Spiros Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Janet D          8/10

Adjust your comment just came home today from spiros appartments in sidari, corfu Leah/george are a very pleasant and friendly couple. The appartments are excellant also swimming pool. Reah the cleaning lady also very friendly. The only downfall for us ,was it was a bit too far from the beach and the roads to walk on are quite dangerous. I could not say anything bad about Spiros appartments thanks for a great holiday janet /frank scotland

Craig P

we are trying to book at the spiros appartments for july this year and cant find it anywhere can any one help?

Marisa M

We are trying to book to stay at Spiros July or August this year but it seems Thomsons is no longer the tour operator.  Anyone any idea how I can book this holiday?


Neil W          10/10

We have been going to the Spiros for about 7-8 years now and George is a great guy can't believe some of the things that are written on here from some people, If you want a place to stay in Sidari this is it fantastic people great location if you don't want to be stuck in the middle of it, 15-20 Mins walk to the centre. We head over there on 11th May for a week then back for 2 weeks 20th July.  can't wait. Go on give it a try you won't be dissapointed

Barrie H           

by far the best we have stayed in George and Lia were great hosts the food was really good especially sunday roast. We will be booking for next year as soon as we can wouldnt want to go anywhere else in Sidari 

Barrie H           

 we absolutely loved it george & lia were so friendly and helpful. Their sunday roast is super.We cant wait to go back next year

Sarah M           

I just got back from my holiday in Sidari Corfu and i just wanted to say that the Spiros Apartments are AMAZING!!! George and Evanggelia (Lia) were both very welcoming and are two of the nicest people i have ever met, i dont know why alot of people are worried about George he is a great guy who is very funny and would do anything for anyone. The staff at Spiros made our stay there that much more fantastic and i would recommend staying there to anyone.  The facilities were all there including safe boxes etc the apartment was always clean no complaints there! the cleaning lady was such a lovely lady, always very friendly.   Sidari was such a beautiful place we didnt go out clubbing but still had a fantastic time as there was often Kareoke at the bar in Spiros which was great fun!! so Sidari is fun for all!! The location of spiros was very good about a 10 minute walk to the main strip of sidari, and close to a go-kart track woohooo! the beach is close too, i definately recommend going out on a pedalo for a bit of exploring. Meals were good in Sidari and in Spiros all good value for money! (a major plus point for a not so rich student lol).  Our rep Andy was ok but i wouldnt recommend booking any excursions through him because you can get them so much cheaper from travel shops in Sidari's main strip, we used The Travel Spot which was great value for money (i.e. went to corfu town at night by coach for about 4 Euros whereas with thompson it would have cost 30 odd euros!! so a big difference- be warned!).

 This was definately one the best holidays i have ever had  shame we were only there for 1week! i went with my two flatmates from uni (so three 19year old girls) and George and Lia made us feel very safe all the time. I am very greatful to them for an amazing holiday, it would not have been the same without them!!!  If, or should i say when, i go back to corfu i will definately be staying at spiros The staff work really hard as they were always there and i wish George and Lia all the best for a happy future together hope to see them again soon, missing them both terribly  x  So go to Sidari, Corfu and stay at spiros as you will have an amazing holiday!!!

Sheila C           

Had a wonderful time apartments great only 10 min walk to supermarket and about 15mins to town center everyone very friendly. Only problem is there are no paths on the roads till you get to the center of town so be carfull if you have children. I would love to go back to the apartments if there were paths on the road

Beth S           

Well im home from Spiros now and OH my god i had a fab time! The apartments are amazing and the staff are lovely.

LEA is class and george is fab.. Im so happy we went there. I met some lovely people who i want to keep in contact with forever and Sidari night life is great. Trust me i know everywhere and i only stayed for one week. Go to Mojo bar and Ceasars and Shakers...they are mint!
I would definitely go back to Sidari!

Malky M           

George ur apartments are amazing. and your openin to all hours!! Pitty it was only for two weeks

Steph K           

me and my boyfriend have just returned from the spiros and we have been really down ever since we came back. We met some lovely people who we hope to meet up with in the future. Lea and George did everything to make us feel welcome. The food was fantastic, they did a great sausage sandwich to cure those hangovers every morning! The apartments were spotless and they were cleaned by a hard working lady called christina who was very friendly. The bars are really good in sidari, our favourite was sos as we had alot of free shots and drinks and made some good friends in there. There are so many restaurants to choose from but our favourite was the indians on the main strip of sidari as the food was gorgeous and well worth the money. We really had a brilliant time and we will be returning next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane E           

I arrived back from Sidari yesterday and I'm really quite depressed! The apartments are spotless and the staff are really friendly. I'm a 20 year old girl and was there with my friend. George was v.v.v.flirty and friendly but thankfully didn't try anything. The bars around Sidari are fab! Met loads of great PR people giving us free drinks. Even managed to blag a free bottle of champagne as an incentive to enter the bar (they normally give you a shot)!

