La Scala

Bars in Kavos

Laura P           

I went out to work in Kavos begining of June after being on holiday with a group of mates in May. Loved it so much i came back and the best bar of all time is La Scala. Jaime Jerry love you to loads you made the last part of my summer the best and im looking forward to working with you again nxt summer Had fun pr ing with dan and jody we had the best time. Was even better when it was just us girls behind the bar harrasing the tourists. This bar is the original coyote ugly we serve the best drinks at a good price and entertain you jut because we wanna make your holiday one to remember.

Girls long live La Scala fight club and ill see you next season. LOVE YA!!!!!!

Michelle R           

this is the best place to start ur night off specially if ur staying in paralea!! jaime is fantastic and pours the best headf**kers in kavos!!!! dj funk is a big womaniser who loved my mate susan and even put a ball and chain on her!!! but he was brill as well even took us into trinity in future and paid for us!!! such a sweetie xxx

Ian J           

gerry and jaime made our honeymoon special with a friendly welcome excellent drinks,atmosphere best bar in kavos by far

Sue W           

LA SCALA, The best cocktails in kavos by far, this place is cool.
This was my fave chillin bar ever!!!!!!!!

Kirsty W           

completely chilled out. low lighting and candles on the tables. comfy chairs and good music.