Elena Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Tracy B          8/10

Stayed at Elena apartments in July 06 in the villa that sleeps 8. Had a fantastic time with Billy and family they are lovely people .Pool a lovely size and well thought out with regards to little ones ie baby pool on the very shallow side of main pool helps with peace of mind when kids are small !Food very nice . 

Daniel H           

Me and my family stayed at Elena apartments for 1 week and i thought George was very kind, he used to let me have free shots of ouzo and it messed me up. but overall it is a great place to stay. oh and DONT got to the three little pigs restaurant me and my family went and we all stayed up through the night with sickness and diarrhoea. So for your own safety DONT go there. but DO check out the red lion through town the drag queen acts are truly side splitting even though they took the Mick out of me.

Sue K           


Just come back from our second visit to Elena Apartments (Vassilis and Co.) Sidari.  As ususal they were very hospitable and we hope to be going back in October (Look out Fondas!!).  Hope that the e mail address that  I give is the correct one for the person who is looking for transport from the airport is of assistance:  vassilispapadatos@hotmail.com.
Enjoy yourselves, I am sure you will, and give them our love: Sue Eric and Kids, Liverpool.

Sue C           

TongueI have booked our family holiday for October 2006 at the Elena Apartments, Sidari, not been to corfu before. 

Had a great price I booked online somewhere2stay.com      
I booked my flights seperately from my local airport.
My only problem will be transfers from the airport because there are 6 of us. if someone can help me with this that would be much appreciated, I have tried emailing but the email address I have is no longer available.
 Cosmos also sell this holiday from thier brochure.  
Hope this helps you,  
Good Luck.

Lindsey O

I want to book to go to the elena apartments in sidari the ones next to the mimosa and lagoon apartments,but i can't seem to find anyone to book through,i have found an email address for them but i don't seem to get a reply.If anybody knows how i can book please let me know.THANKS!!!!!

Sharon B           

we have just come home from a week in the elena apartments run by george and jenny also speros,

vangelis no longer works there george who owns the bar is going to be running the place inedpendantley not through cosmos he has offered to collect from the airport and take you back you just need to get a flight he his  so nice. here is his direct email address and telephone number we are going back in september.

It is  aten min stroll to town and five mins to beach although its so peacefull by the pool you wouldent want to leave the complex in the daytime ....

vassillis papadatos elena apartments and villas  sidari corfu tele +302663031481  +302663031844

email www.vassilispapadatos@hotmail.co.uk good luck

Nesta & ron H           

The Elena apartments are very good, Jenny and George are lovely.I am sure you can book the apartments through cosmos.  We have stayed there several times and are always made very welcome. Nesta

Paul M

I am looking for the Elena apartments, apparently there are a few and looking through the kosmar brocure it doesnt seem to be the right hotel, I'm looking for the elena apartments, home to George, Jenny and Vangelis, I stayed there about 5 years ago and would love to return this year, can anyone help as to which tour operator books there, the kosmos brocure sounds right but doesnt look like the right place......any takers???????? Regards Paul

Bob W           

We went last year (2005) aug/sept it was about 20 25 mins walk from sidari centre to the appartments they were of a very good standard by greek standards I've stayed in a few and most were a LOT worse

click to enlarge
there was hot water all the time. maid came every day except sunday. the pool area was great ad very welcome after the walk back from town .
the staff are wonderful (yamas george)and the food in was so good we ate there almost as much as going into town,
we have a 6 yearold girl and she loved the place.and the three little pigs resturant.
be adventurous if you go and hire a car we got one 20 euros a day !!! and you can get from one end of the island to the other in a couple of hours even driving around the coast road  if you go take a trip to san stefanos not far from sidari also try to get to sunset beach well worth the effort,
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David G           

I have the holiday blues, 18 weeks until I visit my second home.
The Elena apartments are a fantastic place to stay, George, Jenny and Vangoulas go out of their way to make your holiday unforgetable! The apartments are very clean, with maid service throughout the week except Sunday. The pool are fantastic, it has a childrens pool too! It is set in very large grounds so there is plenty for the kids to do. The restaurants and bars are only a short stroll from elena apartments. Im returning this year for the 5 time!!!! We cant wait!!!

