JCs Bar

Bars in Kavos

Mandy G

This idiot needs to stop before some young person does not return to their parents, coming home in a body bag.  My son was hospitalised and as I understand it at least one youngster every week has to visit the medical centre after visiting here.  Stop thinking of making money and do the right thing and stop this now!

Joe C          10/10

Great bar! Very freindly people always up for a laugh. I always started my night here and then finished here! if its your birthday they will sort you out big style ! Thanks Chris and the others, from the newcastle crew x 

Kelly E

hi can anybody tell me if dimitrius still works at jcs? i went there in 2000 and spent most of my holiday with him - we had a great laugh, i was drunk most nights though, hard not to be there. am thinking of going back and would love to know if he was still there. p***y song great - forgot until i read all messages!!

Karen T

We went to JC's in 91 & 93 spent every night in there. Can anybody tell us if DANNY is still there serving brain damages & orgasms. Wicked holidays would go back but too old now lol Karen & sarah

Caitlin G          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargehonesltly brillaint bar

dont miss ouuuut :):)

Caitlin G          10/10

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jc's bar is f**king fantastic :)

abserloutly brilliant bar! :)
everyone is soo nice plays ace music :) even when the electricty has gone down and theree two lads playing there guitars by candle light :)
dj madf**ker! is a proper leg end :)
chris is bloody brilliant! (altho he didnt complete is mission by the end of the holiday :)  )
martin! well what can i say woooooow! hehe :)
if ya going to  kavos get to jcs bar :)
and get  tuti fruiti cocktail :)
who knows maybe if im lucky enough when i go out there next summer get a job i mite see u in jcs hehe :)
heres some pics :):) enjoy as much i did making em haha :)

Alan M

I used to work for leftheris uncle babis

he is a crazy but cool person to work for and work with
spent 3 years there in his bar propping it up, getting served by Ian Marko And Baz........
anywayz had to leave a post

Courtney D          10/10

Jc's Bar Is Owned By My Uncle Left-Terry AKA Dj Mad Fu***r.. This Is 1 of the two bars that hes owns and it is mental.. its a one man show ft uncle lefty and i cant wate till next year when we come back out and see you all. Hes a legend.. love u left terry keep it up dj mad fu***r..xxx 

Trish S

definately the best bar out there!! loved the pr's, matt is as mad as a box of frogs! superman and jen were lovely too!!

dj mad f**ker....lives up to his name!! brilliant laugh
the bar staff girls were really friendly 2!! miss it bad!!!

Sharon and amanda            

I wasnt sure which bar this was untill i read the comments,,,

The DJ (Madf*cker) really was hilarious!!! every other word was "bloody f*ucking"  he had us in stitches!!!
and YES we was also carried in!!! Amanda wasnt happy about that since she had a mini skirt on and got a firemans lift in to the bar! (Just TRY and get passed this bar!!!) Absolutally lovely PRS and bar staff.

Katie W           

Hey!! Got back from Kavos 3weeks ago, went with my best mate Sarah and were already missing those classic nights out!! Loved Jcís the 3 PRís were all really nice and didn't really give us a chance to get passed them as they had a gd way of getting us in the bar by picking us up lol!! I think it was the welsh PRís last week when we were there erm thanks 4 the drinks n the a gd nite I'll leave it at that!!


Only went there once with our rep when we were on a school night out.  It was ok, but quiet.  The dj is a bit scary too, looks like Jim McDonald from Corrie

Marie M           

went to kavos june 2006 to see my daughter who is working at jc's bar what can i say he is mad not like any other d j there made us laugh every night with his comments marie and helen

Keri K           

Only went in here once which was bcos we were forced to but had quite a good time. Good deals on drinks, buy a cocktail and get a free fish bowl filled with wat u want. Was a good place to start the night. Bit annoying tho cos we had to pass this place to leave or go back to our hotel and the ppl trying to get u into the bars wouldnt stop hasseling us!! Would recommend tho!!

Layla D           

went to jc's on our first night in kavos and got wrecked on orgasms and sex on the beach lol! dj madf**ker is ace and gave me his hat to wear.... lol... would reccomend!! 

Darren A           

went 2 jcs 4 most of my 2 weeks in kavos woz a laugh a minute wiv dj madf**ker that guys crazy. the headf**ker cocktails r pretty lethal. the prs certainly know how 2 get u in here ie kayley the nicest 1everytime i spoke 2 her wv my deep brummie accent she nearly fainted so kayley if  u eva come on here email me treacle lol deadly69@hotmail.co.uk. good bar, the bar crawls always go here so its usually pretty lively. kavos is class definatly shall return 

Andrew B           

jcs was great and always ended up in venue.‚†dj madf**ker is off is head but a‚†decent guy, definatly try‚†the headf**kers, also if your scottish and drink alot you'll probably going to get called scottish b*****ds alot, well we did but it was always in a good way. what ever happens don't get on the bad side of madf**ker due th the fact he owns half of kavos and maybe in fact insane. we enjoyed kavos‚†and thought he was the best holiday draw back being its a bit smelly but was refreshing at times compared to the guy i was sharing a room with.pissed


Joe H           

best bar in kavos. went there june 10th - 18th! great bar staff, excellent pr's!! one hell of a psyco dj (madf**ker) must try the headf**ker cocktail!! wow! plus the dentist chair! omg that is bad!!!


go early on just 4 the dentist chair it gets u f**kin hammered!!

Sarah N           

alrite crew from kavos. frist i would like to say dave was a complete d**k talk about lovin ones self ya nobber. triggs was the boy trig you need to be tellin neil to hit kavos casuse dav was a d**k f**k i cant stress that enough.propper nobber. now me got that of me chest. trig n neil were great in the summer of 2003. kate and yannis were bo to lovin the absenth yannis was i not. the head f**kers were all good on my frist week went there the frist nite we got there and kate got us f**ked on them sum girl. 2004 not a drop went passed my lips a year on still had the after taste nee gud. are they mingin. well i dare say we were the geordie buirls of kavos sarah betty cheryhl and debz. we were lickin every nite bring it on. well anyone who thinks they now us get in touch am hittin kavos in 2005 hope to c sum of yous there. did anyone know loopy and karen loopy worked for the londen bar and he was well loopy. craig david x x x x x lovin al the kavos crew x x x x x x

Shane H           

jc's... didn't go as much as i thought we wud but i have 2 say it is pretty bloody good ther.dj is of he head,didn't really get to know the staff but they seemed ok. if you go jc's u must have the headf**ker.it's the mutts nutts.

Liz C           

worked in jcs from may till august this year! hated leaving! big hello to trigger, roz, carol, ian, stacy, demitries, sophie, yannis, ulie, and lefterry (dj madf**kka)
will b seeing u @ jcs nx year for my job back!

Tess H           

This would good for a start off as the Prs were great too have a laugh with and it was ok music

Harriet, fran, sarah and            

loads of cocktails to choose from, had a head f**ker on the first nite, looks gross but you have gotta try it!

Pamela R           

best pub in kavos, great place to start the night off.