Splash Bar

Bars in Kavos

Abby W           

Splash bar was wicked only due to the lively lads that were Pr' ing. JOE, BEN AND GEORGE! SHAUN, TONY, WAYNE.. NOT SURE IF THEY WERE PR' ING. They were so funny even if they chucked me in the pool twice and Joe poured water all over my head. Ur wicked lads. Rock on!! x xx Love Abby and Danielle. x

Give us a bell sometime: abbydabbywoo@hotmail.com

Ben M           

thanks to all the peeeps who liked Splash, make sure u get back out there in 2006!!!!!!!

BigBen Splash PR!!!

Laura H           

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This was THE bar to start your night! You would always find the essex bratz there! Started my birthday night there! What a night it was!!! Nikos was the best as were George, Joe and Ben! so glad you guys are back!


Charlie D           

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This is 6 of us with the boys outside Splash! Had loads of photos taken out the front! We miss you boys come home soon!! xx

Charlie D           

Splash Bar is quality!! I may be a bit bias as the 3 PRs (Dirty Joe, George and Ben) are my mates from back home but even so it's great!! Nik the owner is cool and Tango the DJ plays the best tunes (you know it's about number 7 on the Mariah albulm) ha ha ha!! Defo comin back next year cos I'm missin Kavos (especially splash) like mad!! The Essex Girls xx Charlie Jess Julie Laura Sam Kayleigh Emma Amanda Hollie Jo and Marie xx

Nicola S           

This bar plays da best tunes eva! Da Pr's are fab 2, Jo, George, an Ben u cheeky lot!  hopefully c u nxt year! lots a love Nic & Jem (aug 2005) x x x x x x


This was my 1st bar 2 drink in and my last bar! It was a lauf! the 3 Pr's were quality and the sexy bar man with his eyebrow pierced mad it even better! Good deals 4 drink tooo!

Lauren M           

click to enlargehey, me n my m8 went to this place alot, we tout it was absoloutely f***ing brill lyk! lol 

Jodie S           

Well had to stop by Splash as i know Nikos who works there! Thanks for the cheap drinks and that shot of Ouzo well that started me on a great night out!!!!

(24th June 2005)

Gordon K           

Me and 8 of my mates are going to kavos on June 13th to Chandris apartments!!Anybody goin there , been, or know anybody thats going???Whats the best club or bar for good dance tunes??

George H           

Every nite started in Splash. we've got great memories of Ross and George and Ross' bird.( . )( . )...its a fab place to start the nite, then the checkers girls come in and make the nite that much better.GREAT SNAKEBITE. and Freckle Eye Joe weren't that bad either...casnt wait til the summer daddy's just bought an appartment...Wooooooo.cool

Lorraine T           

Loved it! and loved Ross!altho i did stand him up a few times during the week! soz Ross!
Il def b bk next year,Hastings is no match 4 kavos!!!!!!

Rachael R           

Ross and Shorty we love ya hope to see yas again next year guna miss the break dancin in rollin stone have to get peeved wit ya some time haha loadza love Rache Carly and Kay

Alexandra C

trying to contact the owner of this bar Nikos Pandis with regards to his daughter if anyone might have any info or you are reading this yourself please get into contact via this sight.

Jo K           

We started off every night by goin to Splash Bar cause the music was perfect for gettin the night started. The drinks all have special offers on them and the bar has a really good atmosphere to it! Definately worth goin to!

Lucy S           

This place woz wicked! If ur into R&B music, which we really are, then this is definately the place yo go! It just played tune after tune, and we would have stayed in there all night if we hadn't have felt we'd be missing out on the millions of other things going on in Kavos! Decoration woz good, and drinks seemed to be more reasonably priced than everwhere else-I loved it!