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Becca Summers

Hi ! Myself and a friend are looking for a job for this summers seaon'13 and I'd love to be involved with this bar! Would anyone be able to help us out with this please? Thankks :)! My Facebook :

Jenna D          10/10

Absolutely the best bar in Kavos...had the best PR's...i.e ME! ha. Loved working here, i only stayed in Kavos to work for Rocky and i loved every minute of it! Cant wait til next year to go back again!

Met the best people out there...especially my favourite tourist Jay Berry  definetly the best thing to come out of Kavos '08 xx

Jay B          10/10

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got back this morning spent the start of everynight in here 8euros free bar loving the tuti fruitys and sex on the beach, the vodka jellys were ace! miss this place so much especially the number one white swan p.r jenna with the sexy voice, miss you loads babe!

 wanna be back there now, deffo gonna go back next year and try get a job in this bar!! if you see this message rocky e-mail me at and give me a job please please x

Leigh M          10/10

fukin best bar ever with the best bangin tunes eva crnt wait to come

back next year ..s**ggin!!  love from all the welsh boys
 morgan , johnson , talbot , micky , dinji , bakers ullah and wacko !!!!

Caitlin G          10/10

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fantastic bar!

was brilliant! best pr's and best bar man, gives you free shots :) and one of them gives the best massages going there fantastic :p
amazing bar! had many a dances on the poles!
and when they set the bar on fire with sambucca its f**king greeeat!
love iiiiit :d:d:d:d:d

Trish S          10/10

what a fookin amazing place!!! many a good boogy had in here, became addicted to the jelly shots! freindly atmosphere and top staff!!! shining star is the kavos 07 anthem!!!

miss you all tricia xx

Rebecca W          10/10

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rockys is f**kin amazin, fir pr blokes!!!  bangin tunes cant stop playin my cd i got frm there, gr8t drink promo, got some free drinks ha  can neva complain bout that. they have dance polls always fun afta a couple. want to work out there nxt yr if any1 knows who i get hold of bout workin 4 them plz plz plz send me a message . miss it so much , xx

Joe M          10/10

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rockys bar is the s**t people!! great music and great p.r`s and barstaff. jamie, paul, lucy and the hot kerry are wonderful. people please try this bar if youz go to kavos!!!

i miss kavos and the people.

Sarah E          7/10

This bar was absolutly gr8 but u have to watch owt when your standin on the pole dance bit as my friend feel off and broke her arm so be care ful :)

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Chelle           10/10

just got back and we are missing rockys already! the best place in kavos to ave a wicked nite singing and dance'n esp to all the cheese music! rockys does the best headf**ker cocktail and just wish we were bk there now! c ya nxt year! love the essex girls xx

Jess M          10/10

Just arrived back hme 2 rain afta stayin in Kavos 4  2wks with my friends we had a brill time and Rockys was our fav bar.. every1 was gr8 n we evn got free shots hehe.   the music was gd n the staff were rli friendly! vodka shots lady was kl! nways thnx 2 evry1 at rockys 4 a gr8 time! x

Daryl E          10/10

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This Place Sold The Best Cheeky Vimpto In Chavos, Had a Brilliant Laff here tho n very sexy barmaid there

Jamie K

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looking forward to heading back over this summer  ROCKYS is the place to be specially wae the quality of workers aw the lassies behind the bar and wiggy on the wheels of steel rockin everyones socks off!!


Steph D           

rocky's is by far the best bar in kavos 4 some quality music 2 suit every1!

dj is a legend [scousers/hull boys/mr qualey!] and the barman 4 givin us sparklers! love it!!!

everyone seems to be w**kered and up 4 a party -and its always busy bit later on!

if we met you out there -

the scousers wil b back!!!!
 kisses x x

Stacey E           

This bar was BOSS! We loved it

Music was great, atmosphere lively and the drinks were cheap.
Went there most nights.

Caroline M           

Best bar in kavos! went here almost everynight while in kavos for 8weeks! was in ther 2 nights ago  if ur a worker u get a pint of cheeky vimto and a shot for 3euros! its amazin! the indie club in the back is the best club in kavos playin all the latest choons! i so wish i was stil ther!! i miss every1 so much already n i got bak 12hours ago!!!!


Well everyone just back from Kavos a week ago....had a great time!! Rockys is def the place to be, tunes r amazing and so r all the staff!!  xx

Kirstie S           

JULY 2006

This bar seriously rocks!!!! great music, fit blokes, discovered this place on the bar crawl ended up going every night after that, wish i could still be there dancing the night away!!!!!

Chloe S           

F***ing excellent place to be!! If your going to Kavos, you've gotta go. Brilliant staff, lots of free drinks, especially shots! One place I really miss now that I'm home. Music is fantastic, range from 80's to current chart. Little tip - get on a pole and dance the night away, just don't fall off! Third time back, still just as amazing as the first if not better!!


Best Bar in Kavos! Dont miss out!  June 2005!!


Best Bar in Kavos! Dont miss Out! June 2005!! 

Layla D           

The PR Girl in Rocky's made us laugh! Every night all she sed was 'it'll be busy in here in about and hour!' then an hour later she'd say the same thing lol! We went at the end of the season but bless her she did try!!!

Dj W           

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Well guys what a quality summer! I was the DJ in Rockys 2005 and met some truly awesome people. Big shout to the 'Essex Brats' miss you lt loads. Anyone wanna get in contact then get me on and It was all you lot up for it every night that made the bar what it was. Hope to see you all next year....peace out

Alicia W           

This was the best bar to start off a great night.We where  in here every night for our cocktails, obviously the orgasms where the best! Go there its a wicked place to get hammered. The podium with poles r cool to show off some of your lap dancin skills.(if you av any).The tallent wasn`t bad either!!!!!! Deffo goin back next year.

  Alicia( 23 Sep 05)

Darren A           

Rockys bar is the place 2 be in kavos busy every night sound drink deals and loads of fit birds. Jus got back from 2 weeks in kavos miss it like mad