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Mike P           

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Just got back from a week here (9th-16th Oct 2006) and thought I would put my thoughts on here.

Room was clean, but a bit basic - shower head wasn't fixed to anything so having a shower was a problem until I jerry-rigged something up with some string - For what I paid it was OK.
For the week I was there, the flies and mozzies were bloody viscious! They don't normally bother me, but this time they were getting everyone and all the mozzie creams seemed to have no effect on them at all.......
The 20 min walk down to the main road was OK once you got used to it, but my advice is make sure you get a cab back - that road is very dark in the evening - seems to be 5 euros from wherever in Sidari you get the cab.
Any restuarant will order a cab for you free of charge and the best restuarant for me was the Chinese in Canal D'Amour (near to the Italian & Greek Restuarants) - bit of a hike from the apartments (almost 40 min's walk) but definately worth it.
Trips - I went on the boat rip to Parga/Paxos (OK), Island Highlights (Good), Evening shopping in Corfu Town (OK - wouldn't do it again) but the best was the day trip to Albania - well recommended!
Overall I enjoyed the week I had - George (The Manager) was excellent but on three nights I came back to find the bar at the apartments all locked up and in darkness, so no brownie points for those nights George...
As to Corfu itself - nice people, too many mozzies, nutty motorcyclists everywhere & Coach drivers who like to use mobile phones whilst going round hairpin bends with full coachloads are the memories that I came back with !
Hope all that helps someone.......

Paul B           

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niko & goerge who run the place are great,if you need anything just ask,there for 2 weeks had a great time,made some good friends,hi alan & gaynor & lily,daniel,kerrie,bob,& shane. any one goin there let us know how the cat & 2 kittens are getin on,thanks GEORGE-NIKO for the good time + the free shots.

Daniel M           

  Spiradoula was ACE, Nicholas and George will be generous with the free drinks if u get on the right side of them. Lots going on and apartment block had lots 2 do for 5+ yrs ld. Pool Party and Greek nights are GR8, music loud and until 3 am but if u like 2 party gr8 choice. Marble steps, balconies and Varanders can be slippy as I found out! Pool is big and clean, Overall we had a great time - highly recommended -

BTW - Aqauland water park is ace ! If you swim through the lazy river you are bound to find more than 2 euroes and if u search the bottom of The Spiradoula pool u may be luck and find a 20 euro note like me and my friend did !
Have a good time !

Mel B           

I have been back a week now and was missing it from day one! I went away with my parents and my sister. We found the apartments basic but clean, the cleaners were only supposed to come twice a week but during our stay there it was done everyday  Although if you do not want to be disturb because your recovering from the night before just let them know. Towels arent changed much so a tip from me would be to take some extras. The pool is great, we stayed round there a lot in the day, and you dont even need to worry about getting up at stupid o clock in the morning to put your towels down their is plenty of loungers! It is hot out there so dont forget to take protection. The manager George is very friendly and his cousin Nick who works behind the bar, they will do anything to make your stay enjoyable nothing ever seems to much. Dont miss the Greek night which is held on Thursday nights, where there is a bbq and plenty of greek dancing going on, so be willing to get involved and be up on the tables  Iv been reading other peoples comments and it was mentioned that the bar can be very loud at night and affect those of you who want to be tucked up in bed, but i didnt find this at all when i had the odd earlirt night. I was known to stay at the bar until early hours of the morning, knocking back all the free shots that was given to us and dancing with our friends we met out there. It is a very friendly place.
It is about a 20minuite walk into the main part of Sidari which we didnt mind, but for those of you who dont want to be walking then ask for a taxi at the snack bar which takes you down for just 5euros. There is plenty of shops and resturants. We found the Baze Bar very nice and ate there a few times during our stay. Also we went to a resturant along the beach front which is nice. Plenty to be doing int he evenings. The main club is Caesers but there was a new one opening as we was leaving called Ice. Definately something for everybodys liking.
The baches are very nice and it is 7 euros for a lounger. We also went to Sunset Beach one evening where all the locals go and it overlooks the beach. A great bar and restaurant there to/ Dont forget to visit Aqualand either its a blast and attracts all ages!
I had a fantastic time and definately hope to return soon and stay in the same apartments!!


