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Jon C

Hi, I am booked to go to Takis and Efi appartments, however I have no idea of their address and I am picking up the hire car from the airport - does anyone have an address/e-mail or phone number?

Terri W

Hi I went to takis apartments last year and rebooked to go this year.However this year I have booked with Olympic holidays is this the same apartments that effi and takis own?


Were heading to Takis Apartments on Monday (23/5/11), but keeping an open mind as have read mixed reports and you can't please everyone all of the time i think sometimes people forget that they are in Greece and standards are not what they are in Britain. We've had many Greek holidays but 1st time to Corfu and  your holiday is what you make it yourself. Will report back on Takis Apts on my return. 

Kirsty D

Arriving here on 30th May for a week with my husband and friends. Reviews are few and far between. Have been to Sidari before 7 years ago and stayed at the Lagoon Apartments which were very central. Can't find any info on the location of the Takis in regards to the main strip. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

Jo B

Hi we're booked to stay here with Direct Holidays in a month's time but have read some dire reviews recently! TBH I would rather pay an admin fee to rebook than stay in a sh!t hotel... What is it like now? May 2011? Many thanks Jo x

Arlene S

Thanks very much - we were starting to get a bit worried...  hope we have a nice holiday..

Karen D

There are two takis ,One with olympic one with direct hols .They are compleatly seperate appartments , although only 300 yards apart.I went with direct holidays .The pool area and the food is nice, just not happy with the bedding and towel service  the rep told us fridays and sundays should be the days for clean so please take note.Although a bit tatty  it didnt spoil our holiday .The appartments are in a nice position just outside  the main strip.We were in  no 11 .The olympic appartments are opposite the mythos restaurant up a small path.The best place to eat is the family restaurant and mythos ,(the stamna was to die for).Effe and takis are very freindly and the greek nite is a good laugh.we still had a good holiday  .I suppose it s just getting used to greek standards .

Arlene S

Me and my partner are going to Takis Apartments booked with Direct Holidays - we leave 1 week 2day... not getting very excited after reading a few bad reviews - can some please clarify what the difference between Taxis 1 and 2 are? we are in a studio that sleeps up to 3 people - does that have any relevance to what block we are in?  Please help!!

Karen D          2/10

Just returned from Takis, what a dump. Went with Direct holidays.The bedding had not been changed after 9 days so when we complained the maid brought us clean bedding under protest after pointing and screaming at myself........The towels were no better,The maid would pick them up off the bathroom floor clearly dirty and hang them over our balcony.One young couple went to buy some sheets from the supermarket as they could not sleep in those provided. wont be going back nor will others we met there,this is the one with effe,Yes there are two and just opposite each other back of 3 pigs.

Dennis M

There are two takis apartments the one we read all the good post on is not the one olympic and directline holidays have the one we got was a nightmare electric shocks run down not even owned by takis but by the cleaner an going to county court the one with effie I think thats her name is the one thats ok.

Jon W


We are going to the Takis for the first time on Monday, can anyone tell me if they have wifi there or do they have any internet connection, also do they have an email
Jon & Pauline

Barbara K          9/10

My husband and I have just spent a wonderful week at the Takis apartments.
Effie and Takis were very friendly and helpful and we would recommend
these apartments. Nothing was too much trouble for them and their bar food
was very good.

Dawn S

They are available to book for next eyar thru the thomas cook website

Leanne L


My boyfriend and I stayed at Takis the first week in June and we loved it, the people were lovely, the food great and the accomodation comfortable and quiet. I loved it and will be coming back as soon as possible.
Ps If Colin Chellew is back on here, is your son Liam? Sorry if he's not, we met someone out there called Colin.

Claire           10/10

Hi Colin, as far as i am aware they don't have an email. But when you book your holiday tell them which room you would like and they normally put it on the paperwork.

