning so watch out for us!!!!!!!!!

Paul B           

 pebbles u sexy ikkle horny love making machine love ya baby xxxxxxx

Martin A           

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One of our best nights. Me, Deko and two angels from Serbia.

Chelsey B           

shooters is a great bar the highlilght of it is the gawjus nigal that apparantly works there but alls he does is stand out side and flirts wiv the girls! and then gets dressed up as jesus or " a bishop! haha keep in touch nigal! all my love Chelsey frm Liverpool xx

Martin A           

Just a small reply to George Adcock....the song was Serbian cadidate for Eurosong 2006 and it was "Crazy Summer Dance"....Paris, London, Lisabon...  What about Rome Le Roma  Wonderful time mate.

I personally hate this kind of serbian half folk half modern music, but this time i let it go...
... and btw is this the only forum where people talk of Ipsos night life? Cause i hate the look of it, i may open a new one if anyone's interested?

Martin A           

Hey Everyone!

I got back from Ipsos two days ago and i'm depressed now! :(
It was a fantastic hollyday for me and Shooters was the best party in years for me!
Cheers to anyone involved in the party, especially crazy Nigel!
Once more....sorry to Milan for causing problems and breaking glasses! :)
Huge regards from Martin from Macedonia!

George A           

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Shooters u were the don bar in the whole of Ipsos without u lot our holz wouldn't of been ne where near as gd.  Huge respect has 2 given 2 Nigel and Emu for just being the most pissed people on the planet click to enlargeand a great laff.  All the other pr's were awesum 2 and gd luck with the rest of the summer hopefully c u der next yr.  wot was the name of the crazy slovenian song u lot played everynight  ...."crazy song and dance" one???? 

click to enlargecheers 4 an awesome time  

Tom S           

click to enlarge   click to enlarge  this is tom, jimmy, george matt and ewan.......ur reglulars from last week, jus saying thankyou for last weclick to enlargeek. got sum pics of u lot.

email addresses
ewan =
george =
tom =
matt =
jimmy =

Josie E           

Hello to everyone in Shooters, which is by far the best bar in Ipsos (along with Dirty Nellies!) Moyra, Ally and Michelle you are all fab, and was so nice to meet you all.Gutted I'm home now, would have loved to have stayed for longer.

Anyone going to Ipsos - you will have a brilliant time, its fab! Be ready for staying up partying in Hectors till 6am!!!!!




Chelsea S           

hey there every one, i cant believe i didnt make it out there in time, i saw a message from kevin and sarah is that the kevin and sarah from pimlico if it is give me a call. im gonna pop over there just for a few days! how are you nigel my little irish nutter, miss you loads it wont be the same for you with out me! ay way how many girls have you got hold of in the toilet yet?????

any way shooters is by far the best bar on the strip! hop you all have a great time! oh yeah can some one please go and tell rick in cocoons that i say hi, and that i love him loads and that he needs to call me on my new number!  07933082702! miss every one see you soon! xx


Hi John & Nigel, missing you loads now that we're back in sunny Scotland (lol), trying to get back out before the end of the season so hopefully you'll still be there. Had a ball when we were in Ipsos. Nigel keep in touch take care.

Lots of love
Jennie, Amy & Rachel
xxxx xxxx xxxx


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hey shooters crew how ya all doin??? im back in gud old s**tty newcastle!! hw ya all doin?? flight wz mint gt a great seat by da exit so gt loads of leg room lol (little things dat count) but wen i gt off da plane it was f**kin 8degrees lol anyway say hello 2 every1 4 me miss u all soooooooooo much tlk 2 ya l8r c ya nxt year xxx

Kevin O           

hello nigel, john and crew its kevin. meself and sarah got home fine but i want to come back out there to you mad b*****ds. nigel email me at miss you all and will def be back next year.

Naomi H           

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Hi  Sweetie,
How did your first nite at work go?
When will you have your greek mobile number to send to me :-(  .......?
Just 3 1/2 weeks till Kelly, Faye and i come out.
What have you got planned for saturday, im thinking Privalage ?
Kelly and Faye say hello and are looking 4ward 2 being there again.
I am so pleased to have worked there last summer (in the Old Tree) as i met so many lovely people, had an excellent time, great food, lots of sunbathing and spent loads of time on the crystal clear blue waters going for numerous boat trips.
Take Care, try not to have to much fun....and c u soon.
Many Kisses

Chelsea S           

Nigel, missed your call AGAIN today! Try letting it ring for a while, I called it back and some guy called Brenden picked up, I just said I had the wrong number, I didn't wanna get you into trouble in case it was work! I text titch, to tell you to call me back, so hurry up about it o.k............! Speak to you soon baby! loads a love chelsea xXx

Chelsea S           

Thats o.k, not the end of the world! i forgive you......... any way how are ya? how's Emma doing?  say hello to her for me please......... x

Nigel C           

whats da crack. yall got [nigeld] ha ha ha ha  .that was hilarious . when u starting new job cathaki.

not long 2 go now .ye coming out 4 a holiday this year .getting my eyes done monday . finally .
does this mean shooters is the bar in ipsos wit the best pr's .isn't that right paris. cause everyones chattin on it .

Chelsea S           

Cathy! I did not take your bag, and dress as you so put it! the last night I saw you I was in Ricks car, going up to the appartment to pack my stuff, he helped me! so I think you will find Rick is the one who packed it! you should know me better than that!Thats why we dont let men do any thing which requires a skill! If I had taken your stuff do you really think I would have been trying to contact you and miss Emma G when I got home? Not only that, i just wouldnt do it! 

Nigel, got your voice mail today, i called the number back, think it may have been your ork, sorry if i got ya into trouble! whats wrong woth your phone? I 'll text titch a new number for you to contact me on........
any way, see you real soon baby! xXx

Chelsea S           

 well done nigel, you little s**t! still it made me laugh.........! hope your o.k, i cant wait to see ya! love ya loads you nutty lil irish man! xxx

Nigel C           

whats da crack . so yere not coming out 4 the summer then kate . got a good job myself

and there going 2 hold on 2 my job till i get back . c ye in france in a few weeks . lookin 4ward
to it. cathaki  what u mean calling me mangina .sounds like a check girl r something .r u working in shooters this year paris . c ye all over there

Chelsea S           

well hey there every one, big congrats to cathy and titch, well done! and nigel what is going on, we keep missing each other! me and you are gonna have to take over this year what with titch not being there, any way, i have had far to much to drink tonight and have made loads of mistakes im sure! really wanna come back over this year but dont wanna be on myn own! so any one who is planing on going back this year let me know! cal me nigel! 07933082702......... i mean it babes, dont be a stranger! and hello to every one i met last year, i had the time of my life! thanx for every one who looked after me on many a drunken night! any way see you all soon! love you all! chelsea! xxxxxxx