I would recommend the Spiros apartments and Sidari as a whole to anyone. My friend and I are seriously considering booking up for september!!

Ian B           

Me again, having just come back from the spiros i thought i would let you all know that george and leah and the cleaners are quality.  they made our stay there excellent, i cant praise them enough.  everyone is friendly and we had a great time, so good that i wouldnt think twice about going back there.  nothing wrong with george (apart from his singing), he is a great bloke.  the only thing i will say is that our thomson rep andy was a joke, dont book any trips with him as they are all at least 10 cheaper bought independantly in sidari town.  he was a clown.  brilliant holiday, keep up the good work george, leah, cleaner and mini george.

Beth S           

Well me and my step dad have just booked for us two and my mum to go to Spiros Apartments in Sidari. We have all wanted to go to Greece and have been assured that Corfu is a beautiful place. After visiting the Carribbean Island of Dominican Republic last year and hating every minute of it; we are really hopin this holiday will boost our incentive to ever go away abroad again  Im 18 and was a bit worried to hear about GEORGE...but WITH A BIT OF LUCK he will be alrite with me and my mum  and fingers crossed we will enjoy it like many others have. Needing some reassurance mind

Will pop back on when we get back to update our views. Fingers crossed ey? We are goin mid july!!

Jayne N           

weve just bin readin all d comments that have been writte, hmmm we wunda wt it is that george did 2 upset that woman n her daughter! despite george n the new demitri we had a wkd time at spiros appartments. affodite (or howeva its spelt) was soo nice n has the best lukin bf (or now husband) eva. we wud recocmend this place to ne1!


We are a group of 8 17 year olds and wanted too come too spiros this year as two of us came last year and thought the place is so wonderful and had such a wicked time! We have contacted Thomson and they have told us that we have too have at least one adult in the group and their inssurance wont allow us too travel with them! we were wondering if we could book with you at the appartments directly?! and then arrange our flights seperately?! is this possible, and what are your policies on age? many thanks

Bob T           

George, Aphrodite, Olga and particularly Jan and Bob made us so welcome.

Superb clean pool and great food.Live music, quiz, bingo and fun and games.

Efficient cleaners and the best holiday we can remember.

We will return.

Emma T           

We are coming to Spiros tomorrow and have never been to this part of Corfu before and was wondering if anyone knows a good bar for watching the footie on Saturday?


Tracy V

Are there ATM's in Sidari??

Tracy V           

Going to Corfu, 2nd Sept, staying at Spiros Apartmemts - really looking forward to it.  A couple of questions if you don't mind:-  Does Spiros apartments have it's own pool / bar / shop??  Are there any ATMs in Sidari??  or near by??

Gillian P           

Whatever did George do to upset that lady and her daughter?  He was so polite to everyone, I find it hard to believe. He is a charmer and flirts alot, but arent all med men?

Gillian P           

Excellent apartments, wonderful staff.  We were made so welcome from the minute we arrived.  Opposite end to Canal D'Amour so a little way to the beach.  We went to Arillas for the beach via a minibus that picked us up from outside the apartments for 4 euros. Excellent value arranged at Princess Travel at top of Sidari high street. 
We stayed in the brand new apartment block which were brilliant and if you need to request them on the booking form ask for nos 18, 19 or 20.
Evenings were a little drawn out for the entertainment as we had to wait  until Bob,  who also did the cooking to finish in the kitchen to  begin the evenings entertainment.  So things did not get started until about 11ish, which by then the kids were gettinga bit frazzled!!  But that is the only thing theat could be improved.  
George the owner is a really nice bloke and very gorgeous (watch out single women ) as I found out he likes a good time!!! 
We will be returning again next year !!!!

Allison G           

would never go back i think george is creepy a lot of the women who were there when i was there with my 15 yr old daughter all said the same they would not go back because of george bob and jan who help ab fab but george just likes the single women so be careful i have complained to tompsons

Ellie M           

spiros apartment was the best holiday i have ever!! been on !!! i went 3 years ago and i love the beaches and the entertainment at night i would recomend everyone to go there super duper!!

from ellie x

Neasha L           

George is a fantastic guy and after reading your comments his telephone number is:+30 266 309 5562

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