Accommodation in Sidari

Lois A          1/10

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THE worst apartments I have ever stayed at! Mouldy, damp, smelly and dirty rooms. Rude and ignorant staff. Disgusting 'self catering' equipment. Stained mattresses and broken beds. Pool not cleaned, rooms not cleaned and toilet paper bin only emptied every other day. Loud music until 3am. Hot water only available between 6pm and 7pm. Yeah, Greek accomodation is basic but it certainly shouldn't be uninhabitable!!!

To make it worse,3 Olympic reps refused to give us a complaint form! DONT STAY HERE!!!!

Carolyn J          10/10

We have just come back from Angeliki apartments. This is our second holiday there, last year being the first. WE love it there so much we are going back again next year (2010).
The apartments are very basic, typical Greek. The owners Stellious and Nicky are very friendly caring people. Last year George and his family ran it they were also lovely people. We have NEVER had any problems with light fingerness whilst we have stayed there.
Angeliki is a great place for all ages, we have 2 boys, 14 and 9 age, they love the pool and pool table. A great place for relaxing around the pool, something to eat during the day time from the bar. And easy strolling distance to the many tavernas for evening meals and night life of sidari. If you don't want to go to far, there is the wave resturant and bar, a 3-4 min stroll across a field to the sea front. The bar is open until late hours with Renield to serve and look after you (he's gr8 with all ages). A travel kettle would be good if you like your morning cuppa, they do provide a small pan but this is slow to boil, sometimes you can borrow a kettle, but it is first come first served.
Can't wait for next year. If your going to Angeliki, you'll love it.

Laura B

Hi Me and my friend are both 24 year old girls and we have just booked with Angeliki apartments. just wondering what they are like and how far they are away from the town and beach. We want to be able to walk to the beach but also not be too close to the bars that when you wanna sleep you cant.

Great to hear from someone.

Anne and john H          9/10

  We had a fantastic time at the Angeliki Apartments.   Basic yes, but what more do you want when you just want to chill out and have a great time!   George and his family are the best!   Nothing is too much trouble for them.  We made many friends who we keep in touch with.   The amble into town was great, and coming back with our torch.  Straight into the bar for a nightcap and one of George's specials!  The pool area was right up my street!   I don't do deep!  Although you can go into the deep end if you want too!   The beautiful scenery overlooking the sea to Albania, the sun setting, the housemartins lining up on the telephone lines, the different coloured butterflies, the dragon flies, the lizards, I could go on and on.   It was easily the best two weeks we have had for a long time and would definately go there again.   Thanks George and everyone we met.  You made our holiday rich.   Anne and John Harris 

Katie A          10/10


Hiiiiiiiii, just got back from stayin in corfu, we stayed there a week it was really brill!!!! didnt want to come home the apartments are basic but thats all you need when you got a family like george that makes you all feel like you at home, the apartments are in the quieter end of town which is good for when you just want to get head down one night, or if you want to go to town the taxis are very cheap or george will show you a short cut, i would recommend it on you way home unless you have a torch haha, the pool is gorgegous and thats bout it, can go wrong if you stay at these apartments.

george is a lovely man, and sure does know how to drink lol my best cocktail of his is called alabama slammer and it sure does whats its called.
click to enlargeclick to enlargecya next july hopefully george n family.

Tracy A          8/10

I stayed in the apartments next door in May 2005, it was my honeymoon, George made our holiday fantstic, yes its true about the shots he really knows how to throw them out, I would love to go back this year in July but cannot find the travel agent to book them through, can anybody help, please email me or text me 07999669964, thanks

Hi George you are mad

Kym X

My boyfriend and I are going to the Angeliki in 4 weeks and have read a mixture of reviews and I am quite concerned to read that the maids are very light fingered???is this true?



Chris M           

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woopie doopie we stayed at these appartments and i must say it was very good the pool you can watch being cleaned everynight and well george man who runs the pool bar must be the funniest man i have met its true about the shots he throws them at you all in good fun i hired a car from airport so distance was no prob to beach if your going to corfu its best to have car anyway well hope this helps you and say hello to george for me woopie doopie

Rachael E           

Right! I see that nobody has written for a while.  It seems to me that most people get these apartments as a late deal.  We stayed at the angeliki apartments from the 1st to the 16th of August 2005.  For one the staff are lovely and would do anything to help.  However the rooms are very basic and the cleaning isn't perfect but our beds were always made and the general bar area was tidy.  To be quite honest who spends loads of time in there anyway? The masonettes are big enough for four with a mesonae level with two single beds above the main bedroom. There is however no storage upstairs.  We actually paid heavy supliment because my sister and I thought it would be too small for four as we are both adults.  But it would have been fine!  If you want a holiday that is relaxing and in beautiful surroundings then this is the place to go!  Our family read 15 books between us in 2 weeks thats how peacefull it is! Lots of shade from the sun in the afternoon! 