Kim W           

Two weeks ago we returned from a weeks holiday in the Elena Apartments and had a wonderful holiday. The rooms were cleaned daily and the apartment was spotless including the pool and bar areas. We felt that the food was lovely and the staff were very friendly. We intend to return as soon as possible.

Rhiannon S           

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hey everyone... me and my boyfriend went to sidari 2 weeks ago.. and we loved it.. we stayed at the Elena apartments run be george... it was nice.. there was only 9 apartments there so maximum about 25 people... the pool is big and their is a snack bar too.... the beach is a 5 minute walk away from the apartment and sidari town is a 10 minute walk along the coast (sandy beach!) away... their is a lot of restuarants and bars to choose from and their is about 3 or 4 supermarkets...

elena apartments was good.. the cleaner came every day.. missing out a day or two all together.. she gave us 4 towells two or three times during the 14 nights we stayed.. she moped the floor and made the bed every day (with the exception of about 2 days) she also emptied the bins and cleaned the bathroom.
the prices are competitive and good.. me and my boyfriend (aged 17+19) we able to have bread and butter, 2 drinks, 2 meals and 2 desserts for somewhere between 18-23 euros (about 13-17) their is a mac donalds 10 minutes away in sidari town...
we went to aqualand which was great fun and it cost us 22 euros each to get a coach there and back and entrance.. the food their is quite pricey but not too extreme (large fries was about 2.10 euros, which is about 1.50) you get your own locker, changing rooms and toilets.. there is about 3 or 4 pools... about 3 or 4 climbing frames/play areas and in total close to 20 slides.. it was deffinetly worth the price... you arrive about 12 in the afternoon and get picked up at 18:00.
canal d'amour is about 30 minutes away... if you walk along the beach you can see it.. it is 3:50 euros for a sun bed there all day.. and it is lovely there, deffinetly worth a visit!
we liked it a lot there... we booked through cosmos not kosmar... there is two apartments under the same name in sidari.. one is through kosmar the other is cosmos... we didnt see the other one but we knew about it... it can get confusing.. hope you like it there
if you have msn feel free to add me + ill send you more pics + give you more info.. rhiannon88@hotmail.co.uk

David L

anyone have any pics they could email me of the elena apatments which are half an hour outside of sidari? am going with my girlfriend on the 16th sept and cant wait! cheers.

David L           

anyone have any pics they could email me of the elena apatments which are half an hour outside of sidari? am going with my girlfriend on the 16th sept and cant wait!


Val D           

 we went to corfu for the first time last september and stayed at elena 1 appartments, george and jenny were wonderful hosts, the pool was clean and it didnt take long to walk along the beach to town for our evenings out. in fact we enjoyed it so much that we are going again this year. not somewhere i would take small children tho as a bit quiet, perfect for that chill-out. 

Suzanne G           

 First time i have taken my 5 year old away and he loved it as did we.No noice first thing in the morning.You dont need to rush to put your towel out on a sun bed.Pool was great fun and when people left they left all pool toys there for the next people.George the bar man made the night time fun with pushing people in the pool and putting different things on each night ie quiz killer pool and he is great with kids.Also if your not happy with some thing you can tell him and he sorts it out.Takes about 20 min to walk in to Sadari but you can call a taxi for about 5 euros.If you have children in prams then its a nice walk.If you want to relax and meet nice people this is the palce to go.You can only book through Kasmar who are a very good company and i am booking now for next year through them.


Just returned from yet another great year at the Elena Apartments.  Quite quiet this year but still lovely.  Great location for families and couples alike.  Really safe for the children to play at night while the adults indulge in a little too much of the Greek hospitality curtisy of George, Jenny and of course Vangelis.  Weather was great as always.  This was our 7th year returning to the same apartments (which can only be booked through Cosmos).  Had great fun and am already booking up for next year!

Lorraine G

We are going to Elena apartments in May 05 with Kosmar can you please tell me where abouts in Sidari they are - are they near to the waterpark as I have been told so.

Stefanos M           

Add your comment here... lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i come back!!!!!!!!

Stefanos M           

  hi i am the owner of elena apartments. i see many people to try to find my e mail so for any  questions   my email is stefanos1975@in.gr   .my apartments was with golden sun  but for this wear  2005   , u can book  only    with me  in that email.