Hi Bev, how are you doing? The kids and your parents OK? I'm still across the road so i'll try and pop across and say hi when you get here. Take care

Colin C          10/10

we have stayed at takis apts for a few years now and effie and takis are fantastic! we are going on the 22nd of may for a fortnight and cant wait!! my 10yr old son loves them dearly and cried when we left last year. the hospitality and feel of safe surroundings are the best. get that ouzo ready effie! "oh my god" she shouts!! does anyone have their email address? would be grateful as would like to email them to get the same room. thanks

Yvonne J          10/10

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Me and my family went to takis apartments in august last year and we had a great time
so great we are returning again in july this year.
we had a great time with effie and takis.
Effie does some lovely cooking and nothing is to much trouble
The rooms are clean and tidy
the pool was great and very clean . Icould nt keep my son out of it.
Everything you want was there if it was nt you just ask effie and she would get it for you NO PROBLEM
We are looking forward to going this year.CANNOT WAIT

Kenneth P          10/10

Returned from Takis apartments Monday 14th July there was six of us staying there in a studio and a two bedroom apartment.ABSOLUTLEY spotless,Effie and Takis will treat you as one of the family.If you have any doubts after reading some of the previous reports dont worry you are in for a wonderfull suprise.I cant begin to tell you how good the whole package is so if you are lucky enough to be travelling to Sadari this year we hope you have a great time with Effie and Takis.Yamas.

Laura E          10/10

Just got back from Sidari today after staying with Effie & Takis again. It was absolutley wonderful. Effie just treats you like one of her own family and she cooked us all a meal last night and her potatoes are to die for. The weather was so much better this year. Only one morning of rain and hot hot hot after that. We met a load of lovely ppl. The first week we met Pat, Dot, Gemma & Nelly from London. They were a hoot and made our first week so enjoyable. The second week our friends from last year John & Julie arrived and had a lovely week with them. I will say for myself I have made a friend for life in them. Lovely ppl. Also saw Claire who was the bar maid from last year and she is working across the road at the Sunny Corfu. She was looking great and full of fun as always. Was great seeing her.

Was crying today leaving Effie , but hoping to go for a week next year earlier on .
The only downfall is the friggin mossies. They got me the first night I arrived, but after spraying the room, covering myself in cream and taking antihistimines did the trick
So sad to back in cold Scotland, but will be back next year
Ps. Mandy, go to Direct Holidays to book for Takis appts. Make sure it is the one owned by Effie & Takis. Good Luck in getting booked. You will love it

Laura E          10/10

Going back to see Effie & Takis on 3rd Sept for 2 wks. Cannot wait. We went for the first time last year and it was the best holiday ever. Effie is the most amazing person & she was hiarious. We also met some really lovely ppl, a couple were John & Julie who we will be meeting again this year. I believe Claire is working at the Sunny appts now. If your reading this Claire, we will come an see you.

If anyone is in doubt about the place and the appts, please don't be. We found the whole experience amazing.
See you all in September and hopefully no rain. I want to escape from it
Laura & Steve EassonSmile

Julie W          10/10

  Had another wonderful two weeks at the Takis Pool Apartment, enjoyed every minute of it. We would recommend it to anyone looking for and peaceful, relaxing holdidy with friendly owners, Takis and Effie.  Thanks for a good time, see you in September


Hi nick,

I'm not working there this year, but i'm not far away...just across the road at sunny corfu.
but do pop in a say hello, would be nice yo see you and kevin and ryan again.
take care


Hiya, the takis apartments with Direct holidays are,  if you are at the t-junction (were the 3 pigs are) and head away from the main strip walk for about 5 mins and there are just outside of Sidari in Peroulades (on the way to Sunset beach) and you will find them on the right hand side of the road. Directly across from the Sunny Corfu apartments


Hi, i worked for Effie and Takis this summer and unfort they don't have an email. Effie speaks english very well but doesn't read or write English. Unfortuntely i have left my charger in corfu for my greek phone and can't get access to the number as silly me stored in on the phone.

You could try writing to them and addressing it Effie and Takis Mouzakitis, Takis Apartments, Sidari, Corfu. Greece, Not sure on the post code for it though. all i can't remember i TK.
Takis does read and write a little english so he might be able to translate.

Bev A           

the takkis apartments ran by effie and takis   are the ones in the direct holidays broucher not the ones with olympic holidays.luv bev x

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