Roadblock Bar

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Salv M          9/10

Woo Roadblock!!! What a great bar!!!!

Charly Q          10/10



Joanne T          10/10

roadblock is awesome!! always started off the night here, 3 drinks for the price of 1 and if ur lucky a few shots and champagne! would recommend a headf**ker for those who want to be legless!

look out for sanj the pr, he is the s**t! make him give u free champange!

Faye P           

Hey.... Any1 that goes Kavos has 2 go 2 Roadblock! Its the best! 15 girls from manchester, some ov us shy n they managed 2 get us all on the bar, even the shy 1's so that proves its a mint place! The pr's n the DJ's r top n pretty fit also! So if any of ur goin soon, tell them the Manchester lot say bonjour n hope their missin us!! (and sorry 4 all the injuries from the pool) they'l no what we mean! Neway, c ya! Faye x x

Rock C           

Roadblock has to be THE best bar in Kavos. Went in every night. The DJ is a legend plays all the best tunes and anythin else u want if hes got it (hes well fit aswell!!). The 2 barmen are lovely always let u dance on the bar and set the bottom of the pole alight while ur dancin on it!!! Wicked bar - guarentee u'll wanna go there everynight, but watch out for the little blonde Welsh pr outside hes an absolute nutter (not in a gud way!)!!!

Ahhh wish I was still there
We love u roadblock (and the sexy DJ!!!!!)

Lez D           

lol, what a bar. i thin k this is the bar me and my 9 mates went in and they set fire to the podium while my mate did handstands and backflips around the podium, f**kin amazin and all this while the dj played let me clear my throat..................... f**kin quality
  the pompey boys

Selena A           

This place has just been re-done and just re-opened last week - Its a fantastic Bar the blokes behind the bar gave you free drinks if you got up on the podiums and pole-danced for them!!!

Its worth going in for afew.
Selena xx

Kylie N           

pr i think shes called rach is crazy she picked my mate up {16 stone male} and carried him into the bar as if he was a mere child!!!!!

she was never shy of showing her sumwhat in your face chest!!!! very game bird and up 4 a laugh she is the def of this bar!!!{cheap and cheerful}
xxxxxxsee you nxt yr xxx

Charlotte B           

Hi ya  i would recommend this bar to any1 who is going i got bk 2 wks ago, has anybody got lee the prs phone number cos i lost it when he gave ot 2 me.He is well fit. thanx if anyone has it could you e-mail it to me at he knows who i am. thanx luv CharliexXx


Hiya Does anyone know the address for the roadblock or tel number if there is one? Even the number for Lee the pr? Cheers katie



Just got back form Kavos yesterday!  Had a brilliant time, bit of a regular in here!  Lee is well fit n he knows it!  Anyone got a number or anything for him?  Would like to keep in touch?  If anyone knows of him get in touch!  Would recommend this bar to everyone!
Katie! xxx

Laura P           


was in kavos 6th july to the 21st.

had a fantastic time!! was a bit of a reqular here!

any ladies heading out here you have to find a bloke called lee who works there!! he is v fit but has a huge head! lol his mate kevs a bit of alright to!!

if youve come accross either of them let me know! they seem to get aroyund a bit so im sure some one out there knows em!!!!

by the way did any one else that went to kavos notice the constant smell of s**t?

laura xxx

Jimmy W           

Worth a visit while passing down the strip, small bar with 2 poles and a talanted m.c who works well with the d.j, plenty of fit birds.

Terri O           

wot a mint place, me n my 4 m8s went last week. the p,rs r ace, me made gd m8s wit em n the came round our pool, miss em like crazy. espesh the new super hero frog man! lol if he reads dis he wil kno wot i mean. see ya wen u go on ya roadtrip, n c*m 2 to blackpool. goen to kavos nxt yr 4 2 months cnt wait. highly recomend this bar!!


Just got back yesterday! like to say that the welsh lads av gone! James left on monday he's gone home! Mc is fit as n day r all quality blokes. Ended up in this bar every nite for about a week n a half. Went out wit all d pr's n dj n dat afterwards quite alot. Nice bunch of blokes they all made me cry wen i left gona miss them all they really made my holiday!


without fail me n the girls ended up in ere, evry nite. the drinks were 241 n we even went pole dancin (if your up there 4 a while they'll set da bottom of the podiumon on fire 4 u). but the best thing about this bar is the fit welsh prs, especially lee, who my mate managed 2 pull (b***h)

Charlotte B

I would like to say hi 2 James!my PR guy from my holiday!Thanx 2 im i had a gr8 holiday and 18th!If any1 has his number wud b gr8!N a big hi to Kev,Lee and Jon and Chris da other PRS

Bee S           

was in this bar alot! and the pr lee! gorge tee hee

Slut F           

the s**ts from essex fink that roadblock should invest in a new pole dancer as the current one, lucy from newcastle a.k.a. man is absolutely s**t and just does the same move over and over again, we could have done a much better job then that so contact us on this webpage if u r interested

Becca M           

we went kavos in 2003 is was great!!!

the pr webby baby had the biggest willy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenners C           

music was quality, went in there everynite. we was the manchester ladies. the best nite was wen pure evil set his d**k on fire. luved dancing on the podium with the sparklers. the only thing is dj simon sez played the same songs three times an hour. the guy needs to buy a new cd. the champagne was free which was quality and all cocktails were 241.

Lianne B           

We were in there everynight, don't know whether you were there from the 19th May to 3rd June 2003, but thats when we went and we were "THE CHESHIRE GIRLS". didn't get cheshire people there that much, on our last day there they even give us a special announcment saying they were going to miss us, and we had made there bar have loads off good nights wheb we were there, it was quite quiet when we were there and we made it a hell of a lot louder, the manager personally took us a side and so did one of the girl PR's. The girl was lovely and was gutted we were going. She was a lovely girl very friendly and good PR. Lovely place to go never get anywhere as friendly in Kavos. Disappointed when our fave DJ got sacked whilst we were there Phatt Phil, but the new one was good aswel.
We got greated by the manager every night or if he missed us coming in he would make sure he came over. The bar men were brilliant, they made me get up on there bar everynight without fail. And they gave me loads of shots and free drinks. Pulled them both, most nights. Alister, (the one that juggles the bottles) was the bar man i met many years ago when i was 6yrs old in Crete (Shocked), and i had i huge crush on him then, so it was only right that i pulled him. And then i had a good dance with them nin Future. They made me laugh in there, they danced all night.
That is the place that i miss most about Kavos. We were made so welcomed everytime we went in and we were so upset when leaving. Best bar ever!!

Katie R           

one of the best bars to start your night off!! i was on holiday with the brighton ladies before i stated to wrok in kavos, and went here very night!! the dj is a legend, a good laugh and plays good music!! there are some little podiums to dance on, and dancing on the bar is allowed!!
hi to the two best barmen in kavos, i didn't realised you nicked my camera to take photos of yourselves!! miss you guys!!
hi to leo the owner, thankls for letting me work at your restaurant and then firing me!!! will be back next year though, i am not easy to get rid of!! thanks for the cheap drinks as well!! jo syas hi!! x

Becky R           

this was a great place to go, lovely cocktails. The bar man gregory was also really nice but gave my sister a nipple twist!!!!(very nice!!) dj is excellent and this is a place u have 2 visit although its no where near as good as atlantis but ni where is!!!!!!

Renberg 3           

i would go here its good the dj good and hiis smart mc