Empire Club

Bars in Kavos

Noelsie L

Hey guys I was the Dj at empire in 2005 awesome bar glad u enjoyed it.. Get in touch noelie_7@hotmail.co.uk

Aidan M           

 loved the bar stayed there most of the time. would love to go back again

Aidan M

i was in club empire in kavos june 2004. i met the dj and he was selling cd`s are they still selling discs and how can i get them or get in touch with the dj


 fare doos we had some s**ts and giggles in this place.  fab place, really good music, good booze.  dj noel watta guy, was crackin the jokes all night every nite.  slight prob with the loos, dont go in them, 1 loo in the ladies never any loo roll, garante full of smelly sick! recomemnd you hold it in girls.  ! went here every night to start us off !

Lyndsey W           

empire is the best bar in kavos ny far this summer it was really busy the music was excellent and the drinks had good offers to, it was the must be bar after a few drinks everyone was in the party mood everynight, and it got that busy they were people spilling into the street dancing and singing away. the bar staff and pr's are really friendly and both good friends of mine as i was worker out there last summer 04, its been the best so far this summer. so get you a**es down there for some serious bum wiggling x


This is the best bar by far to start in! I have just come back from kavos so thought i'd add my opinions!

The drinks in this bar are anything for 1 Euro, yes 1 Euro!
And next door is Buzz bar where their drinks are only 1 Euro a drink too, they were both trying to compete against each other.
I have to say though it doesn't matter which one you decide to go in as they both play the same music (Lots of 90's old skool, like dreamer, and Rhythm is a dancer!!) FAB!  And they are both rammed full with people!
A really good place to start but around 1am its best to go somewhere else as the music shuts off because the police drive up and down and then park right outside, so it doesn't really get going properly after that.
Any questions just ask!

Hannah S           


D M           

Empire is THE Best Club in Kavos. The music has you dancing all night(until the police roll up) and the drinks are cheap. Best range of music I heard over there and would go back in an instance. Everyone ends up dancing in the street having a ball. x


Excellent music to get u in da mood.  Cheap drinks Voddie Redder Bull 1 Euro.  A few of them and your smashed.  PR Brad a bit squirmy though 


This was the bar to go to to get in the party mood. Plenty of top totty about too.


This was a good place to go when you had had lots to drink, you get good drinks offers and the music is a mixture of dance and r'n'b. we had a laugh here! everyone is just dancing and getting smashed!

Angel W           

This was my favourite bar as it played some of the best tunes if you like RnB and Hip Hop music.

Andy L

in kavos there is a drink called a head f**ker and had 9 to 14 spirits in it, what spirits where they? and what softners were in it??

Chloe C           

j and justin were sexy i agree and i loved working with them both! j is back out there and must get in touch with justin, they both got away with murder, my boss would have killed me if i did half the things they did, s**gging in the toilets etc
was the best summer for me ever and i miss everyone loads, back out for a holiday this year and definatley gonna visit all the old crew in empire,july 5th roll on!

Dave C           

one visited briefly on part of a bar crawl, but was amazing nonetheless. this bar is second only to rocky's and the rolling stone. nice sing along music, everyone gets their vocal chords working and a**es jiggling. definitely worth a look.

Kim R           

Justine and the J the PRs were sexy as and brill lads. Loved it in there had a drink and dance in there or out on the street every night!! great atmosphere and music and lots of eye candy!!! lovin it!!!!


empire is fukin mental the best bar in kavos . me and 8 ov my mates from leeds went 13th june till 27th and we were in their every night who ever were their at that time wud have seen us. the bar is awesome so is the music and sexy laura who works behind the bar. big up to the dj

Nathan L           

This was the best bar n Kavos by a mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the best DJ, DJ Phill c and the best bar staff eva!!!!! especially Alex! the atmosphere was bankging especially when the Crawley boys (us!) were there!

Allison W           

empire bar was 1 the best clubs i went in i went in every night and it was mint.its based in with all the clubs on the strip,the club is good if u like head banging music,but i loved it!

Jenni S           

We went to empire every nite drinks were cheap 4for1 on cocktails and spirits it was always packed you can buy the dj's cd for 5 euros which had loads of good tunes on it...


top class bar s**gged a bird in the dj box starat of the 2003 season got pic the lot earnt me a lot of points

Sarah S           

this bar was amazin!full of sexy fellas and the drinks were reasonably priced!

Shelley R           

Just came back from Kavos - Empire was great - need to get in contact with Chris Manager of PR's!! Very important! Please help!

Lisa K

I would like to get in contact with ian who works there doing pr!

Marco M