Hope this helps!

Angie S           

we stayed at Angeliki apts 4th-18th july'05. when we first arrived, we were a little shocked at how basic it was. no sharp knife, tin opener, but hey on holiday we intended to eat out as much as poss. don't go without plug-ins for mozzies. at least one in bedroom and one in kitchen and best thing to use for evenings on skin(we found out after being bitten) is Autan,.excellent stuff!

  if you can afford to, rent a car(but through agents in the town). so much prices first.
george, athina, his wife and daughters mary and irianna are such lovely people. they can't do enough to make you welcome. at night, george and costa come into their own! they make it their soul mission to get you plastered with every success!
  the cleaning girls can be a little light fingered, so keep money out of sight.
for entertainment, the red lion is a must!they'll have you hooked. some lovely beaches.very clean.our fav beach was ipsos without a doubt.the banana at sidari beach is a must and so is the parasailing.
 your stay here will be a memorable one for all the right reasons.enjoy! 

Gillian A           

Just got back from a two week break at the Angeliki Apartments in Sidari. There have been a  lot of inprovements since we were there last year. The pool and the pool area are lovely and clean and the apartments have been decorated and shower curtains and bathmats have been added. The rooms are still a little damp but you are able to get around this by leaving the windows open and the shutters closed. The only thing that I would say is that the trees around the pool need to be cut down, you are constantly in the shade. Watch out for George and mini Costas because they are both sharks where women are concerned and watch out for the free shots that are flying around at the end of the evening.

Steven O           

just returned from a week in sidari me and the mrs stayed at the angeliki.first of all be prepared for a long transfer it took us about 3 and a half hours we were about the last drop off  nightmare!!That said when we arrived the apartments were a pleasent surprise v clean and spacious.we didnt spend much time around the pool but it was clean and the drinks and grub were reasonable.on the downside there was no bloody kettle nor any sharp knives!! a must is 2 find the short cut to the beach it cuts your walkin time down by half its about 20 mins.But if your hammered the taxi is only 5 euros  



Going to sidari in 2 weeks for a fortnight with 6 friends (all aged 20-23), we are staying at the angeliki apartments. Can anybody give me some information on this accommodation? Are there many bars, restaurants, shops etc nearby?
Also, we are a little worried that sidari is a little quiet at night time, we are hoping for a lively nightlife. can anyone reassure us that sidari has this?

Donna C           

Me and my boyfriend came here determined to have a good holiday due to all the bad comments we saw on this site and as it was our 1st holiday together!  The location was terrible!  Not at all good for the elderly, disabled, families with small children, well anybody really!!  We never saw our rep - I don't think she even knew we existed!! 

We had 2 bath towels for the first 2 days of our 2 week stay but then they were taken and never replaced until we complained to the owner (see below) about a seperate matter then we only got 2 hand towels!!  We had to buy extra beach towels just so we could shower!
We came home on a last minute whim on our 1st Friday night from tea to get changed to go out!  When we got to our room just after 6pm I could not locate my hair straighteners!  After turning our room upside down my boyfriend went outside, I think in despair, only to find the maid walking back to our room with my RED HOT straighteners and said to my boyfriend ' My sister wanted to use them as she is going out on a night out tonight'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIVE IT?!  I COULDN'T EVEN MAKE IT UP!!!!!!
We complained to our tour rep straight away and demanded a change of apartment but the next morning after discussing it between us, my boyfriend and I decided that we couldn't be bothered wasting a day packing and unpacking again so we told our rep we would stay (nothing had been sorted anyway - she didn't even know about it!!) and that was that!  Although we kept EVERYTHING padlocked away in our suitcase for the rest of the stay!
Then just to finish our holiday off our tour company were not going to take us on the coach as we were down against another hotel due to our 'change of apartment'!!  She eventually took us after much huffing and puffing and phoning around!!!  DO NOT BOOK WITH OLYMPIC!!!! 
Also we were kicked out of our apartment at 11am even though we didn't fly until 0615 the next morning!! We were told it would be 20Euros to keep our hotel on until 1600 - no point!
All in all, we had a fantastic holiday (well i think it's the company you have and not the place you are that makes it and my company was the best!!!) and we highly recommend McDonalds (right in the centre) and the RED LION pub!  Fantastic bar staff - almost like family at the end of our stay, especially Gianni, and superb drag act - even if you don't like drag, please please give it a try! You won't regret it 

Jason K           

i am visiying angeliki in a couple of weeks, hope its going to be ok, will let you know when i come back,

