Bars in Kavos

Charlotte A          10/10

jail break is wkd!!!! so much fun!!! u hav 2 run up n down strip hiding frm ya reps, u hav a map u need 2 get signed at each bar but they wont sign it til u buy a drink so ur gettin drunker an drunker each bar u go 2 which makes it harder 2 hide.... then at the end u get a 2hour free bar at venue (if u go wit freestyle) !!!! then u play ldza drinkin games!!

Graeme M           

I thought the jailbreak was amzain! I was in kavos for 2weeks and me and my m8s done it twice. It was tht gd! would def. recommend it to anyone who goes to kavos. The warderns are sneeky at tryin to catch u but we were always one step ahead Then after the jailbreak its off to the "home of the foam"! Really gd night in all!

Jodie S           

Oh my god them tops how bright?! Orange is not really my colour but all for FUN! 

It was a great night back to child hood playing hide and seek for 90mins. Them god damn 2for1 offers they know how to try and get you sozzled! But not this chick! Soft drinks in every bar and i got all signatures and i got caught a few time by the reps thanks to the girls doing some table dancing! It was a great laugh!
Then time to move onto the Foam party for afters at club SEX!! "What happens in the foam stays in the foam" all that happened was i kept falling over bit dangerous but a great laugh the pics prove it!
Well Reps watch out we are back next year for more!!!
  (24th June 2005)

Pete H           

so mad so mad. like bein a kid playin hide and seek. try and get the drinks cheaper. bit of barterin never hurt any1. i got few drinks 1/2 price. the foam party @ the end of the nites pretty mint 2.

Katie T           

This  was ok apart from you must buy a drink in every bar that you need a signature from, which we didn't know untill they told us once we got there, plus it was nearly the end of the holiday so we didn't have much dosh left which was a challenge in its self to get the signatures without getting a drink. Other than that its a good night out - like a giant hid and seek.