42nd Street

Bars in Kavos

Jack P

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Hello Everyone,

     Im looking 2 go over 2 Kavos next year (2010) about the end of May 1st week of June for 5months. Anyone know how i can start looking for a job before i go? search me on facebook Jack Paginton (wales)

Caitlin G          10/10

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Brillaint Bar!

Brill Tunes at al Timess!
Was In this club everynite without a doubt :D:D
Defo get here if you go :D:D

Ziggi S          9/10

42nd street is amazing, brilliant clubs especially rolling stones, its briliant!! if u there you gotta try a fishbowl and a head f**k, they are tasy as anything!

there are some yummy lads there too!! lol and always loads to do. definantly reccomend it to any one who wants a good fun filled holiday!!! xxx
i gotta say hi to billy the barman, we all loved u and thought u were wicked and hopefuly see you next year and remember......"sorry billllyyyyy" hehehe hannah will know what i mean

Jaime S

excellant bar, my best bar out there! the DJ is a good laugh and try their best cocktail, ginger bollox

Tasha L           

42nd street rocks, i use to go their everyday before i went clubbing.

James is the best lookin lad in Kavos, well fit i would recommend goin their just to see him lol, proper eye candy
I wicked bar with rockin unes and mint people
Best drink has to be red vodka slushies, a must if you are goin
Well goin bk their next year to work

Kirsty P           

This bar was wicked, loved it so much. How fit was the PR man James, did u see his tongue???????? Wow! lol! Anyone going Kavos should definately visit this bar, cute bar staff aswell.

Dolly F           

Hey went in this bar the 1st night got free shots of the bar man, i got home yesday i have alcholic poisoning lol i think

Gemma M           

click to enlargeHi to everyone at 42nd street. Just got home and wish i was there with you guys, it was one of the best holidays i have ever had. Just want to say hi to James, the legend that chased me down the road on his bike!! Hopefully looking to come back next year for 6 months to work so hopefully see you all then. Keep the good work up!

Terri W           

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its was ok..good craic wit the reps tho..was 2drunk to reali remember wat the music n dat was like..musta been good cus we went bak 2 it a few times..kavos is def a good place 2 go,pic of me n sarah in 42nd street.and a pic of me n her and 2 fellas we met over there in rockys bar

Kirstie S           

great bar, fantastic music and as with all the other bars great prices on drinks helps that the barmen are fit too!!!!!!

Dolly F           

hey ya 4 girls off to kavos 20th of August 3 blondes and a brunnette mwah x

Lez D           

hello 9 pompey boyz on our way to kavos on the 21st july!!!! see u all out there hahahahahaha

Geordie M           

me and our lass is goin out on the 20th june u's there lads

Jonny A           

Anybody goin to kavos 22nd may 2006, 2 lads are goin for a SCREEM,


Charlotte B           

Great time in this bar for my 19th birthday last yr, good memories, plenty of good lukin lads to carry me back to my hotel when had to much to drink again( thanx james) Mite c u this yr depending if me and my m8s go.Thanx 4 da gud times james. Stay in touch or email me at charlottebuckle@hotmail.com thanx luv Charlotte.

Linz J           

Hi James, was Summer '05 your first in Kavos?

James M           

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Hi, my names James ( J, Jay, James ) i wokred at 42nd street in the summer '05 & is goin back summer of'06.. cant wait... absolutely love Kavos... cant wait to go back... Thank you to the people who remember me.. ur all legends!! hope to see u again soon.. J

Sophie N           

the is the best place 2 start the night off, we went with a large group lst year and every1 alwasy gets seperated after 42nd!!but they do fish bowls which are fun 2 sharexx

Karen G           

it was the best place to start off the nite the pr's were real nice hello to u all john jay n paul dj dale was nice always played wat we wanted ie man in the mirror


Yeh good club Quite busy !!!

Leanne A           

I never noticed a smell when i was out here this year! but like 1st thing on a morning it does a little! but not for long! just in the street! nothing to worry about! didnt bother us one bit!

42nd strret was good... only went in once tho! was a shame sister kept draggin me to venue! also good place to be!

Gemma S           

me and my mate got back from kavos 24th june 2005, had an excellent time.42nd street is great bar, plays good music, lively atmosphere.enjoyed it the most on the club freestyle jailbreak, bar crawl night, which was class, which was basicly a huge game of hide n seek so hiding out upstairs in 42nd street was memorable.can i just say that james the p.r who was there at the time is flipping gorgeous, no wonder we wanted to go in everynight, he is lush.x

Donna S           

  hi me and a friend are going to Kavos on 15th august 2005 and we love RnB music does any one know if there are any good RnB clubs if any at all? and is it true that Kavos smells? desperate to know? lol

Charlotte W           

Loved 42nd Street, Dave the DJ was great, the staff got to know us well, the drinks were cheap but not minging. Was the best bar in Kavos, am going again next year! 

Samantha P           

brill always got draged in there but good 4 a drink b4 heading to the next 1 .20th june 05