just got back this min big up geaorge and nikos had a fantastic time here lads and you reallyu helped us settle we will be back not too long biggggg up the ace rep claire is it?!! lol cant rememeber names s**t hot rep really good at her job and vvvvv caring as i fouind when my drunken self got a bad ankle like but heyyyyyyyyyyyyy big up n se u all vvvvvvvvvvvvery sooooooooooon missin yous already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'r trying tio get some last min flights soooo we;'l  be vback with yas all sooooooon i know ur missin us as much as we'r missin u!!!!! mwahhhhhhhh

Brian M           

visited these apartments in late sept last year and i have to say that we really enjoyed ourselves , george was great and his family really look after the people on holiday.there are lots of free drinks and ice creams for the kids if you get on the right side of him!

just like to say thanks george for a very good holiday and for my birthday cake which he brought me
mauska was alright i think i was drunk at the time!
the greek night is an experiance which should be lived and we shall be returning in two and a half weeks time so we will see you then and get the beers ready!!!
josh is very excited at the thought of seeing you all again as are we all
see you very soon

Charlotte C           

hi well looks great, really excited now heard all about sidari and spiradoula apts,i will be there with my boyfriend from june the 09th.

just wondering whether anyone has any more tips or pics would you be so kind to emil me at lottie-b@hotmail.com

Anon A           

We had a great time in Sidari and at the Spiradoula Apartments!  However you may be in need of a few handy tips and recommendations!

The apartments are pretty basic but clean.  There is however no air conditioning and the cleaners only come once a week so you may need an extra towel!!!  The apartments are set in a very rural location which is pretty peaceful apart from the music pumping from the snack bar!  The walk into the resort centre will take you approx 20 mins or so which winds through farm land which is quite quircky considering you in a tourist resort!  The walk can get a bit much so you can easily ask for a cab from the snack bar for 5 euros into town.  However be ware! This can becme quite costly if you are to and throw town a few times a day! 
George and his family run the apartments.  He is very friendly and pretty generous with the free shots, as long as you are on the right side of him!  He does try to turn on the Greek charm rather a lot!!  The breakfasts are cheap at the apartments and v tasty!  You must without fail go to George's Greek night on a Thursday it's hallarious!  It really gets you in the mood what with the two Greek casanova's who dance the night away!  The night consista of greek food and table and fire dancing!  Be prepared to get up on that table!
There are some lovely beaches in the resort.  I recommend the Canal d'amor beach which is v beautiful as well as the main beach which runs behin the street of bars and restaurants.  The sun beds and parasols cost approx 7 euro's.
There are plently of bars and clubs and pubs all along the main stretch with some lovely retsaurants which lead onto the beach - Olympic was v good - waiters perform Greek dancing throughout the night singing and clapping along to the well known plate smashing greek theme!

Jean P

Does anyone know the name of the street The Spiridoula Apartments are on we need a vehicle delivering.

Mark & julie K           

click to enlargeJust got back from Corfu at end of July.  We really enjoyed it, the apartments are basic although tidy.  Would recommend it to anyone except for people with children as there is not much for them to do there, other than the swimming pool, a pool table and a football table, and it is about a 20 minute walk to the centre of Sidari. It can be very noisy at night time as the bar closed most nights at about 3am and the sound can carry straight into your room, best thing to do is make sure you drink a lot so you can sleep!  George, the manager is wicked.  You should go to the Greek nights which he holds on Thursday's, they are great.  Don't feed the cats, there are lots of strays in Corfu, they are not inolculated and they are becoming a problem, I love animals myself and did feed them but George got pissy with me and I stopped it after he explained the troubles that he has experienced over the past few years.  You must go to Aqualand, Sidari has it's own waterpark but it hasn't got a scratch on this place, we tried the Kaiki Sivota boat trip aswell, through Thomas Cook, which was one of the best boat trips I have ever had, it was really good fun.  I would go to Corfu again but I would not be staying at these apartments again because of the noise. But I will visit George and his Wife/Son again as they are really nice.  Lastly, it's mega hot out there, in the middle of July it was nearly 40C, make sure you have plenty of protection.

