Dimitris Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Claire B


If anyone is interested, Spiros and Rula have now finished the apartments and you can book them at www.ownersdirect.co.uk.
New website that you book them from is:- http://sidariluxuryapartments.com/index.html  - check out the photo's these apartments are amazing. 

Colin P          10/10

Hi all. Just come back from another 2 excellent weeks in Sidari. The Dimitris apartments were closed. We did catch up with Spiros (& Rula seperately). Spiros is converting the apartments into 4 luxury apartments, the pool will remain & they will be let privately. Spiros hopes to have them completed in 2 months. I will phone him nearer that time & get the web site (which Dimitri will create). Seems a shame but understanderbly the existing set up is not earning them enough money. It will be very nice when completed as Spiros showed us round, just won't have the "party atmosphere without the bar" but we want to try & book for next year.

Gemma M

thanks Jason,  If you here anything else let me know

Jason B

i Have a couple of numbers

00302663095801 old bar number
00306942432014 spiro's mobile
00306630295690 unsure of this one but it is next to Spiro's name in my phone book

Vicky P


I like everyone else, it seems, enjoyed staying at the Dimitris apartments.
I have stayed there twice now and would love to go again later this year.
Can anyone help me find a web site or details of how to contact Rula and Spiros??

Colin P          10/10

We have been to Sidari 4 times before. Last time in 2004. We will visit Spiros & Rula although their seems to be a doubt about them still being there, will be dissapointed if this is the case as they always make our holiday. We are staying down the road at the Spiros apartments so I cannot confirm until we get there if the Dimitri Apartments still exist. As soon as we are back (in May) I will post any info.

Claire B           

What can I say, this place is the best in Sidari.  Can't wait to see you all on 14th July 2006. 

Jason B           

Roll On July 14th, see ya about 2.30ish, have a cold one ready for us!

Jason B           

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Easter 2004

Jason B           

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Just a couple more Pictures

Jason B           

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Hi all. just thought i would drop a line seems no one has for a while. If you where at Dimitris Apartments from the 17th July to about ther 8th August, and where brave enough to go to the brill party nights that we had with Spiro, Rula and Dimitri (He's a Lady!). I have a great picture cd for anybody who wants one!

Big shout going out for the Redcar Massive and all of the folks from Harrowgate...

Dave L           

Spiro and Haroula are the best hosts around, Spiro never fails to get me sozzled. I love the location, on a night there is not a sound, well apart from the odd Motorbike but you get that everywhere, so you get a really good nights sleep with no Boom Boom you get in the centre of town.

They are definettly the cleanest.
It is great to have Spiro and Haroula back, instead of those two Chavs that ran it a couple of years ago.

Dave L           

Did you not think of hiring a Bicycle, you could have give your missus a croggy!

Larry S           

 Spiros and Rula are the best hosts that anyone can have. We have been coming to Sidari for 5 years now and these are the best appartments ever.

As any estate agent will tell you, the 3 most important things are LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. I don't intend to buy these appartments but 2 weeks holidays with 1 mile to the nearest supermarket, and 2 miles to the centre of Sidari and a beach were 2 weeks too long. My wife and I have never walked so much on a holiday and we were both glad to get home for a rest.
If you venture to Sidari for a night out, you either had face a perilous dark narrow busy road, or pay 5 euros for a taxi. This may not seem much to yung'uns but if you walk to the supermarket and taxi back, then go for a night out it soon mounts up in 2 weeks to us old foggies.
Without a doubt these are the BEST appartments in town, but I won't be going back.

David O           

Me and my girlfirend (wife to be) Christina spent two weeks in these aprtments and it was fantastic. The owners Rula and Spiros were the best hosts anyone could ask for and will go out of your way to accommodate you. Their son Dimitry also helps out and he is also a pleasure. The apartments are just far enough away from the nightlife if you fancy a quietish night but close enough to go to if you fancy a mad one every night. The apartments are spotless, the pool immaculate and the food and drink and drink and drink are well priced and delicious. Will definitely be returning!!!!!

Sharol H           

"Mr Bob", Sam (16), Scott (14) and I have just returned from 2 weeks at Dimitris and had an absolute fab time. Rula and Spiros made everyone feel so welcome and the apartments, pool, etc., are kept very clean. (It also helped that there were two other families with boys (15) so we had no worries whatsoever about letting them all go into Sidari clubbing the odd night!) The 20 minutes walk into Sidari is just right for those who don`t want a lot of town noise. We would definitely return.

Merv R           

having spent a week at these apts my self and my wife would rate it as the cleanest and most welcolming place we have ever stayed at. the owners rula and spiros are the perfect hosts,if you want a quiet relaxing holiday with your every need catered for book into these apts YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

Sarah R           

Just come back from spending a week at the Dimitris. Rula, Spiro's and there son Dimitris are the most wonderful hosts. The apartments and surroundings are superb. Highly Recommended.

Joanne L           

Went here in July 2003, Had a great time, met the people who run it (Shaun & chloe)who made our holiday with the barbecue and greek dancing.Me & my boyfriend are going back there to work in corfu and get to know our friends alot better! We also met the little boy next door who is funny when playing pool.

Kate G

hello people,
i was just wondering if anyone of you could tell me more about these apartments. me and mother are planning a holiday together and were really interested in this place.
is it far from the beach, if there is one?
what is it like, etc!!!!!!
we just want to chill out and have a laugh together.
but i really want a beach that is easy to get to and not far a walk. if anyone could help, it would be most appreciated.
kindest regards

Alice H           

I love Dimitris Apartments! Corfu is great! Met loads of friends including the owners son Dimitris and the boy who lives next door Taz, have lots of fantastic memories. Can't wait to see everyone again in August 04. Greek Dancing and BBQ night is brilliant and highly recommended and I'm only 12 years old so Im a hard person to please.

Russell L           

We stayed at these apartments in 2002 and had a great holiday, Spiros and the family made us most welcome. Say hi to Stephie from Aaron and does a local girl called Aphroditie come to the pool daily if so say Hi from Natasha and Vicky.

H L           

Dimitris Apt is located a good 15min walk from town the pool bar was 1st class,quiet peaceful green countryside added to its charm Hail Hail the bhoys are here! July 20004 chuckyrla+

A I           

Dimitris Pool Bar is Excellent for a quiet holiday it is a short distance from the lively part of Sidari, we spent some great tmes at this pool bar and Wed. night BBQ'S were fantastic Shaun and Chloe give you a night to remember Food 1st class and LIVE Greek Dancing Hope to be there again soon!Thanks again to Shaun Chloe and TAZ

Adrian B           

Stayed 3 times now at Dimitris, we call in whenever we go to Corfu. Spiros and Rula are like friends.The pool and appartment are the cleanest we have ever seen in Greece

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