Stoned Bar

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Mark Chaplin          10/10

hey harry and sarah long time i lost ur address and me and sandra has split up hope to see u very soon and iam on fb under mark chaplin if u can get hold of me hope to speak soon x

Cara W          10/10

Just wanna say stoned bar is gr8 n wud like 2 say hi 2 emiliano the bar man. See u all nxt yr! x x x x

Salv M          8/10

Great place. The 2 pr's working outside to let people in were the nicest people... one of them got stung by mosquitos, so my friend bought some mosquito spray and put it all over her leg. They were both lovely people.

Nic T          10/10

what a place!! me,dave 1,dave 2,sarah and emma loved this bar we used to start in ther bout 11ish and didnt leave till at least 1..david the pr is a laugh a minute and we know he loved the wigan guys and gals lol nicky and harry wer stars,the amount of shots we got of these is untrue! we miss ya all and wer defo back out next year so look out for us.
nic and the wigan guys and gals xx

Jessica P           

loved stoned bar, it was wicked. emiliano, niky, dave were all jokers, it was my birthday while i was out there and they made it so good, nicky me n jazmine would drink peach snaps and tequilas every night. loved it and will def be back! x

Emiliano R           

hi this is emilios or emiliano the bar man of {stoned bar}and i say hi to every one that loves me and i love. my bar is the one and only bar in cavos with friendly staf and good people. so if you want to have a good drink come to stoned bar for a fresh fruit cocktail then come and tell me the diferen of the others bars.....any way soones you walk in you see!!!

Cheryl B           

stoned bar is a great place to start your night. if your going to kavos you must go there.

the bar staff are so friendly, hello to emillios and nigel you both made our holiday. you must also try the fresh fruit cocktails they ae to die for. but be warned once you get in there you wont want to leave.
the music is great and the atmosphere even better and a gorgeous guy behind the bar, wat more can u ask for
see you all in august

Sarah M           

this is the perfect bar to start ure night off with. its fun great music n great ppl. we 1st went in here about 10.00pm n ended up leavin wen it shut at 3.00am thts ow gud it is.

the bar man amelliano is great n knows ow to make fantastic cocktails, we had so much fun with him! hi amelliano if u read this!
also nigel the english guy who wrks in there is great too and really looks after you, if u av any probs hes ther!
seriously if u wana no ow to enjoy a night out u must visit stoned bar, its the place to be
love ya all who work there see you in august 06
love sarah and cheryl

Tara and becky S           

If your going to Kavos then Stoned Bar is a MUST. The great thing about Stoned Bar is that every night we were there we could remember walking into the bar but somehow could never remember walking back out. We went to Kavos in May 2005 and instantly Stoned Bar was our local. Sarah took great care of us and so did her staff. They were all terrific. Our holiday was that memerable that a week after returning home we booked up for this year. We are soooooooo looking forward to it. Sarah's cocktail are lethal but in a good way. Stoned Bar is ESSENTIAL if you want a fantastic holiday.

Sarah- See you soon. Have the drinks on the bar as we'll be thirsty after a long flight from Scotland.
p.s. We have better outfits this year so have another camera ready. Hee! Hee!

Chris S           

anyone who does kavos is seriously missing out if they don't go to see sarah and get themselves a fresh fruit cocktail! yaffot! brilliant bar, good folks and crackin tunrs! go find out for yersells! no cheap spirits and hradf**kers that actually taste good! fish bowls are really second to nonr and actually arrive served in fishbowls! billie says hi! xxx jaffot? yeah, yaffot!

Jonny R           

am just wondering what one of the songs was called. it went here comes the superman, superman, superman. heard it first in stoned then back home in newcastle and am just wondering what the songs called! cheers

Mark L           

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Big Up The Stoned Crew!!!

Jonny R           

2 words - Different Class!! this place was awesome, sold can's of carling for thos who miss home, a wide variety of cocktails, played funky house, played the toon match  and also had the strongest Headf*ckers in Kavos. genuine staff and proper spirits which isn't very common in Kavos! also they remember who you are and don't forget you once you leave, always good to b remembered!

*stace* K           

STONED was THE ABSOLUTE S.H.I.T it was AMAZING and we made it our first stop every of our 14 nights out there! SARAH & JOHNNY were FAB & FRIENDLY and hope we can go back to see them soon! ANYONE who slates STONED needs to Get. A. Grip! haha, this place was   "PYAR MINT"

Chris and billie S           

The best none in Kavos! We love it and the folks who own it are top folk! Great place to meey, unwind or stay for the night...not far from the madding crowd! Hia Jonny (big bro lookalike!) See you all summer this time so no nrrd to drag us in! Hi LaLa! See you soon! Big hugs to Sarah and Harry! XXX

Jonny W           

Jonny & Yvette here
would like to say a big hello to everyone visiting STONED CAFE Bar 2005.
I will be there as usual dragging you in the bar,and get ready for nothing but the best in funky house
see you all soon
have a good one
Jonny & Yvette

Jonny W           


jonny and yvette here... 

Mark L           

This is the GIG!!!! No Mickey Mouse Drinks..... You get what you pay for... The Best!!!! The Friendliest people on the Island Work & Go there..... I Rest my Case!!!!

Natasha L           

lawrence, you are the s**ttest pr i've ever come across, you are rude and ugly and you stink.
jenna wants her belt back you theiving t**t.

Sarah J           

hi this is sarah & harry from stoned cafe !

just found this site!
if u want to email us u can on :
we hope all our customers n joy the vibe !
& hope to see you all again in summer 2005 ?


the stoned crew .................................

Caroline M           

i loved the stoned bar, it was great atmosphere. the pr's where great fun outside the bar. had a great time. made my 2 weeks in kavos a excellent place to be . see ya soon next year. xxx

Craig S

please may I get the website for stoned bar so I can get in touch with Harry and Sarah

Ashleigh C           

The bar was gr8 & the staff were very funny & friendy ( harry & jonny ) the drinks were gr8 & you did not get ripped of at all they are worth every penny!!! hope 2 get bac there soon!!

Andy B           

this bar f**kin rules. this was the only bar where you got the drinks you were promised. the cocktails were expensive but they were worth every euro. the atmosphere was amazing and chilled out. the longer you stayed in, the more free shots you were given. i garrentee this is the best bar in kavos and that everone will enjoy it.

Paul G           

This was my favourite bar by far. the drinks were a little bit more pricey but well worth it, no cheap, watered down drinks. the longer you stay in there the more free shots they gave you. The atmosphere was chilled out and they played good tunes to boot. a must for anyone going to kavos!