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Michael C

Hi lads just arrived in Corfu.... Wondering are ur screening the rugby on Sunday ??????

Steve C

 I want to get in touch with Theo at dirty nellies. could any-one please send me e-mail address or phone number for dirty nellies. Thanks.

Annika S          10/10

Hahahaha!!! Nicky - you are a legend, most amazin singing voice I have ever heard!  Nellies - you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart! Love to Theo, Keith and Irene xxxx

Nikki           10/10

click to enlargeHey everyone just to say i had a fantastic time at dirty nellies best holiday ever dirty nellies is the best bar in ipsos see u again in 2 weeks ciao ciao from nikki :)

Tasha S          10/10

To Theo, Ste, Elaine; Claire, Lisa And The Rest Of The Gang At Dirty Nellies

It's Tasha; One Of The Girls From Wales, Came To Ipsos For Our First Girlie Holiday In July 2OO9, You Guys Made Our Holiday, If It Wasn't For You Guys Then Our Days And Nights On Ipsos Would Be Pretty Rubbish!!

Not Only Did They Serve Us Skittles Till God Knows What Time In The Morning But You Lot Partied With Us Till At Least 7am; Then Going To Get Food With Us HaHa

Thanks To Theo For Letting Us Sing Our Little Welsh Song Even Though None Of You Didnt Understand A Word We Were Saying, And Thanks To Ste For Taking Us On Random Rides On The Moped To See The Ostrichs HaaHaa

I'll Be Back As Soon As I Can ... Promise!!

Miss You Guys

x x x x x x x  x x

Buccino G

HI guys do u remember about me? I think so, say hello to everybody I miss u very much,2009 has been very hard for my work,nothing vacation . we gonna see very soon,I hope greatigs from morocco and italy too   byeeeee

Phil L          10/10

Hi Theo, Stephen and Girls

Just to say thanks for a great time last week - Christina and I both enjoyed the bar and the funSmile
Would recommend your Bar as a real hotspot for night time entertainment!!
Phil and Christina

Muriel C

Hi Theo,Dave
And all the staff at nellies.I worked in nellies back in 1999 for 6 months,i went back on holiday again in 2002.Had a great time,and i loved working in nellies too.Hope to go back again in 2010 and take my daughters with me.cant wait to go.maybe i will meet some of the workers from 1999.

Mikaela A          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargeHalloooooooo aaaaaaaallll the way from Romania!!!!!!!
Dirty Nellies is definetly the best pub we have ever been to!!!!

Bogusia B          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge thank u to all of u guys.missing u all.that was such good fun and i wont never forget.Big thankx  to keef,Theo,Bary and ofcourse Steve XX

David H          10/10

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First time to Corfu a bit bored at night until we found Dirty Nellies, Great atmosphere from Kieth, Theo, Barry & Steven. Great music, Tina turner has been captured on Camcorder watched her twice, George Michael was good the second time (knew how far he would go, so ok with that!) The dream team what fun got it Camcorder can't wait to go again.

Antoinette D          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Dear people, thank you for the good times at Dirty Nellies.

Good luck in the future....maybe till next time Daniel &Antoinette

Jade G          10/10

Hi everyone at Dirty Nellies its Jade and Jane (from middlesbrough :P) just got back from two weeks livin it up...wish we were still there... had a great time...missin you all  Barry, Lisa, Emer, Theo, Keith and Steve xxx   

Heres my email if anyone wants to get in touch ...jadegofton@hotmail.com

Lisa B

hello der from all the cavan gang we all had a savage time an wish we were still given it socks in dirty nellies emer lisa minty ,all of ya were brill ... couldnt believe minty didnt put ymca on the cd he gave us anyways we ll keep in touch and hope 2 see you s all next year by the way it has rained since we got home

Lorraine M          10/10

Hi Emer,Lisa and barry thanks a mill for the craic we had in the nellies on our honeymoon
all the best and take care from lorraine and chris

Barry N          10/10

was in ipsos in August 05 and had a ball, nellies every night with joxer, willy, softlips and jolly.

myself and jolly are headin over next week to tear it up all over again.
nellies here we come

Barry L          10/10

hey guys its barry hope use are all heading back this year dont no were i will be workin this year things are a bit up in the air at the mo so i thought i would leave my comment on this bar site cause it feels like home hi to keith and theo just incase you are reading this see u soon, well guys u no were the craic is at when u land in ipsos  dirty nellies all the way ye ha. x 

Lyn W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hi all ,had a wonderful hoilday in july 2006 ,best bar and great staff ,many thanks to craig,barry ,keith,theo,cant wait to come back this july 2008 ,best hoilday ever ,email me pls lyn.wilson61@ntlworld.com

Mat S

Hi guys!

Just a quick shout to Theo and Keith.  Great to see you (albeit briefly) last July when we popped down from working in Sidari!
How 4 years can fly by eh?
Keep up the good work guys!
All the best
DJ Mat Stevens (Nellies Resident DJ - Summer 2003) & Kayleigh

Jade M          10/10

dirty nellies was the best bar in ipsos the barmaids were dead canny. there was live entertainment every night !!! miss corfu alot does anyone have dee's e-mail address or bebo?? here's mine if anyone wants to get in touch jade_murray@hotmail.co.uk 

Annemarieb B          10/10

A good night best staff in ipsos apart from tiffany's so want 2 come back great night out!!! Also 2 of the best staff are from accy!!! say no more apart from u all made our holiday fab hope to see ya agian soon x

John G

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Again more pics!!!

John G

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More pics guys!!!

John G          10/10

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Hey all

click to enlargeTheo, Keith, Sam, Eilis and Dee
Hope all is well with you guys. Wish I was still out there with you. Miss you loads.
click to enlargeHad such a wicked time with you lot and you looked after us really well. Favourite place to have a drink and do karaoke. Good times.
All the best
John (TW90), Dave (Party Boy) and Richard (Dicky 3)