Tracy and anson S           

Right we just got back from corfu and only stayed a week in the angeliki appartments, what can i say a complete nightmare holiday hotel from hell and back. First arrived and it was storms got shown to our apartment the smell hit us (mouldy) very musty rooms, we decided to sleep upstairs as it had a wooden roof, bad idea when it rains u get flooded. The pool is very dirty not fit for the local lizards! The bar had no drinks in better still they shut the bar 3 days before our leaving day they said end of season hahahha if i had known i was booking into a bar holiday then yer but not a chuffing hotel. Oh yer and if u stay here ask for new sheets our bed never got changed neither did our towels, bought our own bleach and scrubed the place! this place has no way got a 3 star rating the beach is more cleaner! In the end we met a very nice man called alexandros he owns friedas appartments he took us in on the last day due to be kicked out at 12pm and our flight wasnt till 5am, this guy was a very helpfull man lovely bar too even took us out for sight seeing if u vist say helo from us. Good luck if u visit but trust me its like a run down farm, olympic was so unhelpfull, the hotel is so far out they never turn up for the meeting follwing day. we never saw our holiday rep, for extra cash book with a better tour its well worth doing.

Fiona M           

Hi, just returned after spending 2wks, 2 adults & 2 teenagers. We especially thought the pool to be excellent(size & depth), although the surround could of done with being jet blasted to remove the scum. The family go out of their way to make your stay a pleasant one but some regularity to the house keeping would be of greater benfit. Location on(just of)the road to Rhoda, ideal(not too far out & fairly quiet)- fantastic views over the sea to Albania(1st floor balcony). Nothing for the kids to do in the evenings though- a pool or table tennis table would of been good, as only greek tv available, but a short walk along to the shore front(5mins)lets you view all the latest movies & catch up with the soaps.

Gillian A           

Just come back from Corfu and stayed at the Angeliki Apartments. The apartments were basic but very clean and the pool was very clean with numerous new sunbeds to be had. These apartments are run by a greek family,who made our holiday great!They were very helpful and friendly especially Costa, George Stellios and his wife Viki. George and Costa run the bar pool in the evening and are great entertainment. Sidari itself is about a 15 min walk. The walk to Sidari is very pleasent and you pass many tavernas which you can stop and have a refreshing drink. Aqualand is a great place to visit but din't book via the rep take a look at the local travel agents to get a good deal. We enjoyed it so much that we will be visiting it again soon.

Richard A           

The Angeliki Apartments are a family run business that offers Greek hospitality to everyone. The apartments are basic but very clean with a friendly bar and a very good pool area, and are situated just outside of Sidari about 20 minutes walk once you discover the shortcut. Sidari it'self has a long sandy beach and plenty of watersports but at night transforms into Blackpool with the only accents being cockney or scouse.
I would recommend the Angeliki to anyone and would also recommend taking advantage of the cheap tours available to some truly breathtaking scenery only a few miles away.

Bethan H           

Found the studios to be quite a distance from the resort, around 30 minute walk, however, the walk was along the beach, so it wasn't too bad. Prefered to use taxis as night (5 euros one way) as there was no street lights.

We found the rooms to be quite clean and comfortable. The pool bar staff were friendly. Pool area needed some updating, as the sunbeds and pool steps were broken.

On the plus side, it was quiet, so a good nights sleep could be had every night.

Alison S           

A lot further out of town than olympic web site makes out Rooms not ready on arrival and took 3 hours to get ready, when we finally got in the room (maisonette for 4)it smelt mouldy and was very cramped, good job there was only two of us! Pool area rather grotty, every sunbed was broken, childrens pool dangerous. Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where about are the Angeliki studios? Near Canal d'amour or near aqualand?

Tony S

i am trying to book a hoilday to angeliki with olympic hoildays but they say they are not doing it we had this problem last year so we stayed at some apartments in sidari town when we arrived we went to angeliki and olympic was there can you help with this problem

Lisa W           

George and Costas were fantastic. we went with our two young kiddies 6 and 5. they loved it too. the pool is great for spending the whole day at, clean safe and loads of food to eat too. the rooms were well kept but don't rely on the cooking facilities too much. late night are pretty much the norm with free shots flying around all the time. It's a bit of a walk into sidari town but the cabs are all over the place and cost about 3 quid. Go to Aqualand! and try the cruise to Parga and Paxos. The reps are normally nowhere to be seen and are pretty useless when they are around. But the hotel was one of the best we have ever stayed in. When you go tell George that Georgia and Natasha (our kids) say Hi!!!!!

Laura M           

We had a fantastic time at the Angeliki Studios in July 2003. The staff were excellant. George and Costas are absolutely brilliant hosts. The grounds were very well kept, the gardens were very pretty and the pool was spotless too! What more could you ask for! We will be returning!

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