Simon R           

We booked through Kosmar although there is also another apartment with the same name which I think can be booked through Golden Sun. Have been to Corfu before but never to Sidari but knew booking a car which we collected at the airport would be money well spent and it was. While others were waiting for the coach we were on our way. Sidari is about 1hr- 1.15hrs away depending on traffic. The elana apartments and studios were hard to find initally as there are no signs and they are about a mile further on from Sidari. The apartments themselves were fine. I've seen comments for and against this complex but to be quite honest I've been to Greece many times before and I've had far worse. The complex is small with two double storey apartments overlooking a good sized pool with a set of studio apartments and restraunt and bar to the left. Parking is on what was an unattractive piece of scrubland to the right. You couln't see the sea but had great view of the hills. They were clean and tidy and had been finished to a good standard. Yes there was one one towel and yes they didn't change the sheets everyday but come on this is Greece! having a car was a god send as the walk into central sidari would have taken about 45 minutes with the road being unlit in most places and the Greeks who are not the best drivers in the world zipping past. Sidari itself had a number of great places to drink and eat and also had a very good beach with a number of activities like bananna boats paragliding pedaloes etc. Most of the bars did english food including real english breakfast and actually it was a little difficult to find authentic Greek food but after a little searching we found several good places that we went back to. The food at the elana apartments was suprisingly really good and we ate there on occassions as well. I agree that the owners were not quite as friendly as I had been used to in the past but the bar tenders were fine, although they did keep on asking us to come to the greek night. We went in the end and although it was well attended and we had a good time it was a little on the steep side but ok. Brian the rep was ok but I have a prejudice against them as usually (and Brian was no exception) they push and push to try and get you on as many of the trips that were on offer as they could. The advantage of having a car was that we could go to all the places on offer at our own speed and time and at our cost. We did go on one event which was to the greek night (not the one mentioned at elana) don't do it! the drink was so foul thet we ended up drinking the kids orange juice. No wonder there was as much of it to drink as you wanted! On the whole it must have all been ok as we are booking the same apartment this year. My advice, book a car it makes all the difference all be prepared to do a lot of walking and waiting around for buses.

Diane W

We are looking to book the Elena apartments @ Sidari is there much to do, we may be booking through kosmar, has anyone booked with them at the complex.

Are there lots of apartments (overcrowding!!!!!!!) and are the pools of an ample size for the holiday makers

Alan S           

Not a place I would choose to go back to. There are so many better apartments in Sidari. Owner seemed distant. Apartment was not cleaned well. One towel each for 7 days. Boring walk into town (20mins). Loved Sidari - would research the accomodation better next time.

Diane O           

my family of nine have just returned from elena studios, what can i say, nothing to do on site,long death defying walk to sidari & beach especially with toddler, not that easy when youve been sampling the many bars, my teenage sons ended up in ditch with barbwire cuts, got sick to death of drinking mythos and amistel,on site they did get heiniken which was short lived. studios were clean but was only given one roll of loo roll in 2 weeks so if we didnt get 2 shops we had 2 nick it from pool toilet. christian the barman was quite friendly but we felt as if we were being bullid into having to go to the site barby which was overpriced at 15 euros each, we were pestered from day 1 which was our 1st day ( tuesday) whichshould have been our second day but there was an 9nhalf hour delay so we arrived at 4 in the morning instead of tea time monday. the mozzies took an instant likin 2 me and i was eaten alive no matter what i used, the rooms were spacious but the beds were the most uncomfortable and p***kliest ive ever slept in my husband slept in the little single bed on his own in the end, its a good job we wernt on honymoon. wont be going back to corfu in a hurry ,cant say it was 5000 well spent, lovely place, nice friendly locals but to many flying, and biting insects 4 me

Gemma W           

My fella and I have just returned from a week at elena appartments. we were both delighted with the over all holiday, although there were some issues with the appartments. For the week that we stayed we did not have our sheets changed once, as you can imagine this wasn't very nice towards the end of the holiday!!The rep Brian was lovely, he even bought us a drink on our last night. I feel that the appartments owner could have made more of an effort to welcome us and be more friendly. It is true that there is quite a long walk into town, but it is rather a pleasant walk and it is flat. The mossies drove us mad!! All you ladies try the greek kiss cocktail v nice. All you that are going have lots of fun around the pool and watch out for the sweeping swallows.

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