Net Bar

Bars in Kavos

Cherie P           

remember the welsh girls. really enjoyed kavos best time of my life so far. shame the girl i went with wernt as much of a party animal as i expected. thats why im back out there in september. Kavos here we come. i hope the pr reads this (he from pontypridd in wales) hi if you read this and if your there in september give me a email from sizzilers as i really enjoyed the food there and he was the real reason i went there to eat.wanted to say goodbye but didnt have time. really reccomend going to sizzelers to eat just up right next to the net bar. the hypnotist also make me cry with laughter. oh my god how funny was he.The net bar was also a good place if you wanted to stay close to the hotels. good to start off a night. anyway got to go kavos a great place prs mad and wild especially pontypridd man (like your tattoos) see you in september staying at the odysseus 4th of sept. see you then.

Craig D           

big up the net grub on the island.kristos/max.if you read this contact me thru this site.if not see you may 2005.i wont forget the book.

Katie B           

This place was below our apartments, the food was amazing and HUGE portions!!! does Greek and English dishes. The two men who work there in the evenings are some of the friendliest people in Kavos. Blummin amazing!!! oh an they show really up to date films throughout the day.


the food in ere is gorgeous!!!!!

really cheap and the lady is really nice

Graham C           

Great Films shown throughout the day and evening - good place for when you require a quiet night. Nice friendly staff

Jason M           

No one's commented on the Net bar?
my God, I'd better put that straight. This is a wicked bar to unwind in during the day, it shows films, serves great food and it has two pool tables to boot!

It's opposite a mad karaoke bar too, this bar is also well worth a visit, but the name escapes me???

Visit the net bar, if you're staying at that end of town, it's a great place place to start your nightly booze-a-thons and it's great to chill out in during the day!!