Pitstop Bar

Bars in Kavos

Sarah N           

the pitstop bar was belta steve, dave and malibu were the boys of cavos funny as f**k u crazy mo f**kers hope to see u next year steve p.s hope u used my dove with great pride smellin like a woman when u went out and hpoe u enjoyed listenin to my usher cd that u robbed when i was greatly distressed in my snatch and run situation in cavos xx

Nicola B           

it was usually dead in here but the drinks were nice and so was the fit pr x x

Daniel H           

heap of s**te!!!!!!!!!!

nobody ever in there, it opened i think once in the week i was there and that was when the bar crawl arrived which in fact was really good. fit gals from all over.

we stayed just by it in kellys and got robbed too, what a load of crap they were aswell.

Ickle P           

its not bad we went a few ttimes good offers

Adam L           

A good little Bar, quite good selection of cocktails.