Hayley B           

Sorry the email is hbullock_86@hotmail.com.


Hayley B

Hi, im really desperate to get hold of some photos of The Spiradoula apts, i am going on holiday there with my boyfriend in two weeks. Please could someone send me some photos by email please???

Tracey C           

went to corfu at the beginning of this month with my two nieces sister and mum and dad. It was fantastic we loved every min and none of us wanted to come home. Georeg and staff were excellent and very good with my nieces and they loved it. would recomend it to anyone who wants a quiet and relaxing holiday and look out for the greec night its fantastic.

Michelle C           

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it was a fantastic holiday, the people at spiradoula are so friendly and the place is very clean and quiet and the walk into town is lovely

i didnt want to come home and want to go back
me my sister and two younger nieces had the best time-so if any of you are going  there then you are very lucky people

Mary K

I am hoping to take my family on holiday to Corfu and to stay in the Spiradoula Apts. Could anyone send a few photos please. Also my mum will be joining us. Is it ok for a pensioner. keegy35@yahoo.com Thanks

Tanya B           

Am going to corfu last 2 weeks of June / begining of july - i have also heard nothing but nice things about these apartments and would be gratefull if anyone had any photos if they could e-mail them to me   tanyabub2003@yahoo.co.uk - anyone have any ideas on activites to keep a 18yr old and 20yr ld busy??

photos and reply would be much appreciated!!

Blue S           

lo all my girlfriend kaz and i are going to the spiradoula apartments in september 2005.
We have heard nothing but good things about it the only prob is that we have no photos of  the place
if any one could help us  by sending some picthers we would be most gratefull    Blue_Stu@fsmail.net
Thank You

Caroline H           

Hello every1 i went to Corfu wiv my Family in Nov 04 wen Lucy Shillingford woz there!! It was fab i loved it so much and the ppl r just lovely!! i want to go there again in july wen i have just turned 16! woo
Love Caroline x x x

Kayleigh D           

hi people we c*m back from the best holiday ever in june 2004 n it was very, very hot.a message to anyone that goes here its fantastic!!!appartments r very basic but clean n tidy n highly recommended. we met loads of very friendly people especially george n his cousin george. the only bad point is if u need 2 go 2 the shop its about 25 mins away. u must go to georges greek nite its ace, especially if ya join in wiv the greek dancing. excellent nite life n u must experience aqualand waterpark, make sure u put lots of sun cream on coz u will burn. definatley go here again luvved it x x x

Rachel H

Hi could some one please please send me some photo's of hotel Spiradoula i have read everyones comments on the hotel but i would like to see some pics, so please send them to rachelest84@lycos.co.uk

Lucy S           

hello there, just wanted to add my comment about the spiradoul apts in sidari. i worked there this summer and thought the apts were excellent, it is about a 20min walk to town but that is stated in brochure! hire a bike from mountain mania for 10euros! george and mike the barmen are fab, give you lots of free ouzo every night. hop this helps anyone wondering! have a fab time and say hello to george for me!

Alana F           

Hey every1, got back from spiradoula this month! i would recomend it 2 any1!! Every1 so so friendly! george the owner is fantastic,but watch out 4 his ouzos,extreamly cheep and mind blowing!!haha!! My 4 year old son was there and totally loved it!!! there is somethin 4 every1!! goin back in june cant wait!!! Alana.x

James F

hello i just wanted to ask a few things as i'm flying out there next July with my wife and two kids. As one of my kids is 19 anf the other will be 17 is there enough for them to do. Also this is my wifes first time in a plane and overseas so if anyone has been to corfu and it was your first time flying and first time abroad could you drop me a wee message so i can show my wife many thanks......

James F           

hello i just wanted to ask a few things as i'm flying out there next July with my wife and two kids. As one of my kids is 19 anf the other will be 17 is there enough for them to do. Also this is my wifes first time in a plane and overseas so if anyone has been to corfu and it was your first time flying and first time abroad could you drop me a wee message so i can show my wife many thanks......

Kelly S           

Not loud at all at night. I went with my 4 year old daughter and found it very quiet at night.

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